Little Serow Closed for Summer Break will Re-Open Sept. 5th

1511 17th Street, NW

Little Serow has opened to great acclaim at 1511 17th St, NW:

Little Serow (rhymes with arrow) serves a family-style dinner of northern and northeastern Thai dishes for $45 per person. We post the menu online each Tuesday.

Unfortunately, no menu substitutions are possible.

Walk-ins only; no reservations. When we are on a wait, we will send a text message when ready. We can only accommodate groups of four or fewer.

Looks like they’re taking a well deserved summer break:

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  • I’m desperate for them to do a vegetarian night. They made Bon Apetit’s top 10 list for new restaurants last month and I hear nothing but rave reviews of the food. Now if I could only convince them that there are enough vegetarians out there to make it worth their while…

    • I’ve also been wanting to go–if you can convince them to make that a vegan night, I’m in!

    • My girlfriend and I are mostly-vegetarians and would go if they had a vegetarian night. I’m sure there would be enough demand for it!

  • Good for them. I am so glad they get a break.

  • Wow!! I finally get to walk down 17th Street without having to dodge the line of customers who do not have enough sense/manners to stand to the side so pedestrians can get by.

  • I’ve only been once, but it ranks among my top-10 all-time meals. Amazing. The whiskey soaked ribs were pretty much the best thing I have ever eaten! That said, I would go if there was a vegetarian night.

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