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  • i like it. a lot.

  • a glass box – what an innovative design!

  • Heating and AC bills are gonna be a bitch with all that glass.

    • You mean the AC bill right? I’m assuming the sun will be warming it in the winter. Also I’m assuming they just made the building wayyy more efficient, despite the glass. Advances folks, advances.

      Looks like there may be solar panels on the roof too

    • Modern day glass curtain wall actually helps energy costs by the way it’s designed. Add to that any solar shading on the exterior (often aluminum fixtures that are incorporated into the design), and it’s more efficient than you would think. Also, dcexplorer – solar panels seem like a great idea, but they don’t generate as much energy as you would think, at least not enough to power anything substantial in an office building.

    • pablo .raw

      I know what you are trying to say, but I think that factor is compensated with others like high efficiency cooling equipment and the glass itself should be the right kind for the climate zone we live in (U-factor, SHGC, visibility, etc.) When I see that building I think of natural light coming in, and offices with wonderful views! I work in a fortress with only 2 tiny windows 🙁

  • Sparta

    Another really boring downtown DC building. Glass buildings were hot in Dallas in the 1980s. Guess fads take awhile to get here.

    (No, I’m not from Texas.)

  • I actually love it. It almost looks like an optical illusion – with the sky reflecting off the panels, it looks like the sky.

  • I work a block away from this building and it’s even more beautiful to see it in person. They did a great job renovating it.

  • My office is on the 9th floor (its technically at Connecticut and K). Great building with nice amenities…and it is very energy efficient.

  • I just happened to be around Farragut Square and noticed that this building looks really good from a few blocks away. I know that sounds like a slam, but it’s not meant to be. It’s very crisp and stands out in a good way. Sometimes a glass box is more than just a glass box.

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