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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Can we please stop shooting each other?!?!

    • No, we can’t.

    • Summer is winding down, thank God. The end of summer usually draws down the shootings and other random crimes whose numbers seem to peak inside city over the summer months. Oh, and welcome to DC – you must be new here.

      • I’ve lived here for 10 years and still wonder if we can ever stop the shootings around here, so no need to assume that.

        • Well you certainly shouldn’t be surprised by the violence after 10 years.

          • As the original commenter in this thread, I wasn’t even referring to DC specifically.

          • Who is surprised? You’re making a lot of assumptions. Just pointing out that it sucks that we supposedly live in a civilized society, yet this madness still happens.

  • Metro Rant: Conductors who fail to say “Train Moving” when they jerk forward after already being stopped on the platform as tourists and babies go flying.

    Metro Bus Rant: The 42. It goes around Dupont Circle and wastes so much time in traffic when it should just go under like the 43 and the L2. No one even gets off in the circle and those wanting to access the red line can just use farragut.

    • But then the 42 route would be the same as the 43 route – until hitting downtown, they’re identical bus routes except that the 42 goes around the circle & the 43 goes under it.

      • So just call it all the 43 and end the madness. Are you saying the only actual difference is that the 42 gets stuck in traffic and the 43 doesnt?

    • I always thought that too about the 42. Unbelievable how much time is spends navigating the circle sometimes.

      My guess is that as a matter of policy they want a transfer point from the 42 to the red line (and vice-versa), so they have to have bus stops very close to the station entrances. Plus if the bus goes under the circle, that’s a pretty big distance between stops.

      • But if you’re headed downtown on the 42 and need to get on the red line, why not just get off at farragut? It has a much shorter escalator, too.

        The routes wouldn’t really be identical, bc the 42 goes to metro centera and it would get there alot faster if it went under dupont. There is just no benefit here that’s worth waiting in the dupont traffic.

        • Hey I’m on your side!

          As I said though, from a transportation policy point of view, I think you have to have bus access to the Circle and specifically to the station there. It’s too popular a destination not to.

          (Plus if Farragut is your transfer point to the red line, imagine someone taking the 42 from MtP that needs to go to Bethesda. If they need to transfer directly from bus to rail, they’d have to go an extra 10 minutes on the bus to Farragut, then get on the train and pay extra to go back through Dupont on their way to Bethesda.)

          • They could get off at the 43 stop at R and walk one block to the station entrance at Q.

          • a) Um, yeah, I know. As I said, I’d prefer it if the 42s went under the circle. I’m happy to walk a block or two.

            b) That’s a long block to walk. Not good for old folks, folks with disabilities, folks carrying heavy stuff, folks who have injuries. Also not good in extreme and inclement weather. Bear in mind that Dupont Circle is a very heavily used stations and the 42 is a very heavily used bus line. I’m guessing metro has policy guidelines that dictate bus access at the metro station, plus not having it would likely be very unpopular with customers (maybe even more unpopular than the 42 going through the circle.)

      • thebear

        The Dupont Red Line isn’t the only connection at Dupont. A lot of people transfer between the 42 and G2 and D6 at 20th, and the D2 at Q. A good number also use the GUTS at 20th & Mass, and the Georgetown Circulator at 19th. So, no: The 42 going around the circle must be.

        If *you* do not want to get stuck going around the circle, then take the 43 instead.

    • It has to go around because it’s a MAJOR transfer point to the red line and also because it serves a major commercial area—Dupont Circle. I usually see a large people dump at Q St., fwiw.

      • See above, why don’t they just take the 43 and get off at R, literally one block away. Is it worth sitting in Dupont traffic for an extra 15 minutes?

      • I totally hear what you’re saying, but if you work on P St. toward the park or want to go to some of those businesses on the circle, I agree that the R or N stops are pretty far away. The Q stop in both directions is always pretty crowded, so obviously people use it and need it. I also wonder if Farragut North can handle being a major transfer point like Dupont is. I think they should just plan to run more 43s at rush hour.

    • I much preferred the 43 bus to the 42 when I lived in Adams Morgan, and wished that the 43 ran all the time and not just during rush hour.

      They’ll probably never re-route the 42 to make it go under the circle, but a nice compromise might be to make every other non-rush hour 42 bus a 43 bus.

  • Rant: Tourists on the metro during rush hour….Just. Wait.

