Lime Fresh Has Ribbon Cutting, Opens Tomorrow (Wed.) in Columbia Heights

3100 14th Street, NW

From a press release:

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, the popular Florida-based fast-casual Mexican concept, will celebrate the opening of its first District location in Columbia Heights (there are two other locations in the metro area) with a ribbon cutting on Tuesday, August 28th with Mayor Gray. The South Beach bred concept has partnered with the Mayor and his team to utilize and promote his One City ● One Hire initiative, a program directed at putting DC residents back to work – Lime Columbia Heights has hired 30 DC residents for their team. The ribbon cutting also serves as a celebration of DC’s lowest unemployment rate in the last three and a half years.

Famous for its signature blend of fresh, mouth-watering Mexican dishes, dynamic ambiance, stylized interiors and scrupulous service, Lime was originally conceived in 2004 to complement the vibrant and food-conscious culture of South Beach. Lime has garnered a following from locals and celebrities alike, by serving Mexican-style cuisine using only the freshest ingredients, and charbroils on grills in an exhibition-style kitchen. Additionally, all locations feature a signature homemade salsa bar and 50 variations of hot sauces. Guests have the option of whole wheat, multi-grain or low-carb items, and everything on the menu has 0 Trans fat.

Columbia Height’s Lime Fresh Mexican Grill will officially open for business on Wednesday, August 29th and is located at 3100 14th Street NW, within the DC USA shopping center. Lime Fresh Mexican Grill is open from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. – 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday.

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  • This sounds like it was written by the Mayors PR staff and then handed to Lime Fresh for release.

    Oh, and “one city, one hire” has to be the most non-sensical slogan ever.

    • I dunno, the Lime Fresh PR-speak on display here (mouth-watering! dynamic!) is also pretty absurd. Hard to say who’s to blame.

  • DC residents hired at Lime? Looking forward to top notch customer service, just like Tasti D-Lite!

    The trash pile-up from this place should be fun as well.

    • Racist much???

      • Care to explain that one? The service sucks as Tasti and DC USA is a trash magnet.

        • Agreed. Trash abound. Theres zero chance that any place in Columbia Heights can be successful if they continue to hire the types of people that hang around the corner of 14th and Irving. They have no manners, and certainly dont respect their neighbors or their environment. My sense is its a cultural issue, but who knows. Im rooting for this place though, as it will be a nice alternative to Chipotle.

      • I guess its racist to expect businesses to hire employees with good customer service skills? Apologies then. Funny, I made no mention of race, but DCDude felt the need to bring it up. Interesting.

  • They are no different than any of the other places already available, except they don’t do substitutions. If you want different beans, you pay them to put different beans on, and still pay for the original. What kind of silly restaurant thinks they can succeed long term in a market where every one else is more customer friendly. Real flavor of the week stuff here.

  • Wish they would stop blasting music out onto the street!

  • The pretense of bing fancier than Chipotle, with the result being bland suburban strip mall Mexican.

  • Huh, I’d been thinking all this time that this was going to be some sort of restaurant, but apparently it’s going to be a “concept” instead.

  • This place is awesome and I’m pretty excited about it opening up in DC. Folks should give it a try before badmouthing it.

  • burritosinstereo

    If it’s as bad as the Pentagon City location, I’ll pass.

  • Walked in today thinking they were open. No signs said otherwise. Waited in ten minutes in line before someone told me it was a ‘friends and family’ only event. Kind of annoying.

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