Tacos El Chilango Opens Next To Izakaya Seki On V Street

1119 V Street, NW

The former Gori Cafe, V Street Cafe, and Italiano Cafe space at 12th and V St, NW next to the brand new Japanese Izakaya Seki finally has a winner – Tacos El Chilango. The tiny space looks great:

Anyone try them out yet?

More photos after the jump.

No liquor license yet but some delicious fruit juices

There’s even a little back patio:

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  • As much as I loved italiano cafe these new guys did a great job renovating the space. Italiano moved to adams morgan and started doing big slice, ugh.

  • I went last Friday night. We got the 3 veggie tacos and a mixto (chicken & sausage). The veggie tacos were great with avo & queso being the winner. The chicken in the mixto was too finely chopped and had a bit of a rubbery texture. Be careful of the habanero salsa – as the sign says, it’s pretty hot. It’s deceiving because it looks like banana peppers, but is delicious. Owner/employees were very friendly.

  • I think tacos have become the new cupcake of DC. And I think I’m happy.

  • Does anyone know the story here of the food truck to brick and mortar expansion? I used to live next to this guy’s food truck…really nice guy and some amazing tacos, but seemed to not be part of the food truck revolution as you never found him on Twitter or part of Truckeroo. This seems to have a different evolution than District Taco or PORC. Curious if anyone knew the story here.

  • So excited about this place

  • I’ve already been here 3 times so clearly I’m a fan. The al pastor is the best. Guacamole is decent when they don’t run out. Prices are great, staff is super friendly if not slightly overwhelmed by the volume so far.

  • they are really nice and they’re a welcome addition to the neighborhood. i like the steak taco and the cheese and mushroom. the homemade salsas are delicious – BUT the guacamole was no bueno. all filler (cilantro, onions, tomatoes), no acid and too salty.

  • I really liked the chorizo and veggie taco with mushrooms. The staff is very friendly even when they were overwhelmed by the amount of people who came by for their soft opening.

  • I think their name was going to be “En serio, no somos salvadorenos, sino verdadero mexicanos” but “El Chilango” fit on the sign better. Looking forward to having some tacos in the ‘hood.

  • Had all 3 veg tacos last night plus chips and guac. AWEsome addition to the neighborhood.

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