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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: I really wanna go to the Outer Banks this fall. Any ideas on a condo/small home that I could rent on the beach?

    • I like the Avon area, there is a real estate agency in the heart of town there that certainly can hook you up. We waited until the last minute recently and they gave us a huge discount on a beachfront cottage, you just have to ask.

    • I love the Duck area and further north Corolla. They mostly have houses on wooded lots but there are a couple of condo places up there. It’s really quiet though, more family oriented, but very relaxing.

    • Check Homeaway.com and VRBO.com

    • We used Sun Realty, they have a lot of online listings. Also if you do not need a pool, Avon Cottages has a range of houses as well as efficiencies to rent. The Koru Beach Club sells pool passes so you do not necessarily need a community or private pool to access one in Avon. Check also Hatteras Club. Other folks have recommended Ocean Shores and Croatan Club for condos.
      I also like Duck/Corolla, slightly more sophisticated dining scene and the Currituck Lighthouse is worth a climb, the whole area around the Whalehead Club county park is pretty.
      Found out from Hatteras Island Board Sports that you can take windsurf lessons right on the sound at the Frisco Woods campground (among other places)…if I don’t rent in Ocracoke next time I may try and get a place closer to there.

    • For an excellent laid back time, just rent in Ocracoke. You’ll love it.

  • anon. gardener

    Rant: the absolutely disgusting degree of humidity today.
    Rant: people who ask you to provide information, when they already have said information, thereby causing a delay that will set your project back by a month.
    Rave: the hint of fall in the air yesterday
    Rave: today is my Friday.

  • Rant: Hate my job…feeling directionless as usual. What do I want to do when I grow up?

    Rave: Just got tickets to see Cat Power at 930! Geez…the tickets were expensive, but Im thinking of it as an early birthday gift to myself.

  • alxindc

    Rant: Overslept by 30 min.
    Rave: Still went on a run.
    Rave: Kidnap Kid – great EP! So summery. Better than peaches!

    Rant: Really cannot decide what is worse – being in a dysfunctional relationship, but having someone to come home to, or not having anyone to come home to?!

    • on your 2nd rant – definitely the 1st! I used to be one of those “afraid to be alone” people, and I can’t tell you how much better it is to get out of a relationship when I realize it’s not working. Unless you like the drama, then by all means…

    • Rant 2: I’m dealing with that right now…although at this point, I barely see him or talk to him anyways. So should I be in a relationship yet alone, or just alone?

      • Just alone! It’s so much better. You get rid of the negative drain on your energy and you can enjoy your freedom. And that’s how you figure out what YOU need to have for a non-dysfunctional relationship.

    • talula

      I speak from experience when I say that being alone is MUCH BETTER than being in a dysfunctional or unhappy relationship. Honestly, the freedom and time to yourself just to do whatever you want is amazing and MUCH BETTER than feeling stuck in relationship. Honestly. I can’t say it enough. You owe it to yourself and the other person to admit when things aren’t working out. If you’re not happy in your relationship then you both deserve better. I know the idea of being single is scary, but it’s worth it for your sake and your partner’s sake.

    • +1 for better to be alone than in a relationship where you’re not getting what you need. I’ve recently found myself single, and it’s not nearly as bad as I feared.

      @hiphop, what’s up with that? Are you guys long-distance? If not, than yeah, I would say it’s way better to be single than to be w/ someone who can’t prioritize you.

      • Nope, not long distance…unless you count Bethesda to Alexandria as LD. I work days, he works nights and all day Saturday/Sunday. His priority is his career and I keep putting up with it.

      • The tough part is when you’re on the other side and you were getting everything you wanted from a relationship, and when a person leaves you just when you need her most.

    • In the short term it might seem better to be in a dysfunctional relationship (excluding dysfunction that rises to the level of abuse), because there are at least some moments when it isn’t so bad and you have the affection/companionship/sex/whatever-you-are-still-getting-from-the-relationship.

      But in the long run, it is never, ever better. And the longer any relationship lasts, the harder it gets to end it. And you’re just putting off the time until you eventually find some who is a much better fit.

  • Revel: I had a dream last night about someone and lo and behold they were on metro this morning.

  • Rave: Today is my friday as well. I may get up early tomorrow (5a) and go fishing out North Beach or Chesapeake Beach.

