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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • valentina

    Rant: I got plowed by a douchelord on a bike this morning as I was crossing the crosswalk. If your going to ride a bike fine, but follow the rules of the road like everyone else. Red light means STOP!

    • That almost happened to me last night! Admittedly, I was gazing in the other direction at the gorgeous full moon, but I had the light and was in the crosswalk. I heard this tremendous noise and instinctively jumped out of the way, thinking it was a car. I’d moved just in time to avoid being hit by a biker racing down Pennsylvania Ave at full speed. The homeless guy who saw it happen kept asking if I was ok– I was indeed shaking after that close call. If my reflexes had been a little slower I think the biker and I both would have been injured by the collision.

    • alxindc

      This is getting more and more prevalent. I am especially annoyed by bicycles on the sidewalks. If I don’t ride on sidewalks, they can do it too! But I am not surprised as some people in DC have misguided sense of entitlement. Especially the ones in spandex?! Until something like in that video by UNKLE & Tom Yorke – Rabbit in Your Headlight happens to them… 🙂

      • This has always annoyed me as well, but I was surprised to learn that outside of downtown it is actually legal for bikes to ride on sidewalks. Of course, it is never legal for them to do so unsafely. I would like to see this law changed; outside of a few narrow exceptions (e.g. riding uphill on 16th by Meridian Hill Park where there are no curbcuts, a wide sidewalk, and bikes are necessarily going slowly because of the hill), riding on the sidewalk is dangerous for peds and bikes alike.

      • People use the term ” entitlement” far too often

    • zers

      In theory I love the idea of more people riding bikes, getting exercise, saving on gas and carbon emissions, etc. In practice, however, a lot of folks seem to ride out in front of cars without warning and ignore traffic signals, almost run over pedestrians on the sidewalk, certainly expect pedestrians to move for them, act irritated if a dog being walked gets in their way (because really, you can’t hop on over to that empty road for a couple of seconds to bypass us), and again ignore traffic signals. So. If they obeyed traffic signals and stayed off the sidewalk when it’s not necessary to be on the sidewalk, and when they are on the sidewalk were a bit more respectful, that would be lovely.

      • When cars were first introduced in cities – there were comparable problems (no traffic lights, dedicated car lanes….). We are having a similar situation again and we should follow the lead of the Dutch and create seperated spaces for bikes. This needn’t be on every street but create a few North-South and East-West corridors and put them on all the other main corridors (Rock Creek, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Independence, Wisconsin…).

        • zers

          I agree, that would be great. If people use them, of course. Sometimes even on 15th St where a lane exists it gets bypassed and/or so do traffic laws. But this is definitely something I’d be behind and I think a setup that’d be overall safer for everyone.

    • Not taking into account the injuries sustained by the pedestrians, a bicycle running a red light and hitting a pedestrian is guilty of the same infraction as a car running a red light and hitting a pedestrian. Call the cops on the douchelord.

    • This is a near-daily occurrence for me. Worst is when I’m with my small child. She’s terrified of the assholes who blow past us on the sidewalk; makes her cry, every time.
      And of course even if you did get mowed down, you can’t call the cops. He’s up by the time you are, and when you get the dispatcher, what are you going to say? “A hispanic male on a bike, between 20 and 40, already out of sight…”

    • You should have been watching where you were walking instead of texting

  • pablo .raw

    Not rant or rave: On yesterday’s section some people mentioned me in a conversation about photographing the moon and I didn’t see it until late so I couldn’t respond on time.
    I’m going to attempt to do it (clouds permitting!) tomorrow night. I don’t want to bore PoPville with details, but if anybody is interested in information or joining me, please e-mail [email protected]. It will hopefully look like this tomorrow night: http://www.flickr.com/photos/benavente/6851075679/ (crossing fingers)

    • Pablo,

      I kind of started that conversation and didn’t see your reply until this just a bit ago. I responded but unfortunately I likely won’t be able to make it. But if you do anything for the blue moon at the end of the month, I would definitely be down to join and learn from you if you would have me along. Also, where were those photos taken, they are super dope!! I went out on the first day of the full moon and tried to do a couple of things, not sure how turned out but will be checking them soon. I am still very much new to this but I am trying. By the end of the month, I should have a Chimpsy class under my belt.

