Millie and Al’s Applies for Sidewalk Cafe in Adams Morgan

2440 18th Street, NW

Back in July we learned Madam’s Organ had applied for a sidewalk cafe across the street from Millie and Al’s at 2461 18th Street, NW. Millie and Al’s application is one of the first I’ve seen for a sidewalk cafe on the west side of 18th Street.

Here’s how that side of 18th Street currently looks:

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  • Woulden’t this completely take away from any advantage that was gained from installing the wider sidewalks?

    • It would not take away from widening the sidewalks if one of the reasons the sidewalks widened was to have room for outdoor cafes.

    • Obviously…..and this was discussed ad nauseum on the post discussing Madame Organ’s sidewalk expansion.

    • No, not completely, only ‘somewhat’ — the ANC agreement increased both the allotment for walking space and the allotment for sidewalk cafes. Both are still more than they were before the streetscape project.

  • hmmm…agreed with CJ, and Millie n Als never seemed like a “sidewalk cafe” kind of place ….

  • Jello shots without the need to enter M&A’s and leave smelling like fried chicken? Approved.

    **Ehm…not that I’ve been in many many years now that I’m a thirty-something professional.

  • If jello shots are allowed on the sidewalk, well then. Sounds amazing.

  • I think the ANC set up some sort of guidelines for new sidewalk cafes as the streetscape project was drawing to a close . This one will probably be narrow one to allow for whatever pedestrian right of way was agreed upon. I think the more sidewalk cafes the better. I’d like to see others follow suit.

  • This is going to be protested so quickly. No way will the KCA be happy when they hear about this.

  • The sidewalks are mostly only a problem on weekend nights. I think sidewalk cafes would be great for the weekend days and weekday evenings without having too much of a congestion issue, particularly if they are narrow.

  • First Madams’ Organ and now this place is applying for a sidewalk permit, it’s like they’re scrambling as soon as the pavement is dry.

    If I had a vote (and clearly I don’t), I would say NO to all bars getting sidewalk cafes here on 18th street.

    I’m pretty sure the reason the sidewalks were widened was to allow more pedestrian traffic through and not let every crappy bar let their bro customers spill into the streets.

    • Wow…hate fun much?

      • I love fun and I completely agree. There should be some sort of rule that the sidewalk cafe can only be used for seated patrons. Or else this will quite literally turn into an extension of the bar onto the sidewalk.

        • I’m confused. Doesn’t it go w/o saying that outdoor seating would only be reserved for paying customers? I’m also assuming, maybe wrongly (but w/the experience of working at a restaurant in AdMo), that outdoor seating would be taken in after dinner service, just like tables are moved aside inside to transform a “restaurant” into a bar. I think people are wrongly working with the assumption that there will now be tables full of drunk people outside on the sidewalk at 1am. That’s just not going to happen.

  • Incidentally, though they do not seem to be celebrating it, 2012 is the 50th anniversary of Millie & Al’s opening.

  • I’d just like to echo what jinmtp posted above. Why not allow outdoor seating *except* at the peak social hours (i.e. Friday and Saturday night, maybe Thursady too)?

  • The more outdoor spaces the better

  • Does Adams Morgan still get really crazy on the weekends?

    • Absolutely, but seems much better than it was a year or two ago. There’s significantly less cruising and loitering, although not sure if more people out sitting and drinking on the sidewalk would bring back the ne’er-do-wells who are too cheap to go into a bar and buy a drink and just would rather holler at girls who walk by on the sidewalk….

      • There is an enormous police presence down there on the weekends now. I think that really helps to keep the riff-raff out.

    • I think all of the construction during the project led to the diminished crowds – we’ll see if they return once folks realize the project is done.

  • There are already 4-5 new sidewalk cafes that have received permits since the Streetscape construction began and now ended. There will be more to come.

  • Millie is an interesting looking woman.

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