    • Those tourists are spending lots of money which stokes the local economy. And they will be gone by fall not to return until next spring. Suck it up in the meantime.

  • alxindc

    Rave: Running the rain this morning was awesome. Need to do it more often.

  • Rant: Red line held for 10 minutes this morning in Cleveland Park due to a door issue on a train at Medical Center.

    Rant: Crowded platform at Woodley with people pushing to get on. A lady who was eight months pregnant was leaning against the partition because she needed something to lean against. When people started to push on, she politely said “Please don’t push, eight months pregnant” and some guy went ballistic. Yelled at her for blocking the door, told her she should move to the middle, she should have asked someone for their seat, etc. He just wouldn’t let it go and sounded like an asshole.

    Rave: The people around him who told him to knock it off.

    • I must’ve been right next to you- that guy was a total jerk, and just kept digging deeper instead of doing the right thing and saying, “sorry, I didn’t realize you were pregnant.”

      • I just couldn’t believe he wouldn’t let it go and had to keep trying to get the last word in. Buddy, let it go!

        • Wow, I can’t believe so many people that post on this site witnessed the incident. Note to self: Think twice before throwing a public s**t fit – you never know who is watching, nor who will remember your actions. DC really is a small place….

    • He sounds like he was a total ass, but his points are valid. Being pregnant doesn’t make it acceptable to block half the door access to incoming and outgoing parties.

      That being said, it outrages me to see a woman so pregnant get on the train and not have people offer her a seat. It reminds me of a story from my mom when she rode the trains 20 years ago: a young, very pregnant woman got on the train, and no one offered her a seat. Two older women who were standing proceeded to loudly shame and blister everyone around (primarily young and fit men) until one of them was so mortified that he stood and mumbled to her that she could sit.

      • I am a relatively “young and fit” man but have a terrible knee injury that makes it excruciating to stand for a long period of time especially on a wobbly metro. I really enjoy being shamed out of my seat based on my gender/appearance.

      • A little more context- the train was sufficiently crowded that there wasn’t anywhere for her to move (and folks probably just should have waited for the next one). She needed something to lean against, so she truly did not have a choice.

  • Rave: Lunch date with the lovely & talented Mrs. ctk today.

    Rant: It’s still August.

  • Rant: nosebleeds
    Rave: vacation in Maine next week!

    • I was just telling myself how odd it is that I haven’t had a nosebleed, that I can recall, since I was a late-teen (I’m 33 now). I wonder if that is normal.

    • maine is the absolute best! enjoy your vacation!!

  • Rant: total cloud hanging over my head this morning.

    Rant: Living Social. I bought two vouchers for paddleboarding. The company is totally overbooked and can’t schedule me any time through Oct., but Living Social won’t give me a refund “because your request is outside our refund policy.” WTF! To say I went off on the clerk who sent that message would be an understatement.

    No, I’m not the a-hole who yelled at the pregnant lady on the Red Line.

    Rave: going on vacation in four days.

    • I had issues with them similar to this and since the merchant couldn’t honor it before expiration they refunded the purchase price in deal bucks.

      • Nope, they wouldn’t even give me Deal Bucks, which is all I wanted to begin with. I’m not sure what they expect me to do. I suspect that the real problem might be that the clerk I was dealing with is a moron. Regardless, I unsubscribed from Living Social. It’s not worth the hassle.

        • I would try again. I had a similar issue with a voucher for housecleaning and they credited my account, no questions asked. So unless they’ve changed their refund policy since then I don’t see why you couldn’t get a credit.

  • Rant: Home is a mess, have a massive list of “to-do”, and somehow gained 5 pounds on a work trip where I was lucky to eat 1.5 meals a day and exercised every day (and it sure doesn’t look like I gained muscle…).

    Rave: I’m home and my husband helped me put my head on straight this morning. Hoping I can put in a productive day and then a productive evening at home.

    Rant: I hate that I have a long to-do list at work and then head home to a long to-do list at home. My goodness! Ugh…

    Rave: Lunch with a wonderful friend today – should help the day go quicker 😀

    • Maybe it’s water weight. If you were eating out the whole time you were probably consuming a lot more sodium than you normally do. Or you’re about to start your period. I always gain a ton of temporary weight around that time.

  • Rant: The post I just read about the drive by shooting. We have to do better.