      • pablo .raw

        Hi Kam,
        I have a little e-mail list of friends that usually join me every month for this event, e-mail me if you want to join. The photos were taken from across the street from the WWII memorial.
        I wrote this a while ago, I’ll be happy to answer any questions: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2010/12/how-to-take-photos-like-pablo/

        • Thanks man, I will hit you up soon.

        • Hey, can I run this by you to see if I’m understanding it correctly?

          So tonight the azimuth for the moonrise is 96 degrees. If I wanted to take a picture of the moon behind the Capitol that means I’d need to stand just southeast of it, maybe around 7th and A Street SE?

          Except I don’t think I’d get a clear shot of the Capitol from there, so….

          Saturday night the azimuth will be an even 90 degrees, so I believe I could find a spot on East Capitol where the aren’t trees in the way and get a good shot.

          Is this right?

          • pablo .raw

            On Saturday night you’ll get a clear view of the moonrise behind the Capitol from: The Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial or if you want to get something similar to my photo across the st. from the WWII memorial. Hope that helps.

          • Oh, so I do have it backwards. 🙂 Thanks.

            About how far back can I go if I only have a 200mm lens?

          • pablo .raw

            I think you are fine from the base of the Washington Monument, I took those photos with a 300mm. It also depends on your sensor’s size, in my case the 300 becomes basically a 400mm.

    • I’ll be shooting you an email so I can get on your list. Sounds fun!

  • Rant: Food EVERYWHERE in the office this morning. Dozens of Dunkin Donuts, bags of bagels from Bagel Place, and 4 types of homemade cream cheese. Then they’re bring homemade pupusas for lunch. I’m on a diet people! This is awful.

    Rave: I settled for 1/2 wheat bagel and light herb garden cream cheese.

  • alxindc

    Rave: B.Traits and I could not care less on Friday. Cheers to me for a crazy week.

  • What do you guys think of someone saving a parking space by standing in it? I thought there had been a discussion on here before about that, but searched and couldn’t find anything. I was looking for parking in Logan Circle the other night and a woman was holding a space in this way. First time I drove by I decided not to do anything and just kept going, but after driving around for a while unsuccessfully, I drove past her again and she was still there so I told her she had been there way too long and I was parking in the spot. She tried to challenge me, but eventually moved away and let me take it. The funny thing is my friend asked if I was afraid of her doing anything to my car and I said no, it’s probably more likely that she’ll post on a blog or something about it. And here I am doing that. Curious about what the PoPsters think though.

    • We’re not in second grade. People should not be “holding” spaces until their friend arrives in his car. The one time I’m inclined to make an exception is during tremendous snowstorms (Snowmageddon) when you spend four hours digging out your car. Of course you don’t have a god-given right to that space, but most people respect it out of courtesy.

    • I would have found another spot.
      And I’ll bet you would not have told the spaceholder you were taking the space and forced her to move if it had been a dude standing there.

      • Nothing in the original post to support this conclusion, and as a woman, I find it slightly condescending.

        • “I was looking for parking in Logan Circle the other night and a WOMAN was holding a space in this way. First time I drove by I decided not to do anything and just kept going, but after driving around for a while unsuccessfully, I drove past HER again and SHE was still there so I told HER SHE had been there way too long and I was parking in the spot. SHE tried to challenge me, but eventually moved away and let me take it.”

          – I stand by my point. I don’t think a man holding a parking space would have been challenged in this way.

          • So the use of woman, her and she in a non-derogatory, grammatically correct fashion somehow equal a willingness to bully a woman? This supports nothing, and your supposition that a man would not have been similarly treated says more about you than it does about this poster.

          • Thanks, C3PO. I’m the OP and I’m a woman too, 5’4″, 120 pounds and not looking to get into any kind of physical altercation. I don’t see how it would have made any difference to me if it had been a man, rather than a woman.

    • “What do you guys think of someone saving a parking space by standing in it?”

      I think it’s rude, inconsiderate, and selfish.

    • I might do it for an out-of-town visitor. If they’re not used to city parking having to hunt for a spot is stressful and will start their trip off on the wrong note. I always like to make my guests’ experiences as comfortable and seamless as possible so they’ll leave with a favorable impression of DC.

      What I’m more likely to do is have my car parked right in front of my house and move it when they come so they can have my space. I think it would give them (and me for that matter) greater peace of mind to have it right there where we can keep an eye on it. But if my car’s a couple blocks away to begin with and I see a good spot when they’re arriving I might hold it for them. But only for a minute, tops.