    Rant: Look, I love dogs as much as anybody and can’t wait until I get one again. But I do get pissed when people don’t control their dog and let them do as they please. Yesterday while leaving Masa 14 after happy hour a group of us were getting into my car (I was the driver). So before I am about to pull out of my parking spot on 14th, I hear some scratching and hear everyone in the car basically say WTF? I look over and this dude let his fucking dog jump on my car. Literally his two front legs were up on our door while this asshole was on the phone. So before I could say anything my wife says something and his respones is (get ready for this) “He must like Jaguars”. He acted like it was no big deal and that it was funny, I was so blown and knew that if I stayed it would not have been good so I just left after I knew the door wasn’t scratched up. I am so sick of these types of people just thinking they can do whatever.

    • The bastard didn’t even apologize nor show any remorse. Unbelievable, freaking unbelievable. But I guess nothing should surprise me much anymore.

    • You own a Jaguar? Are you some kind of 1 percenter?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I share your outrage. These kinds of people drive me nuts. Just because you think your dog/kid is cute does not mean I do!

    • Really? A dog touched your car? Is it really worth all of this?

      • I don’t think you get it. A dog is a dog, my issue is with the owner, you know the one that was on the phone in the middle of the sidewalk while his dog is doing whatever he wants. That is not OK, anywhere. And yeah, maybe the dog didn’t do any damage but if he had, what then? The point is be responsible and respect others and their space. For all he knows, everyone in the car could be scared shitless of dogs and reacted by flinging the door open and smacking the dog in the face hurting the dog. So yeah, it is worth it so that others don’t do the same. That answer good enough for you?

        • Ok, apparently you get set off easily so it makes a lot more sense now.
          Of course dog owners should be expected to pay attention to and control their dogs! And this guy clearly made a lapse in judgement. However, continuing to freak out about it a day later hardly seems necessary given that by your own admission it did no damage and all other problems were completely hypothetical. Is it possible that it was an accident and the guy wasn’t just walking around with the purpose of proving that he and his dog can do whatever they want and everyone else can deal with it? And that he made light of a situation that hurt literally nothing and no one after he realized he messed up? If you don’t want anyone or thing to come near your Jag, just keep it in a garage.

          • Nobody is freaking out, where did you get that? This is my rant and if I want to rant about what happened after work yesterday I can do so, just like everyone else does.

            And it wasn’t a lapse in judgement by the owner, otherwise he would have been apologetic but his response was to make a joke about it like it was cute. I can’t believe I have to spell this out. This is not anyone’s personal playground where you can do whatever you want. And maybe I am touchy about it because I am getting sick of people like that and there seems to be more and more of it.

            And I am going to say it, though I know it will slant everything I have said but let’s keep it 100. If this had been some young black teenager with locks, pants hanging and on the phone with huge ferocious pitbull (no such thing actually but that is another topic) that jumped up on some young, sweet white girls car that mommy and daddy pay for you all would have gone balistic and calls for blowing up the near by subsidized housing would have riddled todays Rant/Revel. Am I lying?

            Lastly, I didn’t say he was proving anything. But if you are going to have a dog out on the sidewalk, you are responsible for it. If you are on the phone looking the other way, yapping away and your dog is doing whatever, that is not being responsible. What if that dog had bit someone? Again, I love dogs but I loathe irresponsible owners.

            And your comment about keeping the car in a gargage is just stupid. So if the dog had jumped on me, I should stay in the house so he and his dog can do whatever. That is some great logic there.

            Outside of that I am only replying to comments.

          • Wow. Good luck with that.

          • Kam–your analogy to the young black kid hit it on the head. Popvillians would consider no punishment too great. It all comes down to the person one identifies with. In your case, you drive too nice a car, so you’re an over-privileged whiner. In your analogy, everyone would be outraged by the “thug.”

          • Huh? We had no idea what color the dog owner was! Spare the race baiting. I was actually with you up to this point, but now you’ve lost me.

          • Not race baiting but given the past history of the comments, if that had happened this would be a different story.

          • You’re reaching.

      • So you think it is ok for dogs to jump on strangers, their cars or kids?

