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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Good run down Rock Creek this morning, not too humid and got to wave hello to a family of deer.
    Rant: Cup is half full!

  • Rant nor Rave: Is it me or is that Walmart off of H and NJ (I think) NW, going up faster than any building has ever gone up on earth?

    City Center is moving right along as well. Won’t be too much longer…

  • Rant: I pay more than 13% in taxes
    Rave: Last day of work before a 2-week vacation. Has anyone used Uber early on a Saturday morning? I need to leave for the airport at 6:00 am and am wondering if they will have cars available.

    • I have used it very early in the AM for that purpose..can’t remember if it was a Saturday morning or a Friday morning.

  • Rant: lost my 10-year-old smartrip card yesterday. boo!
    Rave: customer service on the phone at metro was SUPER helpful in getting me set up with my new card, transferring the balance from my old card, etc. If only all customer service was that helpful!
    Rave: beautiful walk this morning with my wife
    Rave: I think I figured out why I’ve been running slower recently – improved posture/leaning ever so slightly forward seemed to make a huge difference.
    Happy Friday everyone!!

  • “Release of the document, while it might serve a political purpose, would not prove very much, he argued. One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show, and what mattered in personal finance was how a man conducted himself over the long haul.” – George Romney.

    What is Mitt Romney hiding in his last decade of returns? Obama has released his every year since 2000. And Romney wants us to just take his word for it that he’s paid at least 13%? Prove it, Mitt. Could you imagine the right-wing outrage if Obama had said “Take my word for it guys, I was born in America.”

    • +1

      Exactly!! Here is what I want you to know. Looks good right? So just trust me on the rest.

      And to think some of these people tha are saying that he should not release it all are the same clowns that were demanding President Obama’s birth certificate. Funny how things change.

      • Of course! Because they don’t care about the truth, only the public perception, and the appearance of victory.

        Does anyone see this ever changing? I’m increasingly disgusted and saddened by how highly politicized this country is. Both sides continuing to run ads that fact checkers are openly disputing… I fear we will always be a fractured nation. The worst part is that I’ve generally felt that liberals were “better than this.” Now it seems there is no difference between the way the parties behave.

        • Very fractured and that is why we can’t’ get shit done. Other countries are sitting back laughing at us because our policticians are putting politics before the people. Sad.

        • Liberal being “better than this” is why liberal loose elections

        • jim_ed

          Agreed. I went to high school in the outskirts of the Bible belt, and naively thought the idiocy and petulantcy I saw during the Bush years were the exclusive domain of conservatives. However, plenty of “enlightented” liberals in this city have shown me the errors of my thinking. Both parties seem more interested in using their power for scoring points and political posturing rather than, you know, fixing America.

    • or the right-wing outrage if he actually released the document?!?! haha

      • How dare you bow down/cave in. “We don’t do that”. Damnit, I will bring this whole mickey fickin crumbling down before I agree to that…

        • The suggestion I am most fond of not that he paid low tax rates, or no taxes (which I am sure he did) it is that he gave to Planned Parenthood as recently as 2008 or even 2009. Imagine how much the establishment would absolutely crap themselves if they found out their presidential candidate was an active supporter of planned parenthood, as recently as 2009 or 2010.

  • Rant: Feeling bloated like my intestines are going to explode all of the time. I hate people that are doing the gluten-free thing as a fad but I’m beginning to think maybe this is something I actually need to do for myself. Will consult with my doctor.

    • I have that problem too. Got tested for gluten intolerance and food allergies and it all came back negative. It seems like my favorite foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and legumes and whole grains, give me the most trouble. I think it may be a fiber issue? I’ve started drinking hot water with lemon and a shot of Swedish bitters every morning, and eating yogurt every day. I think that helps a little. When I’m especially bloated I take a fast day where I just drink herbal teas. I also read something recently about how eating fruit in combination with, or shortly before or after, other foods can cause bloating. So now I eat my fruit first thing in the morning and wait a few hours before eating anything else.

    • Celiatic (sp) disease is real.

    • I know the feeling, when you’re so bloated after a meal that all you want to do is lie down. A lot of people in my family have gone gluten-free (one diagnosed with celiac, many others not), but I wasn’t ready to go that far.

      I tracked my diet for about a month and found I was eating way too much grain– more than twice the recommended serving size for some foods. Cutting back– not eliminating– rice, pasta, bread, etc. consumption has made a world of difference for me.

    • I have been having the same isues too, and have been [reluctatnly] dabbling with the GF diet to seek relief. Though I’ve noticed marked improvements by cutting out milk and drinking tea instead of coffee. As a side note, many people who have celiatic disease are also lactose intolerent.

      • According to my nutritionist, it’s fairly common for the lactose issues to go away once you cut out the gluten. If you’re intolerant of gluten or actually celiac and you’ve been eating gluten, your body is really worn down and ultra sensitive. I couldn’t tolerate lactose for the longest time, but once I went gluten free I no longer had issues.

        Original Anonymous, what makes you think it’s gluten? Do you by any chance use Splenda? I had a lot of problems with that too; I used to use it in my morning coffee until I figured out it made me sick all of the time.

        • I’ve just been researching my symptoms ( I know, it’s a bad idea). I already write down every bite of food I put in my mouth on a daily basis but right now I am only tracking calories and keeping an eye on fat. I do know that I eat far too many carbs but maybe actually counting them will make the picture seem more real.

          I’m also on a weight loss journey and I’ve been teetering at 60 lbs down for close to two months now. Maybe cutting the carbs is the next barrier for me to break through and I’ll feel less bloated on top of that!

        • Oh, and yes I use Splenda but I do not drink coffee on a daily basis. Maybe cups per week.

