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  • I know I am jumping to conclusions here… but I would bet that this was not a random attack and instead… these two people were probably “arguing” that then escalated into stupidity. I’ve stopped feeling sorry for both the stabbed and the stabber. Just be nice to each other… or at worst… just leave each other alone. It’s not hard.

  • WTF? That’s all I got.

  • It was actually around 4:00 AM this morning that the cops were cuffing up the suspect in front of my house. It was an older woman that might have been drunk/high as a kite. She kept screaming about how she had to pee and that she was gonna pi$$ herself. The cops eventually let her squat in her dress, while cuffed, and pee in my neighbors tree box. She has lived in this boarding house for 2 years and she says they always fight with one another. She decided to stab him last night because he was strangling her. She said another guy that she likes to “call little man” was swinging a golf club at her too. She said she has diabetes medicine and was diagnosed with “mentals”. She basically screamed as loud as she could how she had to pee….. That was the general story of her questioning.

    The house she is boarding in has two pit-bulls that have had to be quarantined a few times due to attacks on dogs and humans in the neighborhood over the last year and a half. In fact this AM while going to my car, one of the pit bulls was roaming freely around the neighborhood. His name is midnight. The house likes to leave their front door and gate open.

    The house consistently dumps illegally on Adams Street each week. Items include old TVs, furniture, etc…

    There are a total of 5 people living in the house. One cracked out call girl, this old woman that stabs and pees, a middle aged guy that walks around and talks to himself on how he is a “Man”, a short old drunk and an older tall drunk who’s skin color has faded a lot in the last few years most likely due to drug/alcohol abuse. I see the two old drunks walked up 1st street in the AM with food in their hand from the local shelter in Truxton Circle.

    The faded skin old drunk is the child of a woman that had at one point bought up half a dozen row houses in the neighborhood way back when. The houses are in the name of this old drunk and i believe only 2 are still in his name. The other house being a neighboring house.

    Last nights arrest was at least the 5th I have witnessed in the last 3 years.

    They did renovate part of their crumbling house though, they cemented over their front yard.

    So in closing, I am pretty tired of that house and tired from lack of sleep due to some old cracked out woman screaming for 45 minutes how she had to pee and was gonna pi$$ herself… Also my dog is tired of their dogs running lose around the neighborhood and attacking whomever…

    • Awesome. The house directly across the street can be your’s for $675,000!

    • So….as far as the golf club goes, was it a wood or an iron?

    • serious question: what exactly is a boarding house (I’ve heard the term a number of times)? is it city run? private? who gets to live there?

    • Thanks for the informative comment, and sorry that you have to live with that mess. I saw the dog wandering around on First Street at about 8:30 this morning

    • B’Dale Res, I live 3 houses down from the boarding house and are also constantly aggravated by these neighbors. Perhaps one night this week we should get together for an “airing of grievances” and drinks. This might prove to be the strangest of ways two neighbors meet.

  • Something has got to be done about all this knife violence in our city. Knives should be illegal!!!!!!

  • tonyr

    So it looks like there may be two spaces opening up in the place. How about $1750 per month plus utilities?

  • we have such a shameful problem with individuals affected with “the mentals”. funding cuts. loss of services. it will not be getting better anytime soon.

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