Serbian Restaurant from Owner of Masa 14 Coming to former Jordan’s 8 Space on Barracks Row

523 8th St, SE

From Washington Business Journal:

“Iricanin has signed a lease for 3,000 square feet at 523 Eighth St. SE. The restaurant’s name and chef are still to come, but it will serve food of his native Serbia and feature a 700-square-foot patio.”

Anyone familiar with Serbian food? WBJ says they should be open in late October or early November.

Masa 14 is located at 1825 14th St, NW.

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  • Serbian food is great; I’m excited for this one. I still think about some of the food from my trip to Belgrade last year.

  • Cosmopolitan Grill and Balkan Grill in Alexandria both serve Bosnian/Serbian food. Serbian food brings a lot of overlapping influences from the Austro Hungarian Empire (schnitzels and goulasch) as well as Turkish (pides, doner kebabs) and Greek (lamb dishes and sweet/savory dishes made with phylo dough), so if you like those styles of cooking, you’ll like this.

    • Sounds delicious– although I think I’ll have a tough time convincing my vegetarian girlfriend to go there.

      • I’ve had some pretty decent falafel, babaganoush, and grilled vegetables at Serbian restaurants. Interested to see their price point and how they fare against Cava and Cafe 8, which offer somewhat similar Mediterranean fare.

        • But Cafe 8 is pretty terrible.

          • Why? We go there often and I think it’s pretty good. I love Cava, but Cafe 8 is a nice alternative if you want something less expensive and quieter (or if you’re dining with someone who doesn’t like feta!).

          • The food is bland to the point of being offensive that I paid money for it; but their patio is quite nice in good weather.

  • Another $35 unlimited brunch option? Yes please.

  • Excited by the concept. Will this $35 brunch include bottomless rakija?

    Hope it does better than Slaviya, which I still miss.

    • Had to look that one up, sounds delicious. Barracks Row needs another brunch spot since they’re all out of control on the weekends.

  • Hopefully they’ll have ćevapčići and pljeskavica. The drive or metro to Huntington is a pain.

  • apparently Brian has never eaten real Serbian food.

  • If you haven’t tried KACAMAK and CICVARA then you don’t know what’s serbian/balkan food like! I know some people from D.C. that would be more than happy to visit this place just for these two dishes 🙂 If they ever see this post, they will know who posted this! I vote for these two to be on the menu! Guys, I miss you!

  • Hopefully it will include food from the Dalmatian Coast (Croatia), my wife and I had the most amazing seafood there on our honeymoon. Buzzara sauce is a real favorite, it’s a very garlicky tomato based sauce they use to cook shellfish and other seafood. Also, tuna and caper pizza is amazing, the farmhouse cheeses, and squid ink pastas.

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