One More Reason to Look Forward to Doner Bistro Coming to Adams Morgan – Bier Mug Club

1654 Columbia Rd, NW

At the end of July we learned that Doner Bistro would be moving into the former Shawarma King space on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan. Folks who were familiar with their Leesburg location were pretty psyched. In addition to their tasty looking menu come more good news – Bier Mug Club:

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  • Considering the quality of their German beer, this is a pretty good deal. Hope they can get more than four taps.

    • Wow, they have Maisel’s Weisse, one of my favorite beers. I have a closer personal connection to that beer.

      My great-great-great-great grandfather owned a pub next door to the original Maisel brewery in Obernsees, Bavaria, before the brewery moved to nearby Bayreuth. He was a contemporary of Friedrich Maisel, the founder of the brewery. When I went to Obernsees a few years ago I saw Friedrich Maisel’s tombstone amongst my ancestor’s graves.

  • If it’s anything like the doner I had in Munich, I’m so there.

  • This would be a nice deal if they had shelves for storing the mugs. Because I’m not going to carry around a heavy glass 1l mug.

  • Doner, Curry Wurst, Kolsch Beer, and now this? Just about the best thing to happen to the Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan area.

  • The beer stein idea is nice in theory but it’s never going to work. Are people really going haul a heavy beer stein around with them? I don’t think so.

    • tell that to people who have been doing it at the Leesburg Doner Bistro for years

      • Yes but how many Leesburg people walk there (or walk anywhere)? I foresee drunk pedestrians whaling eachother on the head for kicks, but maybe that’s just me.

        • Maybe that’s the idea: make your special offer so awkward and unwieldy that nobody takes you up on it.

  • If you can’t do umlaut-o, then the appropriate substitute is “oe” — Doener. Not “Doner”, which would be pronounced differently.

    • This is true as far as the German word (and I see from Wikipedia that the Turkish word that the Germans adopted has an umlaut too)… but in the UK, it’s been anglicized to the spelling “doner.”

      Neither spelling is in Merriam-Webster.

      The dish is in Wikipedia under the “doner” spelling:

      The Wikipedia article notes, “A doner kebab is sometimes spelled döner kebap (the Turkish spelling), lit. ‘rotating roast’, or can be shortened to Doner (Turkish: döner), lit. ‘turn around’,[11] also spelled “doener”, “donair”, “donar”, “doner”, or sometimes “donner”. The term kebab in some countries refers specifically to doner kebab.”

    • No Turk would ever write “doener.” If you can’t type an umlaut, “doner” is perfectly fine.

      But please don’t pronounce it like “donor.”

  • Its a Doener after one, i’m a little drunk and i need you NOW

  • can you connoisseurs please explain how this differs from a gyro?

    • Britain, Germany, Turkey, Greece, they all have slightly different takes on what’s basically rotisserie meat on flatbread. Some are closer to shawarma, some are more like the sheets of meat you’d find in tacos al pastor, some are more like the processed burger-ey lamb you get at Greek diners. This place serves German style doners; strips of beef or chicken (not gyro) stacked on a spit and served either in a box or on lahmacun flatbread (not pita) topped with L/T/cucumber and tzatziki. Last time I was there, they also had a spicy red pepper sauce. They do a decent currywurst as well.

  • Every time I read a post about this place, I think it’s the “Donner” Bistro, as in the Donner Party, as in go there for some extra special fare… What does that say about me??? #imvegetarian

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