    • I have had an unsupervised dog jump up on my car and scratch my door with his nails, and it made me furious. However, I once had one of my guitar student’s parents let out their crazy, jump-on-you drool-on-you dogs during a lesson, and the dog jumped up on my very nice acoustic guitar and scratched the face of it significantly. In both cases, the people were like, oops…my bad.

      I like dogs (although I am definitely a cat person), but I’m always amazed at how many dog owners don’t get that their pets are really unwieldy and obnoxious when around other people. “Oh he’s just excited!” :-/

    • Jaguar, cats and dogs, hah! We share the same space, and unexpected encounters occur. No harm, might as well chuckle.

      Next time, hand over the doggie bag.

      BTW, my dog scratched up my front quarter panels trying to get at the rats who were living under the hood. That dog could save your electrical system! Way to go Lassie!

  • RANT: Where in the hell can I buy a house that is listed under or around $500k in DC that is fairly safe.
    RANT: Does anyone else get violent urges whilst walking through Georgetown on a Saturday afternoon?

    • If I were you, I would look in Takoma or Brookland.

    • Coworker – little, white, girl – just bought one for $400K around Rhode Island Ave, walking distance to Home Depot.

    • I would describe my neighborhood of Park View as “fairly safe”, but YMMV. I think you can still get houses that don’t need a lot of work (although not new rehabs) for under $500K, but they’re going fast. Close to metro, eats/drinks options growing on GA ave, nice new rec center/park, good-sized houses, new Safeway on the way.

    • That’s why I don’t go to Georgetown anymore hahaha.

    • Check out the area, I live in around 18th and H NE. There are few houses for sale and they don’t cost nearly that. Now in 5 years or so it may be a different story. The neighborhood isn’t that bad IMO, what that said I am seeing new neighbors all the time so…

    • greenroofgoddess

      Try Kennedy NW–east of 14th and west of 5th or so–and the surrounding blocks. Walmart will be 3 blocks north, DOT just got a $1 million grant to improve the street, and the northern outpost of Taqueria DF is one block away. Transitional, but if you look around you’ll see that it is on the upswing, people are very nice, and there is lots of renovation going on.

    • Sounds like someone needs a good Realtor. I’d help, but I don’t work for free and I’m not licensed. 🙂

  • Rant: Still no phone call from my sister. Seriously? I thought engagements were suppose to be happy times for people, and she’s making it negative and weird. WTF.

    Rave: I really want to get her a Wedding Etiquette book for her engagement, because clearly she’s clueless.

    Rave: After stewing all day over this yesterday, I treated myself to a mani-pedi at Enchanted Day Spa in Adams Morgan, followed by dinner and more than one glass of wine. I’m still anxious, upset, angry, and frustrated, but at least my nails look damn good 🙂

    • I’m sure she is just terrified of your reaction. I’m much older than both of my sisters, and I usually hear the news second hand as well, they are too scared to tell me half the time, and for a good reason!

      I say have a glass of wine, and call her to congratulate her, all while looking at your nice shiny nails. (and isn’t getting nails done like the best thing in the world?!)

    • You seem very very upset about this. Keep in mind that a major explosion from you could be much more damaging to your relationship with your sister. Even if you are right about most of your concerns, is the relationship worth being right?

    • You need to chill out. It’s her news and she can tell who she wants when she wants. My twin brother got all huffy when he wasn’t the first person I called with my big news…. I don’t talk to him anymore

    • Maybe she knows you’re upset and she’s afraid to call now? I say call her and congratulate her (even though you don’t really mean it) if you can put the anger aside. Weddings make people all kinds of crazy, don’t let yourself get sucked into the drama!! It’s not worth it.

    • I’m not a medical doctor, but I feel fairly comfortable prescribing a chill pill in this instance.

    • Thanks to you kind people with useful advice.

      Ranting on here helps me destress about this because it is upsetting. It isn’t as easy as taking a chill pill, you twits. I never expected to be the first phone call, but I was hoping she’d have some sense to call before she put it all over facebook. I thought we had a better relationship than that. With how this guy acts, I feel like he’ll keep her from seeing me anyway, so there might not be much relationship to keep working towards.