    • If someone is standing in a space, it usually means that their friends are due to arrive any minute, and it doesn’t bother me. I’ve defended a parking space in front of my friend’s building in NYC for his UHaul during a move while he went around the block (it was a one-way street). In the 2 minutes I was in the space, several people yelled at me and told me to move, but I held my ground and told them to keep looking.

      Basically, I think it’s ok because usually it means whoever is taking the space will arrive soon. However, I DO NOT think it’s ok to leave traffic cones, or use your car to take up a double space in order to hold spaces indefinitely.

    • Street parking spaces are first-come, first served, and they are for cars, not people. It’s definitely not ok for someone to stand in a spot to hold it.

      • Common sense. Yayyy! But unfortunatley, it isn’t that common as displayed in these post.

        • It’s not about a lack of common sense. It’s about not letting every little slight, real or perceived, bother you. Someone is standing in a space holding it for someone else. So what? Find another space to park in. There’s always another space. If you hate searching for parking, either stop driving, move someplace with ample street parking, or rent off-street parking. All better solutions than getting incensed that someone has the temerity to hold a space for whatever you subjectively decide to be “too long”.

    • Quite soon after I moved to DC, my mom was visiting. It was winter and my mom has breathing issues, so when I saw a space open up, I stood in it (my mom was a few blocks away, I checked).

      A woman pulled over and told me to move. I explained the situation and pointed out a spot across the street, and asked her if she’d mind parking there. She rolled her eyes, but drove away.

      I was really grateful that she did let me keep the spot. It helped me get my mom inside quickly & and then make return trips for the luggage.

    • When someone is standing in a spot, I respect them and move on.

      • That is so frustrating!! I really think there’s a big difference between standing in a spot because your buddy is just around the corner and will park there in a matter of minutes, and leaving your enormous van, parking cones, or scooter to take up multiple spots all day, every day. Street parking is public parking, not your family driveway!! I wish you patience in dealing with the parking bandit.

      • Why don’t you just move the cones?

        • zers

          One of us did move the cones, and it led to that forum post I linked to above. A threat to “make [his] life difficult,” a ramping up of the double-parking and other techniques (especially the day after that incident, they spaced four cars out over six spaces for the entire day), and finally a Jerry Springer-like verbal drive-by later that evening. So basically it didn’t go well. The cones are still outside but haven’t been used since, that any of us have seen anyway. They’ve continued with other strategic parking techniques that we’re documenting in the flickr account linked above.

        • zers

          One of us did move the cones, and it led to that forum post I linked to above. A threat to “make [his] life difficult,” a ramping up of the double-parking and other techniques (especially the day after that incident, they spaced four cars out over six spaces for the entire day), and finally a Jerry Springer-like verbal drive-by later that evening. So basically it didn’t go well. The cones are still outside but haven’t been used since, that any of us have seen anyway. They’ve continued with other strategic parking techniques that we’re documenting in the flickr account linked above.

  • Rant: Moving out of DC to home because I’m unemployed and discovering my old car is apparently broken. No public transit in my town so this will make finding a job very interesting…

    Rave: The gorgeous moon, my cooking abilities on a tiny budget, and ladies’ gymnastics! You go ladies!

    Rant: Yet again, realizing I’m attracted to someone who isn’t interested in me in the slightest.

    Rave: Maybe in my home town I’ll be seen more as hot stuff?? 🙂

    Rant: Eek just had a Rachel moment when I awkwardly hugged a coworker…. wasn’t sure what to do because he leaned in for a hug but then stuck his hand out at the last minute!!

    Overall life is just goofy right now 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: All this talk of fast food chicken has made be crave some Cane’s, but there is not Cane’s near DC.

    Rave: I can probably find a recipe for the crack sauce on the internet if I get really desperate.

  • Rant – Summer colds. They suck. It’s almost worse than a winter cold, because it’s warm outside and I’m supposed to go to the beach this weekend. *sniff*

    Rave – Gabby Douglas! she was so exciting to watch last night. She might be tiny but she is majorly fierce. I’m sure we’ll be seeing her on a Wheaties box soon….

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: Interview yesterday went really well! I’m feeling pretty confident about my answers and the impression that I left. I’m not having any of those “I wish I had said ____ instead” moments, so that’s a relief.

    Rant: The waiting game. And knowing that just because my interview went well doesn’t mean another candidate’s won’t go better.

