Man Shot and Killed on the 1000 Block of Rhode Island Ave., NE Last Night

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@DCPoliceDept tweeted just after 9pm Thurs. night:

“5D Shooting // 1000 blk Rhode Island Ave NE // Adult male shot in the head unconscious not breathing”

Friday morning MPD updates:

On Thursday, August 23, 2012, at 2215 hours, units from the Fifth District responded to the 1000 block of Rhode Island Ave., NE, to investigate a 911 call for the sound of gunshots. Upon their arrival, the victim was located on the sidewalk in the block suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

DCFEMS responded to the scene and transported the victim to an area hospital where he subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

The case is currently under investigation by members of the Homicide Branch.

Update from MPD:

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating the fatal shooting which occurred in the 1000 block of Rhode Island Avenue, NE.

On Thursday, August 23, 2012, at approximately 10:15 pm units from the Fifth District responded to the 1000 block of Rhode Island Avenue, NE for the report of a shooting. Upon arrival, they located an adult male victim, unconscious and unresponsive suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel responded and transported the victim to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

The decedent is identified as 22 year-old Bidley Warren of Northeast, Washington, DC.

The Metropolitan Police Department currently offers a reward of up to $25,000 to anyone that provides information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons wanted for any homicide committed in the District of Columbia.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099.

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  • Those new buildings across the street should start filling up like hotcakes now!

    • Oh, you mean that building lux apt complex across from one of DC’s worst housing projects wasnt a good idea?

      • You should probably go look at the geography before you start saying silly things. The housing built by the metro is not across the street from any housing project. Further the way it is situated it has all of the entrances facing away from RIA.

    • Yeah, I mean, because this is the only murder that has ever occurred near new buildings… places like Columbia Heights have never had someone murdered near new apartments/condos.

  • I was wondering why they had R.I. north/east bound blocked off this morning.

  • How are the apartments? Anyone living there wish to comment? What happened to the retail/restaurants that were to follow? I recall Chipotle was in the pipeline, as well a few sit down restaurants. Not sure where we are with the development(s). Any “scuttlebutt” please chime in, I’m curious about moving to Rhode Island Row or even the surrounding area near the Metro.

    • valentina

      They are VERY expensive apartments.

    • I live in the apartments, the second building. The amenities are nice and being right next to the metro is nicer. However, the management pretty much sucks. Since moving in on June 24, the only entrance into our building (save for the staircases that face Rhode Island Ave, i.e. the block where not only this shooting but another crime happened yesterday) has been a freight elevator in the parking garage next to CVS. The carpets in the apartment are flimsy and are already coming undone. The neighbors are loud at all hours of the night. The security guards are surly. No second building lobby completed yet. Lots of street noise. Shady characters in the nearby Rhode Island Plaza all hours of the day. It sounds like I’m ragging on the place, but I actually like living there. I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that if you’re forced to live in a place like Rhode Island Row, the surrounding neighborhood will be a shithole. DC must be nice if you can live in Dupont, Georgetown, or Logan, but anywhere else, forget about it. I’m so sick of the violence in this city that I could puke.

      • brookland_rez

        Well, to say that area is transitional would be an understatement, IMO. They basically dropped a luxury apartment building into the middle of the ghetto. I think the area will turn around, but as long as you have Edgewood Terrace on one side of you and “Brookland” Manor apartments on the other side of you, there’s going to be a lot of riff raff in the general vicinity.

        A one bedroom in that complex costs like almost $2000. I can’t understand why anyone would pay that much to RENT in a bad area, I guess being right on top of the metro is nice, but it would not be worth it for me. For $300k or so, you can buy a rowhouse in Michigan Park or Brookland (my neighbor’s rowhouse just sold for a little over $300k), the mortgage on that with taxes and insurance would be comparable to the rent on a 1 bedroom in RIR. Plus you would have more space and be in a safer area.

        • You make it sound like everyone can afford to buy a row-house. Believe it or not, some of us or students, some of us work low-paying jobs, and even a rent rip-off in a moderately unsafe neighborhood is better than low rent in a dangerous neighborhood. Check your privilege, brooklandrez.

          • brookland_rez

            That’s my point. If you can afford $2k rent, you can afford to buy. Even if you still aren’t in a position to buy, you can rent a 3 bedroom rowhouse for $2400. Get a couple of friends and you’re each only paying $800. That’s what I did before I saved up a downpayment to buy.

          • You guys are also assuming everyone in the complex has a one-bedroom. I live in a two-bedroom unit in the second building. The two-bedrooms go for about $2,400, and we got a month and a half discount to move in early, so our 2 bedroom is less than $2,100 a month. The building is not poorly done: Bozzutto has been doing this for a while now and they know what they’re doing. The finishes are all top notch (my roommate and I each have our own bathroom, we have hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, brand-new stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and hardwood floors), and we have a gym, a business center and a pool. Does the neighborhood suck? Absolutely. But you can walk to the Metro in about 15 seconds and be downtown in about 3 minutes. I moved from U Street and my rent is about $500 a month cheaper. So that’s why some of us chose to live there.

        • Not necessarily re being able to “afford” to buy. There are very different qualifications in terms of salary, financing, and credit history for renting v. buying. And then there’s the downpayment. Just because you can afford $2k monthly rent does NOT automatically mean that you can afford to buy.

          • Not to mention not everyone foresees themselves wanting to live here for the long (or even moderately-long) term. And with incidents like this, who could blame them?

