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  • Do tagliatelle, Mr. President. How were the escargot hushpuppies?

  • Do you think he dinned alone or with others who picked up the tab for the pleasure of his company?

  • I was wondering why the MPD had closed down CT Ave and Columbia Road on my way home this evening. Cool! Hope you had a good dinner, Mr. Prez.

  • i wonder if he’ll leave a yelp review.

  • so excited that president obama made a pit stop in our neighborhood! there are so many wonderful restaurants on 18th st and columbia and i’m happy he chose to showcase one of them

  • i went in there monday and was served a salmon with a live caterpillar on top. worked his way into the garnish which i understand can happen and server was very apologetic, but as a bartender i would at least offer to take a drink of the check rather than bang them out for everything (including caterpillar salmon)

  • I’ve been meaning to try this place out. I just checked out the menu–it’s a bit pricey. Is the food worth it? I have no probably paying the price for a well prepared meal.

    • if you want to get a good and less expensive sense of the quality of the food, go for sunday brunch. i know everyone in DC does brunch now and everyone will have to comment about it…. but I think their’s is the best in the city – traditional pancakes, bacon, fresh fruit, fresh squeezed oj and strong black coffee.

      Been there three times for brunch and it’s better each time.

    • Worth the price. You can make it more affordable, though, by making a dinner out of appetizers. They’re big enough. And delicious.

  • Hopefully next January he’ll be able to dine anywhere he wants to in public, without all of the extra security and Secret Service protection.

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