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  • I really enjoyed my trip to Pulpo. The sangria was great, as were the ribs and brussel sprouts. I highly recommend it. Good happy hour 2 for 1 as well…

  • Really great. The brussel sprouts were my favorite. The “pasta-less” ravioli was my least favorite – think a dollop of baby food

  • We had a mixed experience – at best. The service was wonderful, as were the mixed drinks. The food though was poor, and some of the hot dishes were served cold on the inside.

  • terrible name for what will certainly be another failed restaurant in one of the lamest neighborhoods in the district.

    • Okay I’ll bite… why is Cleveland Park “one of the lamest” neighborhoods in the District? I’d love to live there if I could afford a home…

    • “one of the lamest neighborhoods in the district.”
      And thus begins the eternal battle between the hipsters and those they view as old farts. Personally, I think any DC neighborhood that has easy access to the Metro, is relatively close-in, and is served by a number of decent sit down restaurants (Palena, Dino, Ardeo-Bardeo, etc) can’t be that lame.

      • Yes, it’s not the most exciting neighborhood in DC but it’s certainly not the worst. And it’s still much cooler than 99% of the US.

    • I’m also curious you think CP is “lame?” Not enough tourists or thugs for you?
      I really liked Pulpo – the paella was tasty, and the Sangria was really refreshing. And the decor and exposed brick walls were really cool.

    • If you’re looking for a real lame neighborhood in DC then maybe try Spring Valley or Colonial Village near the MD line. I think Cleveland Park, while not the hippest most happening hood in the city is still a fine place to live.

    • One of the dumber comments I’ve seen around here. When I first moved to DC after college Cleveland Park was the first neighborhood I lived in, in a group house on Macomb. It was awesome — 4Ps was 5 minutes away, along with the Uptown theater and other restaurants and bars. The post office came in handy and Metro was a 10 min walk, which placed you 2 stops from Dupont. Woodley Park and Adams Morgan weren’t far away either. Crime was a non-issue too.

      Actually a pretty fantastic place to live.

  • I love Cleveland Park. You have so many great restaurant options… Palena, Vace, Spices (cheap!), Ristorante Sorriso (underrated), Indique, Medium Rare (incredible value), Ardeo Bardeo, Dino (quintessential neighborhood restaurant), the Thai place, Lavandou (underrated), and Bylos Deli. There are even some acceptable bar options- I like the new St. Arnold’s, Atomic Billiards, and Nanny O’Brien’s.

    And no- I don’t live there, nor have I ever. But I do love that neighborhood.

  • See, I said “one of the lamest in the district” not “unsafe”, “metro inaccessible”, “devoid of restaurants”, or “lamest place in the US”. I lived here for a year when I first moved to DC and forever thankful that I left that enclave.

    To respond generally to all of you:
    1.) If one of the first things you mention in response to the neighborhood being lame is that, “No dude, it has a post office!”, I think you’ve done wonders to prove my point.
    2.) Atomic Billiards is not cool, was never cool, and never will be a cool place to hang out. You get fake dive accomodations at CP prices.
    3.) If you’re paying those prices for rent or for purchase, I’d expect that you get, at the very least, a few decent restaurants to eat at.
    4.) The tourists are everywhere there, it’s the alternate stop for the zoo for tourists in the “know.” They used to ask me where the “Mac-Donald’s” went all the time. It’s hideous.
    5.) What do you mean by “not enough thugs” for me?
    6.) None of you even mentioned the Italian Deli, which is one of the better things there. Fail.
    7.) The Uptown is a great theater that often plays awful movies. When movies like Twilight opens, you may as well evacuate the neighborhood or contemplate suicide.
    8.) Proximity to Woodley Park will never make you cool. Woodley Park is even lamer and filled with even worse restaurants.
    9.) 4P’s is a terrible bar, even worse than Atomic Billiards.
    10.) Nanny’s is one of the best irish bars in the DC area (not really that good of a qualifier, it’s competing with what, Jame Hoban, 4P’s, and 4 Courts? All of those are awful.)