          • brookland_rez

            I agree, I just think even from a renter’s perspective, there are better values. Like I mentioned above, get in a group house in a better neighborhood. Or if the group house scene isn’t for you, rent a basement apartment in a better area. All I know is I would never, ever pay $2k to live in Brentwood. But apparently I’m in the minority since obviously people are lining up to rent there. To each his own, I guess.

      • I walked by those apartments everyday when they were being built and was astonished at the shoddy construction techniques they used. Then ENTIRE building is wood-framed, so noise will carry through end to end. Furthermore, they used fake stone on the outside for a “nice” finish… HAH! I’m sure the apartments are nice inside, but I like my privacy.

        • Buildings of less than 5 stories are commonly built of wood framing above concrete supports on the first (or basement) levels. I was astonished seeing all this wood framing and plywood until I started looking into it. Its commonplace and, presumably, perfectly safe. I’m not an engineer so I cant speak to it. It seemed flimsy at first, but I learned it was pretty common these days.

  • Poor man, and his family. Somebody had to say it, instead of making comments about the new luxury apartments.

    Yeah I know that sounds smug, but damn… what a difference in the responses so far to this account of murder, and the attack on the man in Eastern Market last week.

    • Yes you are right, different response indeed

      Maybe because nobody knows anything about the man who has been killed. Much much different than last week when a man walking home, who’s identity as a father and hustband was known and was hit in the back of the head and died attempting to get help.

      You’re comment just as smug as the others

      • Has the Eastern Market attack victim died? I don’t recall hearing that on the news. Any more info on this?

        • I’m pretty sure he’s still alive. I think a lot of the rallying around the Eastern Market guy comes from the fact that the Capitol Hill is a close-knit neighborhood where a lot of people care about and watch out for their neighbors and want to make the neighborhood a safer better place. I’m not sure you have a strong community like that near Rhode Island Ave.

        • The stories I’m looking at are all a day or two old, but they show the guy from Eastern Market was recovering, not dead. Let’s hope he continues to recover!

      • Right, because you really need to know something about the victim before you can decide whether he deserved to be murdered.

        • So if murders receive less news coverage the victim is believed to have deserved it? That’s a twisted way of looking at it.

        • Never said anybody deserved to be murdered, never said i wasn’t sorry for the man and his family. But nothing was known about the victim at all. Making it a much different situation than what you brought up.

          Was the victim involved with the drive by shooting that happened last week?, was the victim walking his dog?, was the victim buying or selling drugs?, walking home from work? We have no idea. We don’t know enough to speculate to judge people of the POP comunity responses.

          What we do now know is the victims name has been released and was a 22 year old resident of DC.

          I was told wrong about the Eastern Market Man, I hope he is doing well and is in full recovery. Untill I know more about this current situation I will hold back

    • brookland_rez

      It is unfortunate when anyone gets killed. I sympathize with the victim’s friends and family.

  • I’m Curious to know more about this. There is an awful, I guess rehab facility, that has popped up on the corner of 10th and RI. The one that says no loitering or smoking but has people doing both all over. Yes I do believe this is the one mentioned during the Menomale dispute. I wonder if this had anything to do with the shootiing. This area is terribly policed too. If you want to know where the cops were, it was probably hanging out under the bridge by Chocolate City and the MBT trail.

    This area around the Metro overpass will change. As people are moving further and further out RI this area has started to change and will only continue. Actually in the 4 years I have lived right near here there have not been too many problems around this area. Remember it,s still being flipped, don’t expect Dupont.

    • brookland_rez

      “If you want to know where the cops were, it was probably hanging out under the bridge by Chocolate City and the MBT trail.”

      So true. I see them parked under there, sometimes 2 cars, chit chatting or surfing the web.

  • WJLA reporting his name was Bidley Warren and he was only 22 years old. Sad.

  • My jaw had nearly dropped to my knees reading these posts. I mean, this post is about a murder and all that most of the chatters could talk about is the condos and who’s moving into them. Until C3PO asked for a “time out” to acknowledge that someone had actually been killed, I was having some real bad feelings about these people who are now occupying DC.

    The impression given is that some violence against another human being is to be condemned and railed against while other violence gets short-shrift. Do some think that the young man killed on Rhode Island Ave was probably somehow involved with the people who murdered him and therefore it doesn’t count because it wasn’t a murder against a “worthy” citizen? I’m not sure I want to even know who is considered a “legitemate” murder-ee and who isn’t. Although, judging from the string of comments on this and other blogs where urban violence is discussed, it does because obvious who is condemned and who is condoned.

    • it is sad somebody died, yes this is very true, if you are getting the wrong impressions the posts I’m sorry,

      But YES, YES i do believe there is a difference when somebody who is completely innocent is injured or dies, compared to someone who is part of the violence and problems that happen in this city. I am not an animal to to see a young man killed is terrible, if that young man is in a gang, is stealing, shot by the police while holding victims hostage, if you remember that mess in brookland what have I have to say I feel a little different. Sorry thats life.

      My main reason for posting was we don’t know any of that because no infomation was given about the shooting. So you can’t make any speculations that Popville is a bunch of jerks because there was no outcry for this young man.

      • I believe that there are a lot of well-intentioned folks who are newly occupying DC. I’ve met some of them. I also believe that there are a lot of haters, nay-sayers, pre-judgers and arrogant buttholes who think they know everything and have everybody else “sized up.” I don’t know the dead dude’s story, and apparently nor does anyone else here. But even if he were a Howard University student who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, many would mistake him for a drug dealer/thug/gang banga. I guess that’s because they aren’t capable of seeing anything else.

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