  • rant: feel like i am coming down with a bit of a cold. hoping to stave it off by leaving work a little early for a nap because of my rave…
    rave: have a bunch of fun things on tap for the weekend.

  • Question – can I block posts about specific things from my FB newsfeed? Namely, Chick-fil-a? I am from a Very Red State and the Chick-fil-a “issue” just won’t die with my back-home friends.

    • Allison

      I don’t have Facebook but I do know that you can block updates from particular friends from showing up in your newsfeed without having to unfriend them. On the other hand, might be people worth unfriending!

    • Not sure if you can block specific updates (like, about a certain topic), but Allison is right in that you can block certain friends. It’s probably somewhere in the privacy settings.

  • Rave, BIG RAVE: Friend who is hospitalized after a biking accident on July 3rd (15th & P) is improving – out of coma, out of ICU (after being there for three weeks), able to walk around a bit, and starting recognize family members. Don’t know how far he’ll improve, but not very long ago it didn’t seem possible he’d make it this well, ever.

  • Rave: FRIDAY. Looking forward to the weekend.

    Rave: Got internet working at home again, even though it took me 2 hours to set up a new router.

    Rant: My mood at work. I can’t fake it anymore. I am trying so hard. But I think they are starting to realize how unhappy I am. I just hope they don’t fire me before I put in my resignation.

  • Rave: Only three more hours to go in the office!
    Rant: Having to celebrate the birthday of the one person I cannot stand. Oh, well, at least I get some cake out of the deal.
    Rave: Gabby Douglas winning the gold!
    Rant: NBC making me stay up until 11:30 to see it happen.
    Rant: There is a tray of tasty looking cookies on the table next to me but I cannot eat them!

  • BIG RANT: email from one of my basement tenants that she has bug bites that look like bed bug bites. YUCK! getting a canine inspection monday morning and crossing my fingers until then…. no one else in the house has bites, but i’m not taking any chances.

  • Rave: Purchased my VA fresh/saltwater fishing license.

    Rave: Reciprocity in MD!!

    Hopefully I can get out somewhere soon.

    • jim_ed

      Just a heads up,

      The reciprocity on the fishing license is only in certain scenarios, such as fishing shared bodies of water like the potomac and specific parts of the Chesapeake. If you’re planning on trying to use the MD license for say, Lake Anna, they’re going to give you a ticket, and they’re criminally expensive.

  • Rave: Gabrielle Douglas!!

  • Bear

    Rant: A neighbor got assaulted at the entrance to my building last night. They’re ok, luckily, but the front door is shattered.

    Rave: Camping trip to the Shenandoah with the man tomorrow. Super excited!

    Rave: The tuna and radish salad I made for lunch. Delicious.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Earthquake’s epicenter (from minutes ago) was 5 miles away from my mother’s house and less than a mile deep!; hopefully it won’t activate (more) the volcano!
    Rave: Everybody seems to be ok

  • Rave: Yesterday found out that my open neck biopsy came up negative for lymphoma
    Rant: Doctor still thinks I have it, and decided to do a needle biopsy in a couple other spots. Umm dude, why didn’t you do that to begin with along with original one? Uggh, gotta wait until Tuesday to know if I’m in the clear.

  • Rant: Terrible internet connection.
    Rave: Finally loaded PoP so I could rant about it!
    Rant: So much work!
    Rave: At least I’m in Cotonou- the food’s great, the people are awesome, and the work is interesting!

  • Rant: I have have been rushing all day to prep for a 3pm meeting, and just a little bit ago I learned that
    THE MEETING IS AT 230!!!!!!!
    Could have used the 30 miinutes, but…
    Gotta go.

  • Rave: Got an email that my library hold for Gone Girl is finally available. I got sucked in when I read an excerpt on the NPR website a long time ago, and I keep hearing great things about it. I’d be content to do nothing but read this weekend.

    Rant: Girlfriend’s brother chose the worst possible flight in tomorrow– we have to get up obscenely early to pick him up from Dulles at 5am.

  • Rant: No one seems to know what to do with me at my new job, so I’ve been told to leave early every day since I started on Wednesday.

    Rave: Things should be straightened out by Monday

    Rave: LOTS of extra napping/free time this week

    Rave: My commute is free and incredibly convenient. Life is so good, and I can’t wait to see what my actual responsibilities are.

    Rant/Rave: May be traveling much, much sooner than I thought. This may mean I have to cancel my vacation home and miss Bloc Party in Sept.

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