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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: For such a “dog-friendly city,” I’m shocked to think of how many times I’ve nearly gotten into fights over my dog. In fact, just this morning in Adams Morgan; around Champlain & Kalorama, I encountered a big group of people who started screaming and cussing scared to death of my dog (my medium sized dog who is friendly as can be and on a leash). It’s not my problem that people have issues with dogs; grow a pair people! Is it the entire city, or is it just my usual stomping grounds of Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights? This alone seriously makes me hate living in DC sometimes, which is sad, because I really do love living here overall.

    • Most people I’ve found are dog-friendly here, or at least neutral. There have been a few odd occasions, though. Most memorably the time the elevator doors opened at a place where I was staying temporarily and the woman in the elevator took one look at my dog and started screaming at the top of her lungs and going into a hysterical frenzy.

      Let’s just say I let that elevator pass…

    • I don’t care how “dog friendly” a city is, a substantial portion of the population doesn’t want animals in their personal space, for whatever reason. Maybe they were bitten once. Maybe they’re just not big fans of dog slobber. Maybe they have a child with them.

      If the animal is leashed (with a leash not exceeding the legal 4-foot maximum) so that it clearly cannot reach someone, that’s one thing.

      But there are more than a few people who aren’t willing to “trust” that an animal who can reach them will chose not to. Especially for larger animals.

      So, it’s not enough for a city to be “dog friendly.” The dog owners have to be “human friendly” by keeping their animal on a tight leash and out of lunging/biting range from bystanders.

      • brookland_rez

        I agree 100%. Dog owners need to reel in their dogs when they walk by someone. I don’t want that dog to jump out at me or be within reach of me.

        I got bit by some woman’s dog once. I was minding my own business riding my skateboard and went by her on the sidewalk. Sidewalk was plenty wide and there was plenty of room. Dog made no signs of being provoked. No growling, barking, etc. The dog just jumped out and bit me in the leg and wouldn’t let go. I had to kick the stupid thing to the ground to get it off. Then the stupid bitch yelled at me for kicking her dog!

        I called the cops and filed a report and an ambulance came out. I went to the emergency room and there wasn’t anything majorly wrong except for the bite and blood. Had the dog scanned for rabies (the owner had not had it done in a while). That came back negative.

        I should have sued the bitch but I let it go. How’s that for being dog friendly?

        The point is that woman did not expect her dog to get provoked like that and even though dog owners think they know their animals, the fact is they are animals that could be provoked for any reason and they might not be aware of what could set their animals off. So please, short leash, keep the dog away from me, I don’t care how cute and cuddly you think it is.

        • brookland_rez

          As a sidenote, I may be a bit of a hooligan, but I think it’s funny when I ride my motorcycle past dogs on the sidewalk and they start barking and going ballistic. Once there was this chick walking some fru-fru dog in my neighborhood, and it started barking. So I revved the engine (my bike is really loud when I rev it or get on it). I guess the dog thought I was barking at it and start trying to run off into the weeds. The woman was trying to restrain it but that dog was trying to run for its life (so it thought).

          This was about a year ago. I still think it’s funny.

          • So want dogs to be well behaved on the sidewalk, yet you like to provoke them by revving your motorcycle? okay….

          • brookland_rez

            No, they’re already provoked by me just riding by. I rev at them to make them STFU, which in this case it worked.

          • I’m with UtterlyAnon on this. Riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk is obnoxious, and (I would imagine) illegal.

          • I don’t think he was saying he was riding ON the sidewalk, but I do still think that revving the engine to get a reactive dog to “stfu” IS obnoxious and douchey.

        • Same goes for people with small children. Some people don’t find screaming kids running loose in stores, restaurants, cafes, etc., “cute.” If you can’t/won’t control your kids. get a babysitter or stay home.

  • RANT: Ugh last night I made the horrible choice to go to 18th Street in Adams Morgan. While walking up the street outside of Town Tavern a super drunk guy being carried by friends was told he could not go in resulting in a shoving match with the bouncers… as a result I accidentally got smashed in the chest by the bouncers ogre sized forearm. Still sore today!