    Rant:The USPS delivery van that was basically parked in the middle of the intersection beyond the stop sign and about 4 feet off of the curb yesterday when I came home for work. I live in a very busy intersection with kids running and on bikes that don’t know better, crazy bad dangerous/ignorant drivers that blow the stop sign all the time – they just don’t care, so frustrating. Anyway, she just was across the street since she just started delivering on our block, I kindly informed the mail carrier that parking like is very dangerous and causes a huge blind spot that surely will cause an accident with the amount of cars in that intersection (that already don’t stop at the sign). Her response was “OK” and walked off, I asked her if she intended to move it and she said” When I’m done”. Again, she was at the second house across the street meaning she had the whole block left to deliver to and let’s just say she wasn’t the fastest/in shape mail carrier. I called the Postmaster General but the office was closed (I will call back today). What I am wondering is if PoPville can suggest anyone else I should call/inform? We don’t have an ANC person for our neighborhood (he died) but I don’t think that would even matter as this is a federal issue. This isn’t the first time this has happened but probably one of the worst incidents. I took a few pictures of the van, its position and its number so all I need is where to send this stuff. Oh I will say that she did end up moving it as she went to the next block but that isn’t the point.

    Rave: Nobody ended up getting hit or dying.

    Rave: I think I am going to do some overnight fishing Saturday night. I heard they have been catching some big rockfish, not quite keepers but they are out there.

    • Just got off of the phone with the station manager and she was appauled to hear of the situation. She said she never should have parked like that and her response to me was unacceptable. She is personally going to go down and speak to the young lady herself since her manager is out today. She also said she is going to send someone out there to watch what is going on since this is not the first time the van has been parked like that.

      Rave: Speaking with someone who cares about customers and values their feedback.

      • Hope the delivery woman isn’t fired.

        I didn’t quite understand the details of how the truck was parked, but will add my two cents worth. Having worked for a delivery company driving trucks of similar size to UPS ones in an urban area during school, I’m the first to admit its not an easy job. Finding parking is often close to impossible and deadlines, imposed by management, often force drivers into precarious positions for both themselves and other drivers/pedestrians/etc. It was my experience that drivers were expected to adhere to stringent safety guidelines while simultaneously meeting delivery schedules that often resulted in conflicting priorities.

        In this case, perhaps the parking job was egregious, but that could have been the result of a variety of factors, many likely beyond the driver’s control. However, I’m sure that if she is lucky enough to keep her job, having a manager watch her parking/driving will make the job less stressful and make her driving safer.

        • don’t worry, she works for the post office, she won’t get fired.

        • I don’t care if she had to park 10 miles away……SAFETY should come first and it sounds like she (USPS worker) did not care about anyone’s safety — just making the deliveries. Job well done, Kam!!!!

          • Amen. If the woman doesn’t care that her sloppy parking was literally endangering people, then she deserves to be fired. I sympathize with the stresses faced, but her response was unacceptable, period.

        • Just a couple of things.

          1. It a USPS delivery van (as stated). USPS = United States Postal Service and those vans are smaller than minivans.

          2. There were plenty of places for her to park all over, there was absolutely no need to park like she did which was about 4′ off of the curb and in the crossing area well beyond the stop sign.

          3. This was a residential neighborhood.

          4. Whatever the circumstances, she should never have spoken to me or any other customer in that way. End of story.

        • thebear

          Having trouble finding parking is not an excuse for not doing a decent job of parking when you do find somewhere to put down. I’ve reported plenty of FedEx, UPS and USPS drivers (with photographs) for parking like absolute morons despite having all the room in the world, including designated commercial spaces being wide open. A number of those drivers quite likely were dismissed because I didn’t see them again after a complaint.

      • It sounds like you dealt with it the correct way – thanks for taking care of it all!
        As for UPS and FedEx trucks – I’ve heard they don’t care about parking. In fact, in many cities (at least I know for Philly and NYC), they have agreements with the Parking Authorities to pay parking violation tickets by weight!! They just consider it the “cost of doing business”… screw the safety issues.

        • I would be a lot more sympathetic to kam’s comments if he didn’t always have to point out how fat and/or ugly the woman in question is.

          • First off, I find it interesting that you have no sympathy about public safety because of a comment made on a blog. So because Kam made a comment on his rant(s) that you didn’t care for, safety be damned. Gotta love it.

            I didn’t say anything about her being fat or ugly? In fact, the only other time that I recall that I made a comment about the way someone looked was the meter maid and it was even my comment.

