Second Phase of Connecticut Avenue Streetscape Project to Start

Phase One of Connecticut Avenue Streetscape Project from K to L Street, NW

From DDOT:

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) begins work this week on the second phase of the Connecticut Avenue Streetscape project. The project will include the construction of a raised median on Connecticut Avenue between Jefferson Place and L Street, NW, picking up where the first phase left off. Phase I, completed last summer, included the construction of a raised median between K and L Streets. The median is landscaped and maintained by the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID).

The goal is to enhance pedestrian safety on this heavily traveled avenue and improve the appearance of the retail corridor. The new 12 foot wide median will serve as a safe area for pedestrians to pause when crossing the broad avenue. Connecticut Avenue is one of DC’s most highly traveled vehicular thoroughfares with more than 24,100 cars on the downtown portion of the street each day.

In addition to the new median, the project will:

· Remove the existing concrete sidewalk and replace with new concrete pavers
· Install structural soil under sidewalk paving between tree boxes
· Remove existing and Install new metal tree box fences
· Plant trees and shrubs
· Install bicycle racks
· Adjust WMATA shafts to new grades
· Provide electric power service for median
· Provide irrigation and water service
· Mill and Resurface roadway
· Install new pavement markings and traffic signs

It is anticipated that the work will take 240 calendar days. The Contractor is permitted to work from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday, although work can be allowed beyond these times with prior notice and approval.

Connecticut Avenue and M Street, NW

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  • This seems like an expensive and uneeded solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. DDOT Fail.

    Point 1: You make a point of saying Construction will take place from 7-7, but make no mention of scaling back at rush hours. This is made more ridiculous by them pointing out to us that it is a very heavily trafficd road later down the notice. Well done DDOT.

    Point 2: The entire core point of this is to apparently give peds a midway shelter because it is a wide road. I cross there a couple times a week and the cross signals have 50 seconds on them. That is plenty of time to cross the street. Even if it isn’t, it is a lot cheaper to pay McDean $750 bucks to come out and retime the signal to give more time than it is to spend almost 2 million bucks.

    Point 3: I think it is nice they want to put in asthetically nice things, fenced in treeboxes, pavers etc. But isn’t that why the BID is there? This stretch of Conn Ave, and the sidewalks on both sides of the street have been replaced atleast 3 times in the past 8 years because every building along that stretch has been gutted or built anew. All of it is practically new.

    The point I am trying to make is, if we have a couple million dollars in streetscape money burning a hole in our pocket, I could identify a dozen streetscapes in commercial corridors in DC that sorely need the help, not one that is already brand spanking new as it is.

    • Why aren’t you the head of DDOT? It sounds link you have everything figured out.

    • The problem is not the lack of time allotted for crossing the street. When crossing Conn. Ave. near 18th and Jefferson, there are two separate crosswalk lights that are timed differently with no median between the two halves.

  • This is about beautification, really. And damn, it does look pretty beautiful!!

    Don’t listen to the naysayers like anon, DDOT. Continue to move the city forward.

  • Yea! This will be very nice when completed, and part of teh safety is not only about the crosswalk/stopping ability (especially for elderly or imparied persons who cannot cross in 50 seconds) but also to decrease jaywalkers who try to hopscotch across 6 lanes.

    Good job DDOT. Making the roads safer for all who traverse them, and prettier for all who look at them.

  • The funniest part of this project is the big honkin’ sign to the far left of your first picture. It actually blocks an 8 or so foot portion of the sidewalk. I love that it’s for pedestrian safety (btw anon…the signal at this intersection, L and Conn is about 25 seconds), motor vehicles speeds on Conn. are way too high, but blocking a large portion of the sidewalk doesn’t help.

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