    • You made a series of tactical errors:

      1) Do NOT go out in Adams Morgan on a Friday night. This has been my neighborhood for over a decade, and I love it with all my heart, but even I avoid it like the plague on the weekends. Come hang out with us during the week…it’s wonderful then.

      2) Go nowhere near Town Tavern. That place is for meatheads only.

      3) if you are stuck in Adams Morgan on a Friday or Saturday night, drink at Bedrock, or the bar at Cashions or Mintwood Place. Better clientele, no bouncers needed.

      • Agreed…I’m new to the neighborhood, but have thus far avoided 18th st like the plague for precisely these reasons. (Also, I’m almost old enough to have birthed some of those drunken early 20-somethings.) But I’ve been to Mintwood on a Saturday night and it was pretty chill.

        • I truly love 18th street on a Wednesday afternoon, when the are a dozen great places where I can grab lunch, get coffee, and chat with my neighbors and the service industry people I have grown to know as friends. On a week night, there still are several places to get a good meal, have a good drink, and enjoy good company. it’s only really Friday and Saturday night when the amateurs come out and act like fools….

  • Got my first tattoo for my 43rd birthday. DC flag on my arm. Totally dig it.

  • Rant: hearing ad nauseum the safety advice “don’t wear headsets” and “stay alert”….and then watching the MPD officer posted on security at the DCUSA Best Buy rocking the iPod earbuds and engrossed in his mobile device….

    • Having custody of a loaded weapon while oblivious to your surroundings isn’t merely unprofessional, it is a public safety risk.

  • Rave: The Highland Park developers finally cleared out the dozens of illegally parked cars, massive homeless squatters camp, and mounds of random trash (lead pipes, used needles and condoms, human poop, etc) accumulated since, I dunno, probably the ’68 riots. This is in the alley between Columbia and Irving, 14th and 15th.

    Rant: They’ve replaced it with a 10-foot high chain link fence and it looks like a prison yard now. I liked Shawshank Redemption and all but I’d rather not have it outside my window.

    Request: Anyone know the plans for this space?

  • Revel: some actual activity on the Saturday PoP RRRnR! Unheard of!

  • Anybody know of or can speculate any tenants to the city center dc development.

  • Question. I am moving my parents here and have found several lovely places in friendship heights and van ness. BUT everything in my price range has a common laundry. My parents cannot do this. I don’t really want to do their laundry, so there must be a laundry service, right? Does anyone know of one in that area?

  • Rant: I seem to have lost my glasses and my contacts are are expired. I’ve been wearing my sunglasses all day to see. Anyone know of a good place to get an emergency pair of glasses on a Sunday?

  • Rant: Rain, is no fair. I mean that literally. No state Fair for me today since it rained!

  • Rant: My computer had some virus or trojan or something awful and has died. Starts up for a few minutes and then the scary shut down message pops up. I have done all the self correction I can but now need help.

    Anyone ever use the mom and pop computer shop on 14th Street? I hate the techs at Best Buy? Any suggestions?

    • thebear

      It could also be in dire need of a cleaning and is overheating from dust clogging the vents. Go to Staples and buy a can of compressed air for computer cleaning. Power-down and unplug everything, then hit all the vents, nooks and crannies with the air. If this is a desktop and you feel brave, open the system unit case and get the innards, too. I do my computers every 3 months. If you live near a busy street or are surrounded by a lot of trees and flowers, dust is a big problem.

    • Allison

      Husband recently got his computer fixed at Advanced Computer Center by Abraham Fard up in the Tenley AU area. He had great reviews and we were happy with the work. 4709 Wisconsin Avenue NW.

    • But whatever you do, if the Indian boiler-room operator from the “Windows Service Center” cold-calls you, tells you he’s received a virus alert from your computer, and invites you to download some software from his sketchy web site, don’t do it.

      Yeah, I got called by those scammers this morning. Third time this year. I must be on some kind of list.

    • thebear

      By the way, can you post the exact error message you’re getting? It is *always* important that you be as specific about messages that appear since they often give some hint as to what the computer or program is complaining about. Nothing is more frustrating for everyone than when someone tells me “I got an error” “I don’t know” “it doesn’t work” …and the error was something that didn’t require me making a trip in for $150/hr.

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