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  • It will always be Mr. P’s

    • ROFL…right. With all the Mr. P’s memories in my head you couldn’t pay me to eat there, no matter what fancy restaurant name is attached to it.

      Just sayin’.

  • thebear

    Marrakesh Palace’s fate was sealed when their liquor license was involuntarily placed in safekeeping in June. They closed within a month. No one here in WeDu is sorry to see Bouzid and his nonsense gone. The new guys are so far getting off on a good foot with the neighborhood (unlike Bouzid, who pissed off everyone from the moment they began work on the place). We hope this is a sign that they will be a welcome addition.

  • Looks like a brick-walled identity crisis.

  • woah, even for DC this seems pricey. $14 for couscous, chick peas and veggies??? i’ll pass

  • This is a really weird menu.

  • This place keeps opening and closing, opening and closing, under new names. I hope this one closes quickly and we finally get a well managed, respectful neighbor who doesn’t cause noise until 3am for the residents who live next door. The rest of the restaurants on P street manage to control their patrons, this establishment does the opposite. I was sad to see it had reopened.

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