      • I agree with the chill pill. It can provide temporary relief, and you’ve got a permanent condition. She’s never going to be able to undo the Engagement/Facebook incident of 2012, that’s done. You’ll never forgive her for it. She knew, absolutely knew that you disapprove, and she cared enough to bypass your opinion. That’s a type of closeness, not indifference.

        But, you’re anger is going to mean that you miss the delicious spectacle of her wedding planning process. You’ve got front row seats to a wacky reality show, so detach, sit back, and watch the drama unfold.

        And, put down the wine. It doesn’t pair well with spite.

      • Have you always had a troubled relationship with her? I can totally understand how upsetting it would be to find out about the engagement via facebook (a stupid move on her part), but why not be the bigger person and call her? Let her tell you, and then maybe ask why she hasn’t called to tell you. But don’t let that be how you lead.

        Also, don’t give up on her. If he is trying to isolate her from family that is a warning sign of abusers. She may need you down the line more than ever.

  • RANT/RAVE: My qualifying exam is today. I’m kinda freaked out, but also excited. Mostly freaked out.

  • Rant: Just got that stupid “you’re posting comments too fast” message (really, on my first comment of the day?!) so I’ll try again.

    Saw a guy riding a bike against traffic on Mass Ave last night. What a moron.

  • Rave: Raving with the others here that today is my friday as well.

    Rave: New learning experiences, new sources of inspiration.

    Rave: July is over. Which means we are getting closer to autumn.

    Rave: Can’t think of a rant right now, and don’t want to try too hard to do so!

    • Fall/Autumn = the best season of the year.

    • RAVE: I thought I was the only one who had the best work schedule on the planet. I work four days a week, ten hours each. Off every friday and to add a bit of gravy, I work from home one day of the four.
      RANT: Want to work in the District, commute to VA is too disruptive.

  • Rant: flying out of DCA tomorrow evening for my only real vacation of the summer… in the middle of what looks like another Friday evening of thunderstorms. I’m really pissed off that my flight might be cancelled or delayed, and I’m a very nervous flyer and I’m freaking out about flying through thunderstorms. The last time I tried to leave DC I was stuck on an Amtrak train for 8 hours because of Friday evening storms. I know it’s pointless to complain about the weather, but dammit, this weather sucks and why does it always thunderstorm on Friday evenings when I have to travel?

    Rave: My whiny rant is over and I feel better.

  • Allison

    Rant/Rave: Applying for jobs. If anyone needs an environmental attorney, specializing in administrative law– I’m your girl!

    Rant: Despite being very close to having a law degree, still feeling financially illiterate. So many people on this blog talk about refinancing, etc., and I just feel lost. Does anyone have a suggestion for a book that helps introduce you to the world of personal finance slowly?

    Here’s the current situation: husband and I are renters, we have a 401k through his federal job (set to autopilot in terms of investing), life, renter’s, and health insurance. We have a savings account and a checking account but zero investments. I have a crapload of student loans, and we use Mint.com to budget. That’s it. As a child of parents who lost 1/3 of their life savings in the tech-crash of the ’90s, I would frankly be happy as a clam shoving my money under the mattress for the rest of my life, but sensible me says that’s probably a bad idea.

    Any book suggestions for someone who only barely just learned the difference between a stock and a dividend?

  • Rant: husband on reserve duty drill for 2 weeks and i can’t bring myself to go to sleep but still get up early = perpetual headache
    Rave: truckeroo with friends this friday!
    mini Rant: thunderstorms possible tomorrow night.

    • I’m the opposite – I enjoy when my husband has duty. I didn’t really enjoy the deployments, but a weekend alone, or even a sunday to do whatever I want – I really enjoy it. Think of it that way? “what do I want to accomplish while he’s gone?”

      Pedicure, jog, clean the closets…things you might rush while he’s home

  • rave: that duck looks like its smiling and i love it.
    rant: the swampy humidity today.
    rant: a guy getting a little too clingy, way too soon.
    rave?: at least i am back out there again?

  • Rave: All of the fall clothes in stores
    Rant: None of them are on sale yet

    Mega rant: I managed to make it to my late 20s with pretty much no acne. But now my face is revolting. I’m not getting pizzaface-style breakouts, but I am getting 1 or 2 gigantic monsters every week or two. And they take forever to go away, even with vigilant treatment. Gross 🙁

  • Rant: The assumptions people make based off of nothing but their preconceived notions. Yes, you idiots are a big part of the problem.

