Lou’s City Bar Gets Table Taps, New Chef and Launches New Menu in Columbia Heights

14th and Irving St, NW

Lou’s City Bar adds table taps in Columbia Heights. They have also launched a new menu – check it out below:

Lou’s NEW Menu

The folks from Lou’s add:

“The menu was put together by Adam Sobel, Columbia Heights resident (Kenyon Square Condominiums). Over a two month period, Adam spent considerable time at Lou’s, created the new menu and spec’d the ingredients. He is a multiple award winning chef and currently runs Bourbon Steak in Georgetown. One of his understudies, Michael Sanfilipo, has agreed to come on board to run the kitchen full time.”

They will have two tables with “table taps”:

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  • I’m mainly excited about the new menu. It certainly looks better, but I’ll remain skeptical until I see that they have improved ingredient quality and execution. The number, size, and location of TVs makes this a GREAT place for football Sundays. Unfortunately, I refused to go there because the food was absolutely abominable the few times I had it. I mean, is it too much to ask for a sports bar to make nachos with actual cheeze (as opposed to cheez-wiz), non-canned olives, Salsa that doesn’t come out of a Pace jar, and stale chips? I’m not talking gourmet here, just asking for a few decent options while watching a game. I’d rather see them with a MUCH smaller menu than this new one, but every item is at worst adequately executed, I’m afraid they are trying to be a bit too ambitious (although perhaps the chef has changed?). In all events, it could hardly be worse, and some of the items at least sound good based on their descriptions … I will give it another try, at least, on a football Sunday …

  • Lets hope they’ve figured out that cutting a burger in half, then providing a whole tomato slice and lettuce on the side defies all logic and reason.

    Two tables? Awesome. Really swinging for the fences!

  • I had the calamari and was underwhelmed, but I never really go to Lou’s for the food anyway. It’s just a great place to watch a game with a decent beer list. It’s nice to have ONE bar in Columbia Heights that actually has a television.

  • Not a fan of this place, I had a bad experience when i went there. Terrible food, bad service.

  • More like “Lou’s Sh1tty Bar”. I know PoP kisses their butt because they are a sponser, but this place is terrible. The worst “sports bar” in DC. The tent outside is ghetto, the food inedible and the manager is a jerk. I Boycott this place and their other bar, Acre 121.

  • While I agree that most of the food there is just meh…I’ve found the burgers to be delicious every time. Plus 1/2 of drafts on Wednesday is fine by me. Hopefully the new menu will bring up the overall level of the food. My only quibble…4$ for a side of cole slaw??? Seriously? I better get the whole tub for 4$.

  • Can someone tell me where in DC the food isn’t just “meh” (without spending a $100 per person of course)? I’ve all but given up on eating out, and this bullshit of paying a 10% restaurant tax. Why do DC residents have to pay this? We should be exempt from it and let the tourists pay it.

    • If you are talking about bars, both The Passenger and Boundary Stone have very good food (worlds better than Lou’s, for certain) at the same price point as Lou’s, to pick just two examples.

      If you are looking, more broadly, for generally affordable (some of these more than others) “non-meh” food in Columbia Heights, you have Maple, Room 11, El Chucho’s, Paila Chilean, Redrocks, Pho 14, Pete’s, and Meridian Pint to choose from. They may not all be to your taste, but I’d be surprised if anyone disliked ALL of those places. And all offer food that is worlds better than what I tried at Lou’s (or Acre 121). Once you get into broader D.C., of course, the list becomes much larger.

  • I’m surprised by all the negative reviews. I’ve always had a good experience at Lou’s. I will definitely miss the beef tips and cheese appetizer!

  • I live in Highland Park, so Lou’s is super convenient and I end up there a good amount. I have tried a few things in the new menu and they are all pretty good. One think I have to say is, while good, the shrimp tacos are TINY and for 13 bucks you would expect more

  • Once again, a bar/restaurant misses an important market – vegetarians. Seriously, a grilled vegetable wrap is the best they can come up with? Look at places like Meridian Pint, DC Reynolds or Kangaroo Boxing Club for ideas for good, creative food that both vegetarians and omnivores would enjoy.

    • yup. dc has a huge number of vegetarians. some bars have figured this out. most have not.

    • Yeah … I don’t think that Lou’s is going for the same vibe as Meridian Pint. It’s a sports bar. How much vegetarian fare can you really demand?

      • They could have at least kept the veggie burger. I’m fine with the standard slimy grilled veg wrap but sometimes its nice to have more than one option. Sometimes I’m just really craving something on a bun smothered in ketchup.

        • Look a little closer, they still have a veggie burger and there’s an indication that several menu items have a vegetarian option available. It’s still not Sticky Fingers, but it looks to have fairly reasonable vegetarian options for a sports bar.

      • more than 3 items on a 26 item menu.
        and the proper verb is request, not demand. no one is demanding anything.

