Mad Pictures of Mad Momos Coming to Columbia Heights

3605 14th St, NW

Back in March 2012 we learned that Mad Momos beer garden and restaurant, coming to 3605 14th St, NW (at Perry Place) would be getting a sweet roof deck. We also took a look at the status of the renovations. Since March there has been a tremendous amount of progress and I’m happy to be able to share lots of photos. They are on track for an early Autumn opening. Stay tuned and follow their progress on their Facebook page. In the meantime – check out how amazing the space is starting to look.

Starting from the outside you’ll notice a new paint job and the old awning. But soon you won’t recognize the old awning as it will be completely covered in vines, starting with Carolina Jasmine:

Continuing the green theme, when you walk in the first floor you are greeted by the start of a future green wall and exposed brick. The walls will also featuring community art displays in the future:

The first floor also features a 20 foot bar:

The bar is made of reclaimed wood from the original house:

The first floor also features huge windows that open up bringing in lots of light:

Take the stairs to the 2nd floor:

Lots more photos of the 2nd floor and roof deck after the jump.

Stairs looking toward first floor

Upstairs a 2nd green wall

second floor


pitched roof upfront

Tons of old decorative lamps. Many items found at Community Forklift and 2nd Chance.

Upstairs bar

Upstairs bar looking toward roof deck

Roof deck looking inside. Industrial vents to be painted possibly with a mural. Tent only temporary during construction.

Roof deck features old and new wood.

2nd floor looking toward the front of the building

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  • Where will the hookers go that love that corner?

    • binpetworth

      This was my first thought, too. I can’t tell you how many times I walk by there and see one of them with their pimp looking for business. I’ve often wondered whether the so-called “Tourist Hostel” on that block is a brothel.

      • A couple of quality of life arrests might go along way to cleaning that corner up.

      • Ah yes, the “Tourist Hostel.” I had never thought twice about that place until a few years ago, when a cab driver was adamant in telling me that it was a whore house. According to a “friend” of his, at least.

  • This looks absolutely fantastic. A few of the other newer places on 14th street north of the civic plaza put little thought into decor / concept, and I imagine they are suffering because of it. This, on the other hand, looks absolutely amazing. Love all the reclaimed wood and lamps and in particular the green walls. I hope the food is as carefully constructed as the decor, but this is a very auspicious sign.

  • I love the green wall and the reclaimed fixtures.

    This area is the next 11th St, H St, whatever you want to compare it to. But there’s still a lot of sketchiness, usually centered around the corner liquor stores. Going to Pho Viet, for example, still requires stepping over the drunk guy passed out on the sidewalk or getting the stink-eye from…well, I’ll call them “Courtland Molloy fans.”

  • This looks fantastic. Reclaimed wood bars are everywhere but I’m not sick of them yet. The vine-covered awning and green walls are a nice touch. Mad Momo’s people, if you’re reading this, please include several good vegetarian options on your menu! I could just come for a beer, but I’d like to stick around and enjoy your fantastic build-out over a meal! :)

  • Comparing to other bars within a few blocks, I hope their prices skew closer to the Red Derby than to the Pinch. I really want to love the Pinch, but 7-8 bucks for a pint of Port City or DC Brau at a neighborhood bar in upper Columbia Heights is a bit nutty.

  • WOW! This place looks amazing! I really want to try to go there to the Grand Opening, I also met the owners, they are really AWESOME!

    even though, the restaurant is in the neighborhood that isn’t that good, I’m sure it can be a upcoming great place to go to, just be mindful when you go.

  • Six blocks south of us, can’t wait. While these blocks on 14th street are seldom actually violent, they’re a gauntlet of sexual harassment for women in the neighborhood. More established places with invested owners means more people looking out for each other. Hopefully this will mean more cops, too.

  • wow! this looks amazing!! i think this will be good for the neighborhood as well. love the lamps, the roof deck, pitched roof, the green there anything i don’t like? not really!! can’t wait for it to open so i can try out their food as well and have a new place to chill. 😉

  • Love the green walls! Mad Momo’s owners (if you are reading) or those in the know: Are these from a kit, or are they diy from…felt? Some other material?

  • This place looks so amazing. I’m so glad that neighborhood is finally coming together. I hear that a NY based artist will be featuring his work at Mad Momos! Food, drink, art, ambiance! I can’t wait.

    • Hi BradfordBombshell,
      Our opening artist is NY based. However, we hope to have artists from all over the country and world share their work with our community.
      Thank you,

      • Any idea when you’re going to open/potential soft-opening? Or perhaps a menu? Inquiring (and hungry crowds) want to know! Welcome to the area

  • This will be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood!

  • Looks absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait to check it out in person.

  • Thank you so much for locating here. The place looks great. Cannot wait to patronize your establishment.


  • I will wait for the leaves to change colors…. and know that you will arrive…

  • Considering I walk by this place several times a day, and I can see the roof deck from my bedroom window, I’m pretty sure Mad Momos is going to be my liver’s new frenemy.

  • OMG, what a cool place. Any idea what the food and drinks will be like?

  • Looks great! Mad momo – can you teach me how to make those planters?

  • Wanchuk,
    Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. We are so happy and excited for you and your partner. What nice coverage the Prince of Petworth put together – great photos and details. congratulations and best of luck.

  • Wonderful news! This place looks great and is EXACTLY what the neighborhood needs. Let’s all support this great new business when it opens. I can’t wait to taste the momos and catch a beer out on the deck. See you all there!

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