  • Rant: Going away celebration for my boss today. My boss is AWESOME and it really sucks that he’s leaving. Tomorrow is the going away lunch for the 7 interns we’ve had all summer, who are also awesome. Then a week after that we lose the four residents who’ve been here all year. TOO MANY PEOPLE LEAVING!!!

    Rant: I’m in charge of the going away celebration today. They hired me because I had event planning experience but I’m really not good at it and it stresses me out.

    Rant: I *think* I broke up with my boyfriend?

    Rave: Leaving for the BEACH tomorrow night!!!! I don’t care how short a time we’re there, I’m just glad to lay on the sand and listen to the waves.

  • Rave: Great kettlebell workout in my backyard this morning, complete with the always puzzled looks my dogs give me.

    Rant: Damn humidity (at 630AM!) made gripping a bit of a challange.

    SUPER RAVE: I share in the senitiments about fall creeping in. There were actually some leaves blowing off the trees last night

    as a side note, I’m not a botany expert by any means, does anyone know if the early start to spring means we’ll get leaves turning, leavesdown, etc. earlier this year?

  • mini-Rave: A coworker sent a group email saying that he would be on vacation for a few days. The subject was “See you next Tuesday.” I got a kick out of that.

  • RANT: What is up with teenagers/young twenty something year olds speaking at a ridiculous decibel level for all the world to hear? it’s as if they want everyone within a 50 ft. radius to hear every word uttered out of their mouths. “I love U St. – my favorite bar is BlackByrd….I am totally going to Whitlows tonight….yeah I don’t like Obama….No I’m special…seriously I’m special”. PS. I am not 65….I swear only 30:)

    • Allison

      My personal and totally unsubstantiated opinion is that many 20 year olds today are suffering from premature hearing loss due to headphone abuse. You know all those kids listening to music on the metro so loud you can hear exactly what song they’re listening to several seats away? That’s hearing loss in action.

      “Some young adults in their 20s – who listened at high levels hour after hour, day after day – are being diagnosed with hearing at the level of a typical 50-year-old, according to Dr. Brian Fligor, a former amateur rock guitarist who is now director of diagnostic audiology at Children’s Hospital Boston.”

      • Personal and totally unsubstantiated opinions? Sweet, I gotta get in on this.

        I would say 2 things: One, I think teenagers have always been this way, we just didn’t realize it when we were teenagers. Two, more than ever before our society encourages and to some extent rewards attention-seeking behavior regardless of its merit; kind of like the old “all publicity is good publicity” cliche.

        • I agree that a lot of it is that when we were teenagers, we just did not realize (or care) how annoying we actually were to the general public. Combine that with being provided so many outlets to just ramble about pointless shit (facebook, twitter, blogs, texting, etc) while not having to actually interact with people, it makes for a pretty obnoxious combination.

          • I agree! I’ll catch myself getting super annoyed with a group of teens and then realize, “Wait, I was probably just as annoying when I as their age. I just didn’t realize how obnoxious I was!” When I was a teenager I had the whole, “I’m so awesome, I don’t care what people think about me” thing going.

      • Interesting…I’ve never heard that take…and honestly not sure if you’re being facetious. My opinion is that they’ve been youtubenized/twitterized into thinking that what they have to say needs to be heard/is important. Fad of narcissism is sweeping the world…with over night signing sensations….and reality TV stars. Holy crap I sound like I am 65…this is getting scary:(

    • It is not limited to them. We have a grown ass office assistant who I can’t stand because she talks like that regularly. Seriously she will be halfway down the hall and yell out to a coworker who is in her office, while she is walkign to her office. Who does that? I CAN NOT STAND HER!!!

  • Rave: Really enjoying season 2 of Treme.

    Rant: One of my favorite characters on it got killed in the last episode I watched.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My bitch cat talked to me all freaking night last night, so I didn’t get much sleep.

    Rave: My building is restoring the old 1920s floors in the common areas. I went up to the floor the started on and it’s going to look great! Good bye hideous 1970s industrial carpet!

  • RAVE: Finally got a job (albeit temp work) with an organization I love.

    RAVE: I can quit my other job! YAY not working 65 hours/wk!

