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  • I love this place. Cheap(ish) food and pretty good service too.

  • 4 pack is only $12.00

    /shakes fist.

    • sunsquashed

      Really? That is $3 per 12 ounce beer retail, and these are 20 ounce drafts. At the $3 for 12 ounces price, a 20 ounce beer should cost $5. So…. these beers are actually cheaper than retail. Why are you shaking your fists? Is it because this is such a good deal?
      Along with Adams Express, Thaitanic is our go-to takeout place in the hood. Although it’s not THE best Thai food in DC, it’s excellent, reasonably priced, and ready super-fast.

  • Dogfish makes a number of beers. Which one(s) are sold here? Their online menu does not mention Dogfish.

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