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  • Does any bar in the city not have a “weekend brunch” now?

  • orderedchaos

    My only complaint: we need more places like The Heights that start breakfast/brunch earlier. I know 11 or 12 is the traditional start time for brunch, but sometimes it’s nice to wake up and just go eat, rather than having a pre-brunch snack and waiting until noon for a meal.

    Regardless, that’s a terrific-looking menu, and I’ll definitely check ’em out.

    • Not in Columbia Heights, but Eatonville at 14th and V starts their brunch at 9am, I think. Cashion’s and Mintwood in Adams Morgan both start at 10:30am.

    • Here, here. Seriously, some people have well behaved kids who are up at 6. Starting brunch at 11AM, might as well call it lunch. I was really hoping to check this place out (hello, bacon date jam, I’d divorce my spouse just to marry you) but I want to eat it earlier. Since they are located in a neighborhood jammed with young families hopefully they will try earlier hours…

    • in other words, a place you can have breakfast.

    • Agreeed! Both on the menu and the need for an earlier brunch. I get up early to walk the dog so to wait until 11 or noon to eat breakfast…

  • I really liked KBC the time I went. I pretty much had everything and it was all good with the exception of the bbq chicken, which tasted burnt.

    I do wish they had a “all u can” drinking option for brunch… hint hint. $8 bloodies won’t make it a regular brunch spot for me.

    • Ate there on Wed night, and was pleasantly surprised. The portions were generous, the meats were very tasty, and it all was fairly affordable considering I got a lunch out of the leftovers the next day.

      The chicken has a cocoa rub, which is probably why it tastes burnt to you – it’s a unique bitter taste. That said, it was the least favorite of the 4 meats we tried.

    • Thanks for the feedback on the chicken, guys. We are actually working to change it right now. As for the bloody marys, we also offer a regular $5 option and $4 mimosas. The KBC bloody is just a special one with a whole lot of other ingredients in it and a heck of a lot of flavor.

      Hopefully we’ll see ya this weekend!

    • **Update**
      Chocolate BBQ chicken has been nixed. We’re using our sweet bbq sauce with sautee’d onions & chopped andouille sausage. We know people really liked the Chocolate so maybe if anyone asks Trent might share the recipe…. might. 🙂

      As for the bloodies we’ve been experimenting with the recipe as well. Carrie created her “Bloody Mud Mix” today (as tasty as that sounds) and we’ll be adding that to 100% tomato juice. She spent a good long time making a batch today on her day off (about 2 or 3 hours) so I hope you come by to try it out. We’ll have a regular option (not sure how much yet) and a House Infused Vodka option for $8. The Vodka was infused with Garlic, Green Peppers & Basil and has been infusing on the bar’s top shelf for about a week now…. and I’d love to do and ‘all you can drink’ option. Hell, I love going to Wonderland, too! …but we’re a very small spot and I don’t have enough room in my storage to keep that kind of inventory. Climbing over the PBR to get to the dinner napkins is enough of a pain already. 🙂

  • So expensive; so sick of it.

    • Agreed, it’s not cheap, but I’d rather pay a little more for a decent meal if I’m going out for brunch than end up paying for someone to cook me crap.

      And I’m not being unsympathetic; I’ve been broke and bitter that I can’t afford brunch in DC before. But then we did did the old school trick: buy a dozen bagels from So’s Your Mom, pick up a few cartons of OJ, and invite 3 friends to come over with a bottle of champagne for mimosas and bagels on your roofdeck. Cheap and fun.

    • Really? I don’t think a $7-11 breakfast is that bad. Restaurants have to make money too! Sheesh. Don’t go to brunch at Lincoln, you’d have a coronary.

    • Expensive? I was think the complete opposite. Not sure how the food is, but seems incredibly inexpensive to me.

    • If it were any cheaper, they’d be paying you to come eat there. Good grief.

  • I tried KBC’s brunch during their soft opening, my third trip to eat there overall. I definitely recommend the Johnny Cakes, Veg n Egg, and their biscuits. The Stuffed French Toast looked delicious. We didn’t really taste the bacon in the jam, although the date flavor was great; the B&G was good but very, very heavy; and none of us thought our KBC bloody mary was good enough to finish…the infusion in the vodka was too overwhelming (the Derby’s bloodies are head and shoulders better). Overall, I think its great to have another option in the neighborhood, but I’ve found their food to be either lacking or overpriced for what you get.

    +1 on having more early morning weekend breakfast spots.

  • Great food, terrific service at a very reasonable price. What is not to like? I’ll take some more of that.

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