    • claire

      As others have mentioned, the best course of action is likely keeping track of what you are eating (which can definitely be a pain), seeing what might be correlated with the bloated feeling, and eliminating certain foods one by one to determine which might be causing the problem.

      As a side note, I don’t eat gluten-free but have cut way back on processed foods (including but not limited to things like pasta, bread, etc) and feel way better overall and more in tune with how different foods impact how I feel. But everyone is different and can react differently to things!

      • I would suggest the opposite approach: go on a very strict diet of generally non-reactive foods and then add new foods back in one by one to see if you react to them. A nutritionist can help you with this.

    • That sounds like giardia. Ignore all this pop-nutritionist advice, and get yourself checked out.

  • claire

    Rave: Sent off my official email of resignation (email because I work at a different location from my company and almost never see my official boss in person).

    Rave: Friday!

  • Revel/Rant: Heading home this weekend for my ten year high school reunion! Where did the time go?
    Revel: My friends and I were the smart kids but not that cool in high school. Now we have done some pretty awesome things in the last ten years and everyone looks a million times better than we did in high school. Take that, Universe! 🙂
    Major revel: I am still incredibly close with many high school friends. So thankful for 14+ years of friendship and people who loved me through bad hair and sweater vests.

    • This is exactly why I avoid school reunions. It’s 50% people with something to prove and 50% who are still living like it’s whatever year they graduated.

      • Ditto. I wasn’t trying to avoid my reunion, but I didn’t fit into either of those categories so I really didn’t see the point.

      • Oh, relax, Anonymous Cranky! I’m just really proud of my friends and what we’ve experienced in the past few years and I’m also thankful I no longer wear ugly shoes.

      • I missed both my five and ten year reunions. It wasn’t worth the money to fly home to see a bunch of people I don’t really care about anymore…or, rather, never cared about. I also don’t have much to show for myself after all this time……EXCEPT I broke out of Iowa! Take that, all you people who haven’t even left our home town!

    • I was really shocked and embarrassed to go back to my ten year reunion and realize that the people who I remembered being bullies, jerks, and snobs in high school actually were incredibly nice and seemed genuinely fond of me. It dawned on me that my biases in high school were probably in reality more internally-focused then I’d like to admit. That said, I ended up having a really great time, and I felt much more at peace with my teenage years.

    • binpetworth

      You know that episode of 30 Rock where Liz Lemon goes to her high school reunion thinking she was the quirky, lovable nerd, when in fact everyone thought she was a total bitch? That’s precisely why I didn’t go to my 20th reunion.

      Signed, Lovable nerd bitch

      • Well, shit! I’m more like Liz Lemon everyday so this may not bode well. Reunion is tonight. I will report back on Monday whether the verdict is lovable nerd or total bitch. Haha.

  • Rave: Mom in town
    Rant: Have to work – can’t hang with her until tonight.
    Rave: Cousin coming into town tomorrow, puppy sitting starting on Sunday.
    Rant: Haven’t had a weekend at home, just me and my husband, for months!!

  • Rant: Your boy Romney picking and choosing what to share and how to present it. “OK, that is enough, I won’t release anymore because it will just open me up to more criticism”. Umm no shit, that’s the point. We all know the deal dude.

  • rant: nothing to do this weekend. seems like I am really unaware of fun things to do.

    rave: this weekend’s weather should be amazing

    • Tonight, 10:30 p.m., Barking Dog in Bethesda: White Ford Bronco, a ridiculously awesome 90’s cover band, is playing! Come rock out to some Chumbawama, Dave Matthews, Lisa Loeb, etc.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: loving the new camera so far!
    Rave: learning so much about myself this days, it’s almost embarrassing
    Rant: going through a tough situation but
    Rave: I have the strength to keep going!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Just found out the company I ordered my sister’s birthday present is out. That was plan F. It has been impossible to find her a gift this year.

    Rave: Everyone likes cash, so that’s what my sister is getting.

    Rave: Parents coming to visit on Sunday!

  • on my mind:
    -dc should annex everything in the beltway.
    -tear down crystal city and expand National Airport. ( get rid of the presidents name )

  • rave: chinito burrito for lunch.

  • Rant: Co-worker that has something to say about EVERYTHIHNG, even if it has already been said by someone else. Yes, we understand already. Also likes to suggest things for me to do and how to do them. No, you are NOT my boss, nor did I ask for your suggestions. /end rant/

    Rave: Roommates and I are having roomie pics taken. I know its silly but I’m just glad that there is finally a group of us that gets along so well! It only took five years and 14 others…

    Rave: Citrus-flavored Mentha Lip Shine from B&B Works.

    Rave: IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!

  • Rave: I love this blog
    Rant: TRASHCAN THEFT RING CONSPIRACY. Everytime the trash comes we lose more and more cans in our back alley. We just lost our third one this morning- and it was spray painted neon pink and had a sticker of pandas gettin’ it on the top.

    It is not our neighbors. They don’t have trashcans anymore- and it happens every trash day.

    People have suggested that either the trash men are breaking them and just throwing them away, possibly stealing them and re-selling them (although that is one hell of a hard job and dangerous job- kudos to them- and lord knows how they navigate a truck through that alley).

    My theory is that the city ran out of money for trash cans, so they started charging. However, facing a budget shortage, they don’t have enough trash cans to go around. Are they possibly taking the trash cans and redistributing them to people who have paid a fee and are waiting on one?

    I doubt someone would be happy with one that has been spraypainted….

    I am lazy, and I really don’t want to have to put a GPS tracker on my trash can.

  • Rant: Work is killing me. Complicated legal and HR matters that are complete outside my domain or pay grade. Can I go back to saving trees, please?

    Rave: It is 5 o’clock! Weekend!!! Nats game tomorrow! #Natitude

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