    RANT: Crossing the street at 8:30am this morning, some douche yelled “TRAMP” at me. For the record, I’m wearing my most conservative dress – 3/4 length sleeves, high-cut neckline, down to my knees. People suck.

  • RAVE: Beach House (the band)
    RAVE: RGIII (hope he doesn’t get killed tonight)
    RANT: There is an awkward circle at Porter/38th that no one knows how to drive around. It is a death trap and I almost get into an accident every damn time I drive (the right way) around it.

  • Rant: Being a homeowner kinda sucks. Lived in my place for about a month and a half and it seems like the fixing of stuff never ends. I didn’t buy a fixer upper but I feel like the previous owner just replaced all the appliances and fixed everything around the house just to work once or give the appearance of working.

    Related rant: now I have to fix the garage door and dishwasher.

    Rave: Not going to fix stuff for the first weekend in what seems like forever because I’m going to NYC after work today for the weekend!

  • Rave – That adorable ducky! he’s so cute.

    Rant – I have a feeling my shady ex-landlord is going to try and ding my former housemates and I on our security deposit. The house is really old and to call it a fixer upper would be an understatement….getting the LL to come over and fix problems was like pulling teeth, and he was nasty and rude to us every single time. Several times he accused us of violating the lease by doing certain things that were not, in fact, actually listed in the lease as being prohibited.

    We followed the lease to the letter and left the place sparkling (well, as sparkling as an old house can be) upon vacating. Now he’s sending us a letter stating that he is “concerned with the general cleanliness of the house.” BS!!! We do have pictures to back us up, if need be….but I’m just worrying that this is going to be a long drawn out thing.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: some people’s rants are other people’s raves, I need to gain like 15 pounds; with my hyperfast metabolism is going to be hard.
    Rave: I know I love photography because I’m looking forward to 8 hrs or work on a Saturday!
    Rant: looks like I’ll need X-ray on my neck

  • Rave: Heading on a road trip with the wee ones to see their favorite kid’s music band this weekend.
    Rant: Crazy PoPsters who get all ANGRY over stupid shite and suck me into their emotional maelstrom. Time to go for a waterfall hike, people.

  • Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson!

  • Rant-the guy in the office next to mine is prone to going off on loud rants in the middle of the day for no apparent reason. He shouts nonesense about US magazine news items and furiously bangs on his keyboard. He also keeps making the most revolting bodily function sounds, which I can hear through my wall because they are so loud. Today he’s upping his game…first he started with farting and burping, now he’s taken to clearing his throat in that disgusting mucous-y way that makes me want to hurl when I hear it. What I wouldn’t give for a pair of headphones right now.

    Rant-I’ve somehow managed to turn my excercise class into another reason to feel defeated, and what was once a really fun stress release has become anxiety producing because the instructors think I’m dogging it.

    Rant-letting others make me feel like I did as a chubby, unathletic 5th grader even though I’m well into my 30’s and have “theoretically” moved past that stage of life

    Rant-money problems and friends’ weddings

    Rant-efficiency experts auditing the place where I work right before the close of our fiscal year

    Rant-sleep deprivation and poor food options for a very busy week

    Rant-too many rants today without enough raves.

    • Oh lord, regarding your first rant: I had an egregious mucusy throat clearer at my last job (my boss). He too would also just blurt out random shit throughout the day, to no one in particular. A coworker and I finally started counting all of the times he did this. Do you have anyone you can commiserate with about this? It does help.

      • I used to have a coworker who exhibited similar behaviors. Turns out he had a medical condition that was causing him to act that way and he had no control over the tics. Only thing we could do, in that case, was get a good pair of headphones. Eventually he was moved to another area of the office and shortly thereafter got a new job.

        • I’d be willing to concede that he has a legit medical condition like Touretts (as suggested by allison) if he acted this way with any patterned consistency. The thing is, he’s really sporadic about when and where he blows up (although maybe that’s an indication of a mental health problem?), the throat clearing thing is relatively new (could be a cold?), and the burping and farting seemingly have nothing to do with an obvious medical condition (perhaps GERD and IBS?). Really, I think he’s just THAT guy. Either way, he’s driving me nuts and I’d give anything to move offices to get away from him.

