Former Senor Chicken Space Available for Lease in Columbia Heights

A reader spots this ad on Craigslist:

“$37 / 2645ft²

Good restaurant location all built out with full kitchen & fixtures & equipment & seating for 75 persons. Located on Park Road side of DC USA Shopping Complex near entrance to DC USA Parking Garage. Perfect for pizza, bbq, Indian, or over stuffed sandwich concepts.”

I’m rooting for a good Indian place.

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  • No surprise here. This place was huge and almost always empty. How many pollo places do we need?

  • Yeah, I virtually never saw anyone in there. Anything that is currently missing in the neighborhood would be great. A good Indian or good sushi place would both do well, those are the biggest holes right now. Plenty of pizza/Italian, sandwich, chicken, and burger places already, anything but those!

  • I thought the ramen restaurant used this space?

    • Yeah, it’s pretty sad, I loved People’s Noodle Bar, the owner told me they were just renovating to make a comeback in a few weeks… He lied to me *sniff*

    • The People’s Ramen Noodle was a temporary evening-only pop-up restaurant. He still makes great buns at the Mt Pleasant Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings.

      • At one point the place went full ramen… The owner was very cool and said he wanted to go full-scale to re-launch. apparently the lease is too expensive to be supported by ramen sales alone. The farmer’s market is too much trouble for me, I don’t know if I’d be in the mood when it happens; I hope he re-starts at a new fixed spot, it’s completely different than SakuRamen, we need more Japanese style ramen/sushi bars in Col Hts & Petworth badly!

        Notable in that area is Dos Hermanos, they make really good Dominican food, I wouldn’t have ever found out about them if People’s Noodle Bar didn’t close….

  • They should open a Los Pollos Hermanos there!

  • I never even remember this restaurant moving in. Weird.

  • What is an “over stuffed sandwich”?

    That space is gigantic – maybe more appropriate for a non-food retail outlet, in my opinion. Like a mattress store!

    Or maybe it would be big enough for the previously mentioned Olive Garden franchise…?

    • or my dreams of either a hair cuttery/great clips kind of place (sub-$20 haircuts, bonus if they do nails and waxing) or a hardware/bike shop like District Hardware in Foggy Bottom.

  • I’m pretty sure this for the place on the other side of the garage that just recently became vacant. The Senor Chicken spot already has a noodle resturant in there, they just haven’t changed the outside sign yet.

  • I think this is space is set aside for minority/disadvantaged business only. At least initially it was, like many of the spaces in DC USA. Financing for those businesses is much harder to come by so either this will sent empty for a while or the community will get something not so great. Im still sick over Z burger taking that beautiful space at Tivoli. I wish as a community we expected more in Columbia Heights. And I actually like z burger but they would be better off in DC USA and keep the Tivoli for a better sit down restaurant.

  • what about the People’s Bao ramen shop? That place was great

  • 37$ per square foot? $97,865? Woah, no wonder why they went out of business….

  • inadvertently (or by design?) Jim Graham and the powers that be recreated suburbia in the heart of the ‘hood. Trouble is, you combine the grind problems of both, often none of the benefits. No funky retail or local eateries, just big box stores and generic food marketed to look funky. who else can afford the rents, without taxpayer assistance? Least common denominator tastes and wallets being served, of course. Plus there’s traffic.

    On the other hand, I’m not a fan of the cuisine. How about some seafood?

    • +1 for your comments, but if they are going to go all suburban mall on us, why even bother with food? They should lease to a Hudson Trail Outfitters. That’s mall enough, and I’d actually find it useful.

    • It might not meet everybody’s utopian vision of urban retail, but it sure as hell beats what was there before.

  • All you folks looking for Indian ought to swing by Salt and Pepper Grill on Georgia and Euclid. It’s kind of a hole in the wall, but it’s really delicious, and they have a nice cheap special.

  • CH needs a sushi place.

    • CH had a sushi place about 4 years ago. In the space this is now Z burger and the mattress store. I remember thinking it was pretty decent. Not kushi level but certainly above sushi-go-round. I guess not enough people went there.

  • Yeah I wish that Zhit Burger hadn’t been given the Tivoli space too – would have been great for another nice sit down restaurant – but the sushi place that was there before seriously sucked, Giant had better sushi for less $. And the Mayorga there before sushi sucked too. Hopefully the sucking stops but I doubt it. Can we please import some Indians or Japanese who know how to f*cking cook.

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