            If you have issues with me saying that she wasn’t the most in shape or fastest mail carrier then that is on you but it is the truth. My point in even saying that was based off of her “When I am done” comment meaning that it was going to take her awhile and that it wasn’t like she was going to hustle to finish delivering. Sorry you don’t care for my bluntness (if that is a word).

            I have no problem with any kind of person especially not bigger people, hell my mom is a big woman for crying out loud. With that said, I do think we should all try to be as healthy as possible and I do know that comes in many forms. Just because you look a certain way does not mean that you indeed are that.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I keep getting bad (but fun) music stuck in my head. Curse you Taylor Swift & Spice Girls!

    Rave: Ear worms are the only rant I have today!

  • pablo .raw

    rant: fasting
    rant: deadlines
    rant: late for the dr. appointment
    raves: none

  • Rave: Fun weekend with an old friend who came to visit me.

    Rant: I was in front of my apartment slowly walking my old beagle, when a girl who looked to be between 10 and 12 KICKED him in the side as she passed us by. She was with two early 20-something women (I think). I shouted, “Hey!” at her, one of the women looked back at me and stared, and she and the other women were like, “Why’d you do that?” to the girl, but they just went on their merry way. No apology, nothing. I almost burst into tears.

    • Your rant upsets me and I am sorry for your ordeal. Hate to say it, but sounds like you’ll need to be always 100 percent vigilant around the fellow residents in your neighborhood (including 10 and 12 year olds). What possesses someone to strike an elderly dog is just inexplicable. Maybe it is just me, but I would find myself extremely protective of my animals in this city, not wanting anyone to walk too closely to them- I simply don’t trust many in this town. Put me in Madison, WI, and I’ll let my guard down when I’m walking the dog.

    • I would have kicked a bitch right back. Okay probably not really. But wtf is wrong with people?! ugh 🙁

      • I (probably) wouldn’t have actually kicked her, but I definitely would have lost my sh*t and screamed at her like a crazy person. Maybe giving the little brat a scare would teach her not to mess with people for no reason.

        I’m so sorry that happened to you and your dog. How upsetting!

      • Trust me, I’d have loved to kick all 3 of them but I would not put it past any of them to beat the tar out of me and/or my dog right there in broad daylight. To have that happen and the guardians don’t even apologize on behalf of the kid … it’s just shocking so you don’t know how to react and don’t trust them not to go ballistic.
        And yeah, I am very protective of my dogs out in public, but people make sudden moves, refuse to share the sidewalk, etc. etc.

    • I also would have lost my shit. Started jumping up and down and screaming at the lot of them. This would have been a one time instance for this young punk.

  • Rave: Got up a few minutes early this morning so I FINALLY had time to stop by Dunkin Donuts on my way to work. Nothing says happy coworkers like a dozen donuts!

    Rant: My old house. I was blow drying my hair in the bathroom this morning and someone turned on the coffee pot in the kitchen below me–it tripped the breaker! Thankfully our house is so messed up that my bedroom lights were still on but I had to wake up the guy that lives in the basement so I could flip the switch. Stupid old wiring.

    Rant: Our department just intereviewed a guy to replace our Director and all I could think was, “I miss Brian! I don’t want anyone else!”.

    Rant: Meeting with our interim director and department business manager this afternoon to discuss some stuff…….just makes me realize how much of this job I really dislike.

    Rave: The sun came out!

  • Rave: Little one #2 is finally getting the hang of doing her own seatbelt buckle! Next stop, college…although then I won’t be able to pay her off with donut holes every time she does good.
    Rave: Both kids actually listened and put their own shoes on before I came back downstairs from the shower. They were so proud!

  • Rant: Never thought I’d see my own university in the metro newspaper this morning. Long live the Aggie spirit.

    • some may boast of prowess bold
      of the school they think so grand
      but there’s a spirit, can ne’er be told
      it’s the spirit of aggieland <3

    • Texas Tech Red Raiders!

      There are TONS of Texans in the DC area, I’ve found.

  • valentina

    Rant: I’m going to give DC one more year, if my life doesn’t greatly improve, I’m moving back home. I’m tired of the high rent, low pay, and my non-existent social life(i.e. lack of available heterosexual black men in the area). I moved here for a better life, but I haven’t come across it yet.

