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  • Good for them, they look so ugly empty. Obviously if the tree dies they will be in big trouble, but you don’t know until you try. A for effort.

  • Bad idea – just replace with plastic bag type that lays on the ground – they have the added benefit of not being a misquito breeding ground.

    • disagree. I have two in my backyard and there are always puddles ON them and mosquitos on the bag and the wet dirt around the bag. Not sure there is any good solution to the skeeters in this city.

  • It looks nice. I think that anyone who would do this would also make sure to water the tree regularly.

  • The problem is it will choke the tree but it does look better

  • There is no way those things can work. I have two out front in my house and the holes are so tiny that half a leaf will clog it and it wont drain at all for weeks. Plus, folks use them as trash cans, then they breed mosquitos. I have the bags on the trees in my yard and even with added holes they still never drain in two weeks. I just water everything, including the trees in the boxes, myself. Makes me want to plant flowers in then now.

    • i’ve had the exact same experience. these things are a big old design fail.

      the only good news in my neighborhood is that they disappeared after a month or so. I don’t know if the city picked them up or if a neighbor took it upon themselves to fix the problem, but good riddance.

  • Bad Idea: If larger wholes were not drilled in the bottom, this will act as a “water shade” that will divert water way from the tree that needs water. Likewise clogged wholes will not allow water to drain for new flowerbed.

  • My dog LOVES to pee in those things.

  • This is dumb and looks dumb. They’ve now mulched too high up on the trunk of the tree and the result will likely be to actually deprive the tree of water. I agree with “biologist” on the former post about this. Why not take a few minutes to make the hole bigger or clear the holes? Problem solved and it would have been faster than landscaping it. The idea of canopy keepers is that someone will adopt the tree and take care of the water keeper. Why can’t residents near the trees show a little initiative and responsibility and adopt one? It’s easy to be lazy and simply blame DC govt.

  • This is not a good idea. Mulch resting against the bark will just cause excessive amounts of moisture to eventually cause rot. Take the tree ring off and water it without if you’d like to be a friend to the tree 🙂

  • About as classy as a planter made from an abandoned truck tire. And bad for the tree for the reasons other mention above.

  • It’s the responsibility of the person or business that adopted the tree to keep the watering tub clean and flowing, storing the the tub in between uses. They are not designed to sit out on the street 24 hours a day where they collect dirt and trash.

    The other, larger tubs without red stickers are placed around the tree, filled with water, and then moved to another location by the city’s street tree planting contractor once they have drained (draining should take about 5 hours). If you see any clogged tubs not functioning, please call 311 and request to have them removed.

    • May I suggest that the city GIVE OUT INSTRUSTIONS on how to use the tubs if they are not meant to sit out with the tree all the time. When you order one all that shows up is the tub and nothing else…not helpful. I started to pull mine and only have it out when I water once a week. I was sick of cleaning out the trash and debris. When I do this I get grief from one of my neighbors that says you are not supposed to pull the tub off of the tree.

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