    • Allison

      I second the other reader’s reply that your co-worker likely has a medical condition similar to if not actually tourette’s syndrome.

      If he’s a new co-worker, these tics may decrease over time as the stress of the new job is likely contributing to an increase in tics.

  • RANT: People who move and do not forward their mail. I’ve finally just started throwing it away. Fuck ’em.

    • Allison

      Had this problem too. If your issue is catalogs, the non-profit Catalog Choice (catalogchoice.org) is great. You sign up, put in the name and address of the person & the customer or source code on the catalogs, and Catalog Choice will aggregate your requests to be removed from mailing lists, act as your agent, and contact the companies individually. You receive confirmation from the companies when your request has been honored.

      It’s a little bit of work to type in the company names, etc., since each catalog needs to be added individually, but it was worth it to me b/c the person who lived here previously gets an INSANE amount of catalogs, I mean mailbox-filling amounts. I just do my entry every afternoon right after I check the mail.

      • Catalogues I can understand – everyone gets bombarded with those for no apparent reason. But this is stuff like bills, pay stubs, invitations, post cards, doctor correspondence/lab work. I might be more inclined to make an effort but this is still happening like 3 months after he moved out plus the guy tried to stick us with utility bills accrued during his tenure, and then took the mailbox keys and amenity fob with him instead of leaving them as the landlord instructed, then wanted me to come to him (a considerable distance) to pick them up.

        • Allison

          Ah, so you’ve had contact with him since he moved and he’s not just a mystery tenant? If you know where he lives now (or can find out) I would just pay the $1 USPS fee to have the mail forwarded. Yeah as a principle he should have done this himself, but isn’t $1 worth your peace of mind?

          • You’re right, I should just be the bigger person. I did not have direct contact with him though – went through the landlord (who is based out of state and a whole other pain to deal with) to get the keys/fob and had to work it out with the condo association regarding the utilities. I actually did try a few times to see if the landlord had a new address for him back when this first started, but since neither he, nor the previous tenant felt it was important to get me that information. I also wrote “return to sender – no longer lives here” on what I deemed the important stuff – I honestly just stopped caring after a while and now get some enjoyment from just tossing his stuff. Maybe he’s dead – there was a lot of LabCorp mail…

          • Just recycle it. It may be illegal, but there aren’t going to be any cops at your recycle bin ready to slap the cuffs on you. I did the same thing when I moved in the past. In the beginning I returned the items to sender, but after a long while I figured that if the owner of that mail didn’t care enough to spend a few moments on receiving it, there was no point in me caring. Toss it.

        • revel: mini-bagels from Bethesda Bagels in Dupont. Finally, a bagel that is an appropriate size for a single meal! I usually eat half a bagel, but the mini-bagels have a much better surface area ratio and I’m not left with a dried out half of a bagel for the next day.

          It’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist, I know, but I appreciate them nonetheless.

    • You can write “Return to Sender” or “RTS” on each piece of mail and drop them in a mailbox. That worked for me when a former housemate moved out with no forwarding address.

  • RANT: All the dog feces in the Dupont Circle/17th ST & N.H. area. It’s gross!!! The sidewalks are streaked with it and there’s poop up and down the grassy areas between the sidewalks and the streets. Clean up after your pets!!!! I do! Thanks to you my dog got Giardia.

    • Yeah, that’s suddenly a big problem in my neighborhood too (logan) – is there a pet illness going around? It’s like playing hopscotch getting to work every morning and given the homeless population in my area I figured it was a 50/50 shot it might be human feces too… (shudder)

  • Rant: Salary negotiations. I’ve got a position with a ridiculously low salary given the requirements, and the expectations keep ramping up with no increase in salary. But I’m confrontation averse, find tooting my own horn uncomfortable and think talking about money is gauche, so calling a meeting with my boss to do all of those things was unpleasant.

    Rave-ish: Sympathetic supervisor who does what he can given the little he has to work with.

  • RANT: People who leave their dogs in the car with the windows cracked while they run an errand. The errand always takes longer and the car always gets hotter than you think it will.

    That’s right, buddy, I called the police on your ass. Fortunately, having the people at Michael’s make an announcement over the loudspeaker was enough for you to send your daughters out to the car to free the dog and hear me explain how dangerous the situation can be.

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