    • Wow, I hear this sentiment all the time (dating in DC sucks). DC can be rough for both men and women. The dudes have the ratio on their side so a lot of them are just playing they numbers and the women unfortunately don’t realize when they have a good dude or have this pie in the sky outlook on who they should be with. I am not saying you should not want the best but I will tell you right now, Mr. Perfect is few and far between (not saying that is what you want). I think as women and dudes get older they realize certain things and are willing to give that guy or young lady that they overlooked a chance only to find out that they are a wonderful person but often times it is too late. Or they realize how great the person is after they find a good woman and get married or they screw over the nice guy so they can mess with the “bad boys” only to get dogged out again and again and then they realize what they had or could have had because it is too late…Again, I am not putting any of this on you but some is based on my experience dating in DC before I got married as well as others I know. But yes, the dating scene in DC is super rough for everyone. Everyone is about their own shit for the most part and mix that with a little money and ego and you have a recipe for disaster.

      Where are you from? Where are you meeting people/hanging out? What kind of stuff are you into?

      • valentina

        I’m from Arkansas. Yes, a fly-over state. lol Trust, I’, not one of those disillusioned chicks that won’t date a guy, based on superficial things. I’m 33 years old, a Benz and a house in Potomac are not on my list of must haves.

        I’ve tried meetups, hookups, online dating; I’ve even got my courage up and approached a guy a two on my own. All with disastrous results.

        As far was what I am into, that I am working on, I really like to read, travel, listen to live music, etc;however, most of those events are not going to lead me to Mr. Right, so I have joined a few of meetup groups that focus on adventurous stuff so I can get out and do more group oriented things,

        • Hmm, tough. It sounds like you are making an effort but what I have learned is that it is all about timing, timing, timing. Maybe it just isn’t your time, use this time to focus on yourself and better yourself and when the time is right it will happen. Be happy with whom you are (not that you are not) and when the time is right it will happen, this I can promise you. I know that all sound good and cliche’ but it is the truth and I am proof of it. I thought it would never happen for me and then one day it did and that was that, I was luckily ready to accept what came my way. So I say all of that to say, keep your head up, a smile on your face and don’t let this city get you down, it really is a great place to live aside from all the negative stuff you might read on here but that is city living – really high highs and really low lows.

          Lastly I will add and others may or may not agree, try a happy hour by yourself or with a friend. I know the connotation of that but it isn’t always true, I have met some interesting people going out before I got married. I mean you never really know who you might be, I would say ignore the saying about meeting people out, not everyone is a bad person. It really is a win, win because 1. You can practice up on your skills all around 2. If you can see what you don’t like 3. You might end up meeting somebody that is really cool and you never know what might happen. I am 34 and go out time to time with my wife, we hit Bar 7 on Wednesday (free buffet), Thursday or Friday for happy hour (mixture of professional and round the way folk), Park on Thursdays used to be cool, not sure now haven’t been in a couple years. Zengo and Masa 14 are pretty chill for HH.

          Bout to wrap it up but best of luck to you and let us know how things work out.

    • Yeah, DC is not a kind place to those with low pay. If you can’t get past that you’d probably be happier in a city with a lower cost of living (i.e. most US cities).

    • How long have you given DC? I’ve been here 9, almost 10 years and I am finally in a great position and making good money. You must sacrifice for the long term to make it in DC (same as NYC, LA, Boston or other expensive cities). If you’re not in it to win it there’s no shame in making a life in a cheaper, less international city.

      • valentina

        I’ve been here six years and I have been struggling, working two jobs the whole time. Someone wrote something the other day on FB that stuck with me. She said that when she is on her deathbed and remembering her life, she doesn’t want work to take up all of her memories. I know I will be in a constant struggle if my life stays the way it is now. I’m just tired of barely getting by.

  • Rant: Walking outside of my apartment building to find the front passenger window of my rental car totally smashed to smithereens. The worst of it there was absolutely NOTHING in the car to steal. I had cleaned it out entirely the night before since I was going to be returning it first thing in the morning. Now I have a ton of phone calls make, and paperwork to complete, and possibly a $250 deductible to pay, all because someone felt like being a jerk. Note: This happened on Monday, I just had too crazy of a day to rant about it yesterday!

    Rave: My always amazing boyfriend went into work late so that he could be there for me while we filed a police report, dealt with insurance, etc. and he left work early so that we could go to dinner at the The Heights for the charity event to support City Dogs Rescue!

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