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  • last seen infront of whole foods? too soon?

  • A) Who steals a basil plant
    B) Who keeps photos of their plants?

    Leads me to believe the owned set it up to make a false insurance claim….

    • not sure if you’re joking, but…

      it could be a stock photo of a basil plant or cropped from the background of another photo (or maybe they took a picture of their plant to show someone how nicely it was growing or something? i’ve done that).

      and pretty sure you wouldn’t make an insurance claim for something worth $20, max.

    • Surprisingly (and disappointingly), plants are stolen all the time. Among other things lifted from my yard was a potted basil not all that different from Bernie.

      • Yeah my potted basil was stolen from in front of my house about a year ago – it actually does happen. This flyer looks like a joke, but the comments here echo my reaction when it happened to me – who the &#$% steals a basil plant?

    • A) People will steal anything that’s not attached or bolted down (and sometimes things that are). Many years ago when I lived in Adams Morgan I had a GIGANTIC elephant ear in a pot that weighed at least 30 pounds stolen from my patio in the middle of the day. Sad to say this isn’t new, or unique to DC.

      B) Some of us do indeed take photos of our plants. I have an entire Flickr album full of them.

  • I think it’s genuine. Some friends of mine also had their basil plant stolen from their front steps in Mt. Pleasant. Maybe it’s a new gang initiation routine? Or someone really wants pesto!

  • Allison

    Lol, can’t read it all but I like “enjoys cool water and is great friends with the clove of garlic.”

  • Who would do such a dastardly deed? I hope Bernard is found before he gets turned into pesto or caprese salad.


  • someone stole my basil plant from my yard in columbia heights last year! something must be done to stop this monster…

  • What the **** is going on? MY basil plant – also in a standard-issue terra cotta pot – was stolen from in front of my house on Friday night. I was going to post angry signs around the neighborhood but then decided the a-hole who stole the plant might do something else a-hole-ish.

  • sunsquashed

    The flowers in front of our house in CH that were PLANTED were dug up and stolen in the middle of the afternoon. Who the hell walks around with a trowel to dig up and steal plants?

  • More than once during the 90’s I would see people stealing plants off of porches and attempting to sell them on the street. And they would get pissed when you followed them while calling them out on it.

  • Oh my goodness! While my basil plant has not exactly thrived this year, and I was definitely tempted to borrow basil from other, healthier plants in the neighborhood, that’s terrible that someone actually stole it!!!!!

    Godspeed Bernard! May your rightful owner reap your benefits soon!

  • This is why I keep my herb plants in the backyard.

  • I have a bunch of baby basil seedlings who are ready for their forever homes. (free of course) Let me know if you are ready to move on.

  • Fuck iphones! My crew and I will also take your rosemary and oregano.


  • Someone jacked my herbs awhile back also.

  • I was coming home last summer when I saw a woman with a young child pull up one of my basil plants. I yelled “THIEF! Give me back my BASIL!!”

    She dropped the basil and walked very quickly away. Sheesh, what lessons is her child learning from his mother the BASIL THIEF?

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