PoP Pre-Preview: Satellite Room Coming to 2047 9th St, NW (behind the 9:30 Club)

2047 9th St, NW

The Satellite Room will be the newest venture from the Hilton Brothers who most recently opened the Brixton nearby at 9th and U St, NW. The Satellite Room will focus on burgers and tacos. On the drink side, in addition to a proper bar and a focus on beer, they will offer adult milkshakes. It will likely open in mid to late September. Though the seating wasn’t set up and the space wasn’t decorated yet, I was able to take a look and was amazed at how large the space is:

There is also is a nice outdoor area with a separate bar:

Lots more photos after the jump.

Aug. 2012

Nov. 2011

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  • Looks great- different from their usual aesthetic.

  • Excited to go there once and complain about the beer prices for the rest of its existence.

  • Great. Now their swagger-jacking space.

    • Yeah, they’re totally swagger-jacking NASA. They probably don’t even remember back when NASA was all satellites and not just Mars rovers.

  • Will they allow people to walk through their alley to get there?

  • Or just trying to recoup their investment and make a profit?

    • What do you mean, someone who actually lives in the area? U Street and its environs have some of the highest real estate values in the city. It’s not suprising things cost more around there. If you’re looking for a cheap pint, DC Reyonlds is just up the Green Line/70 bus and has one of the best happy hour deals in the city.

  • super cool! exciting to see exciting spaces opening up! you go hilbros!

  • Traffic in and out of 9 and V is already a mess. Parking on 9th is nearly nonexistent. Pedestrian traffic accident waiting to happen. Probably to some hipster whose attention is focused on his phone and not the intersection.

  • Adult milkshakes is the new cupcake.

    • I hope not. Adult milkshakes is a horrible idea… an alcoholic beverage that makes you feel bloated and tired long before you feel buzzed? As a novelty item, sure, but why would you feature a drink that will send customers home after one glass?

  • yeah, they got a lotta nerve opening up businesses and stuff, don’t they!

    • i think a lot of the frustration is that many of the new places that open up are inherently exclusionary, because of real estate prices, food prices, etc.
      people want to see a bar or restaurant that doesn’t cater to the +40K college educated professional crowd. you know, a bar for like, normal people.
      the thing is, cheap bars don’t open, they survive. and when the hilton brothers open a place that is expensive and exclusionary, it makes it harder for affordable bars to survive, and nearly impossible for an affordable place to open up.
      the answer? don’t go there.

      • what the f–k are you talking about?

      • The Hilton Brothers need to take a breather. While I admire and patron their bars its a bit cookie-cutter-esqe at this point. Its almost becoming a “big box” chain of speak easy’s. I remember the mid to late 90’s bar boom by a Joe Englert, The Andulusian Dog, The State of the Union, The Big Hunt, Zig-Zag, The Insect Club. I guess this sort of scene is cyclical. It seems like once you hit sustained velocity its hard to stop, but remember the bigger you are the harder you fall.

        • I can tell you with a lot of confidence that this is the last thing they will bring to the table. If you go back a year on PoP, you will see a flurry of spaces that they leased and liquor licenses that they applied for. it just so happens that Brixton and Satellite were on a very similar schedule. They may eventually do the planned taqueria next to Dodge City, and perhaps continue improving the block around Montserrat House, but I think that’s all they have in the pipeline.

      • It was previously a vacant space. Nothing else was opening there. At this point, there’s nothing that suggests exclusion. It’s a burger joint! It will probably be the most affordable Hilton brothers spot so far. If anything, development like this helps other develops get investment and loans so that they can open, as well.

      • I don’t really get the connection between an expensive place opening and the difficulty of an “affordable” place staying in business. For most people, cheaper is better. If this place was forcing or keeping out some cheaper option, that would be one thing. But query whether a place with $3 drafts could survive in that space with the associated costs of real estate and operations.

        • See: Toledo Lounge, Asylum. They couldn’t keep up with the development in Adams Morgan, and even with the guys from the Black Squirrel behind it, they couldn’t keep it afloat. I’m sure there are a ton of other factors involved in their “renovations and rebranding,” but i think you are spot on with the rising costs of real estate.
          It won’t be long till bars like Solly’s go the way of Toledo – if someone down the street is getting $9 for a pint, then they are (rightly) not getting their money’s worth by selling cheap beer. They can raise their prices or be pushed out. In the case of Toledo, both happened.

        • Didn’t you answer your own ?… as the neighborhood turns from moderate to expensive … rents increase to rates that moderate places cannot afford, and they close or renovate into an expensive pace themselves.

        • Exactly. It’s not an either/or. It’s this or nothing. I choose this, plus I think it sounds different (not: tapas/small plates/all the other thing PoPville commenters complain about opening).

  • Wow,

    This is impressive. I think DC is developing it’s own genre of architectural design… by renovating these old buildings. It looks great. I do wonder about the new wave of expensive restaurants that are moving into areas all of a sudden. We’ barely have chain restaurants here (as affordable options)… Is the shaw-to-col hts-to-petworth area becoming Georgetown part 2? Now if they could only figure out how to get the Howard Towers to follow suit in renovating.

    There are a few other massive warehouses right around this block that would make amazing dining/store/living areas as well. I think most are owned by Howard U.

  • I don’t know. Exposed brick is one thing, but exposed cement block just looks unfinished.

    • I don’t care how the walls look (it’ll be dark in there anyway) but the acoustics in there are going to be crazy. Bars and restaurants are loud enough with gypsum board walls and wood floors– all that cement and brick and concrete is a one-way ticket to “lost-my-voice because-I-was-yelling-to-be-heard-at-the-bar-last-night”-ville.

    • +1

  • burritosinstereo

    Are the burgers here going to cost $17 too?

  • In related news, 9:30 Club was forced to increase ticket fees by another $1 to pay for more mops and a janitor named Larry to clean up the mess of thrown up adult milkshakes after moshers shake their milk-filled stomachs for an hour.

  • Great… on top of more drunk people yelling at the top of their lungs at all hours in the street we get to hear the noise coming out of the outdoor space.

  • I’m especially looking forward to these new Hilton spots that are scheduled to open later this year:

    Igloo: A ‘build-your-own’ snowcone place/bar withe rustic vibe.

    The Horny Mule: A southern-inspired menu of deep fried deliciousness and drinks served with fresh juices.

    Spanky’s: a topless tapas joint with a world-class DJ booth

  • within moments of entering Brixton for the first time some douchebag got in my face like he was looking for a fight (my wife and I were standing aside as he and the girl he was with were getting up and leaving). He turned to me, looked me over, and said “can I help you?” with a threatening tone. Keep in mind this was around 2PM on a Saturday. These places are total bridge and tunnel magnets, which is good because it keeps the douchebags out of good bars like Boundary Stone.

  • More habitat.

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