Sweet, An Apple Tree

I haven’t spotted too many fruit trees this year so I was psyched to see this apple tree in Bloomingdale. I always think of apples as a fall fruit – are they producing early this year?

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  • Apples can ripen in our zone as early as mid-August, depending on the variety; most will come along a bit later though in spite of this summer’s hotter than average temps. By the looks of the fruit in the photo this one is not quite ripe yet.

  • did it taste good yo?

  • We have a full size golden delicious aple tree in our backyard on Corcoran street but rarely get to eat any. Squirrels like to knock them off the tree after one bite and then let them rot on the ground. We did have good crop about three years ago- maybe 200 apples made it to harvest- late September. That year I spearheaded a “squirrel relocation” program which included trapping and taking them to Logan Circle. I felt like Elmer Fudd.

  • I have been amazed by the number of full size fig trees in Parkview yards.

  • claire

    I’ve noticed a lot of fruit trees around Bloomingdale this year – a few peach trees, a few apple trees, and even a fig tree!

  • We have a plum tree around our way by Hechinger Mall.

  • We have a peach tree in our front yard. “Yard” maybe too long a word to describe its size but the tree gave us about 120-150 peaches this season. Loved it!
    PS: it was an ordinary peach tree from home depot, if you are wondering

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