  • Maybe the folks at Lou’s will see thse comments and do something to revamp/freshen their menu. This place ought to be busy all the time, but it’s not. People in DC like a decent nosh with their pints.
    Do they carry Chocolate City and DC Brau? I’d be happy with Mama’s Yellow Pils.

  • whoa they need to dial down these prices a few bucks to make it a regulars place. 24 bucks for a wedge salad with a side of skirt steak?

  • The outside of this place is ugly as hell. That tent is disgusting.

    DC should outlaw tents on patios.

  • I actually used to like Lou’s, based on two positive experiences in the past. I went for a third time last weekend and tried the new menu. It was HORRIBLE. I had the fried chicken sandwich, which tasted like microwaves shit. The wings were pretty good though, so at least they didn’t fuck that up when “fixing” the menu. Service was worse than normal: there were only a couple tables full but it was nearly impossible to get drinks refilled. The idiot waitress was gabbing with the hostess an ignoring everyone, so evetually I had to walk up to the front to ask for my check. Lou’s could really be decent, too– how hard is it to serve beer, food that doesn’t taste like shit, and provide somewhat adequate levels of service?

  • Very excited to try the new menu! Thank you Lou’s for stepping it up for the new football season. You got the chef from Bourbon Steak? awesome….love that place.

  • how regularly do taps at tables get flushed out? seems like they could develop the funk pretty quickly.

  • I’m a regular — here’s the deal w/ the new menu:

    I tried the nachos — they are way improved. The wings and chili are improved too.

    I really like the Fried Chicken sandwich, giant meatball, Shrimp roll.

    Overall, a big improvement.

  • Lou's City Bar

    We have been operating with an updated menu for the past week, we hope you come in and try it. We have many new items such as a veggie burger and many dishes that can be prepared vegetarian. http://bit.ly/f21vqA Also, check out our NFL specials and live Redskins Preview show ,Friday September 7 at 7pm.

    • Yo, f**k Lou’s. Hands down the worst bar in the Co Heights area and my crew votes it one of the worst in the city! Sure…lots of TV’s. And that’s it. The food was always horrible. If we had to go there to catch a game we’d actually take turns going to Five Guys. The service sucks. The prices were too high (and looks like they still are), the patio area is stupid and they blast the volume, and yeah the management SUCKS!

      I give every place 2 chances, and actually gave Lou’s 3…but this place is bogus. It belongs in a strip mall in the mid-west.

      I’ll come back one more time to try new menu, but I’m not holding my bresth. This new menu looks as lame and overpriced as every other self-pretentious joint that thinks it’s the sh!t, when in actuality it’s the same-old, same-old.

  • The place has gotten a lot better. The Managers are helpful with getting the right sports on the TVs and will switch if you ask. The servers and bartenders are friendly but you do need to flag them down sometimes but overall service is far better than the early days.

    I’m looking forward to football and trying the tap tables.

  • I agree with most of the comments about Lou’s-the service is awful. I went in there once ordered a beer. They did not screw that up-so I ordered a french dip with no horseradish. After 45 minutes, I asked the bartender if they were killing the calf out back? It was dead in there-maybe all the patrons were out back watching them make the french dip? The bartender goes to the window-and another server tells him-“oh yea, that’s been sitting there for the past half hour” Awesome. So, to their credit they re-order it. He brings out another promptly, but it had horseradish on it and was soggy. I laughed-and the bartender asked what was funny. I told him I was laughing at how horrible Lou’s was-and that I even read all of the horrible reviews on Yelp and still tried it. Again, to their credit-they comped the meal and bought me another beer. I realized the three best things Lou’s has going for it: (1) plenty of TV’s and (2) nice plants out front that never need water and never lose their color, and (3) it’s pretty hard for them to screw up beer orders.

  • I went there yesterday with a group of 6 people to watch the Wisconsin game. In fact, I went there all last year as Lou’s is a Badger Bar.

    We had a great time. The food was good and it came out much quicker than last year. Another party was at the tap table but the bartender said they are getting more in a couple weeks. People tried various food items but the BBQ mac & cheese was my new favorite. Also, I tried the fish & chips which was excellent.

    Overall, the vibe was good (we won the game!) and everyone noticed improvemts over last year.

    • +1 Go Badgers!

      Also, everything is improved at Lou’s and the management is a great bunch. If you don’t like the bar, you can always not go. Lots of haterade in the comment section.

  • Pretty bummed to see the south philly roast pork sandwich on the menu. It’s always been one of my favorites when I’m home and I can’t imagine how bad Lou’s is going to mess that up. I’ve given this place many chances based on the convenience of the location. It’s a great place to watch games, the beer’s fine, the service is pretty horrible, and I thought the food wasn’t great. I would rather see them master the basics, like chicken tenders or wraps before they dive into this new menu. We’ll see.

  • Yeah, Roast Pork w Sharp Provolone and Broccoli Rabe at Tony Luc’s is great, but the new chef at Lou’s has an Italian name do give him a chance!

  • The new menu kinda makes me miss the old menu.

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