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  • Live nearby and I rarely saw anyone in there outside of regular work hours. I assume they did OK at lunch, but that street is relatively quiet outside the those hours. Can’t imagine anything exciting going in there, but one can dream.

  • Oh no, now people will have to walk to 7th and I for their toasted subs.

  • I had a sad Charlie Brown moment last week walking up to this Quiznos for lunch to discover it was closed. Though I can see why it was axed since it was always quiet inside and the poor signage always made it feel like a “secret” Quiznos, like you wouldn’t be able to tell there was a Quiznos on the block unless you were right in front the the place.

  • better than Subway

  • I used to eat at this shop as part of my regular lunch rotation. My humble opinion is that Quiznos sandwiches are among the worst available at any store or price point. They made up for it with the decision to have Diet Mt. Dew on fountain and free refills, but then I quit drinking soda. After that, there was not much left to bring me back to this or any other Quiznos.

  • I have tried them about 5 times since they moved into the area. I really don’t like their idea of soaking the meat in water before it goes into the oven, It seems like it gets mixed with other meat juices in the process, and I’m also a bit worried about bacteria in the process too, as the last time I went there (a year ago) was… let’s just say… not fun for my toilet.

  • burritosinstereo

    Probably losing the competition with Potbellies.

  • Is it just me, or was there a sharp decline in the quality of the food at Quiznos a few years ago? I used to love their subs, but they all pretty much suck these days.

    • Not just you! Quiznos was my fast sandwich of choice 5 or 6 years ago. And it wasn’t like I phased it out gradually in favor of better options. Maybe the decline was store-specific, but it went downhill really fast.

    • Agreed. Something changed in their formulas…the quality of Q’s sandwiches really sucks these days.

      And, they used to have some sort of spicy/sweet mustard that was delicious, but now that’s gone too.

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing the one across the street from my office replaced with a Blimpie’s or Wawa’s.

    • There was a Blimpie’s where the 5 guys is now on H as I recall. Agree with above sentiments that Potbelly’s is the dominant sandwich in town and that Quizno’s quality fell off a cliff 5-6 years ago. I remember when I first had one 8 years ago and was stunned by how amazing it was. Now it seems hit and miss at best and awful at the worst. You can find a decent store here and there but it seems the ingredient quality went way downhill as they expanded.

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