Room 11 Expansion Looking Towards a Late Sept./Early Oct. Opening – Will Include Expanded Sidewalk Cafe

3232 11th St, NW

Back in April 2012 we noted Room 11 was getting closer to their expansion in Columbia Heights. I stopped by and took a peek at the expanded space on Sunday and there has been serious progress made. One of the owners I spoke with said they were shooting for a Sept./Oct. opening of the expanded space.

And following the news of the explosion of outdoor cafe seating downtown, comes word that Room 11 is also hoping to add more outdoor seats in front of their expanded space in the old Jeans n Things at 3232 11th St, NW. Great news for those who enjoy drinking/dining outside.

11th and Lamont St, NW

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  • Room 11 is one of my favorite places in the city and I cannot wait for it to have more space. Looking forward to seeing the expansion!

  • Now all they need to do is move the dumpsters so outdoor seating in the summer doesn’t smell so awful.

    • Exactly, I am glad I am not the only one.

      I went once when it was crowded, and the only table left was right next to the dumpster (suprise suprise). We had to get up and leave after a few minutes because it was so bad.

      More often than not, if the place is full when I walk by, the table nearest the trash is still empty

    • Yes! my only experience there was overtaken by flies. Not very pleasant.

  • Can’t wait! More important is the added indoor seating, just in time for winter, so that folks will actually be able to get a seat during winter weekends. The extra kitchen space they are getting will also, I’m sure, come in handy.

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