    So, I pay 450 – 550k for a tiny place there and I get what? A DC italian deli that doesn’t even have real italians working there, an irish pub, a movie theater that shows every Spy Kids movie ever made, tourists looking for the zoo, and a freaking post office. SWEET.

    Again, one of the lamest neighborhoods in the District. Obviously, it’s still better than anything coated Orange in Arlington.

    • You do make some valid points….

    • Yeah, my realtor was trying to push us towards Cleveland Park because it was in our price range, but we weren’t interested for the reasons you mentioned and because the location would have created a horrible commute for both of us.

    • I’m not sure the point of bashing a neighborhood. In particular with a useless word like ‘lame’. Everyone looks for something different in a place to live, so really, to each his own. Maybe i think sitting on PoP bashing a neighborhood and anyone who lives there is pretty lame.

      • Exactly. A lot of the houses I saw in Capitol Hill were being sold by people whose were moving to CP because their kids were approaching school age. It sounds like that’s the ideal location for them.

    • Possibly one of the dumbest rants I’ve ever read on PoP. The infantile attacks on Cleveland Park that occur regularly around here make no sense. They says more about the ranters than about the subject.

      • They “say,” not “says.”

        • I don’t know, I think every neighborhood gets regularly attacked on this blog. Let’s face it, no neighborhood is perfect. Either it’s too edgy, or too yuppie, or too expensive, or it has too much crime, or it’s boring.

          • You’re right, but there’s a difference. This post has nothing to do with Cleveland Park. It’s about a restaurant. But it still attracted a screed about the neighborhood. There’ve more of a debate with places like H Street, Columbia Heights, Bloomingdale, etc. those ‘hoods have their over-exuberant cheerleaders and over-pessimistic detractors, but this thread is one of the few involving Cleveland Park (or just about any neighborhood west of the park) that is not a veritable hatefest.

        • Oh look everyone, the resident troll is chiming in with more words of wisdom.

      • Did I say the people were lame? I don’t recall doing that. I said the neighborhood was lame, which it is. It doesn’t feel like it has much culture, nor seem to have ever really had any. It served a purpose when there weren’t many safe places in the city and options were limited. That time has passed and it no longer reflects reality, based instead on legacy white fear. Forgive me for disliking overpriced, contrived places leaching the petite bourgeoise (and similarly disliking those who foster such places).
        Of course it’s safer here and the schools are better: it’s expensive. That doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s just not remotely interesting, nor will ever be. It can’t be by design.

        So enjoy the below average Mexican restaurant and Cleveland Park bar and grill, since you can no longer enjoy the tackle box, the cereal store, and other gimmicky joints that opened up and promptly closed, because they offer below quality products/services at high costs. Continue propping these places up by attending every new opening, claiming its decent, but knowing otherwise because you never return and it closes down. So the cycle goes.

        Forgive me for wanting more from our city in terms of culture. We pay premium prices and often receive junk in return. I’m only trying to help.

        • While I’d never choose to live there as a single person, I can see the attraction if I had kids. I like the houses in the area (as do many others obviously given the real estate prices).

        • Okay, I’ll bite, what DC neighborhoods have “culture,” and how would you describe that culture?

          • Neighborhoods where bookstores will freely play go go music at a go go-related event, even if some of the white patrons find it offensive.

      • thebear

        Dupont gets dissed as much as CP. Every single one of the dissers is an obnoxious, self-important, “I’m too busy texting or live-blogging to be bothered with anything that is not all about me and what I like at the moment” type. Some twit not long ago was ranting about how “all you old people over in Dupont make it impossible to have a good time out at night” because we keep nuking stealth nightclubs. Too. F*in. Bad. Not everyone is a self-centered, ignorant, moron who is so dumb they will pay an outrageous rent or mortgage for a poorly-constructed “luxury” building for the imagined status and then never actually spend time at home. More power to you if you don’t need a good night’s sleep, and can blow all your money eating out and drinking every night. There, however, are far more people in this city who want to enjoy our homes and our neighborhoods, and don’t need raucous nightclubs and bars every 5′ to do so. If you don’t like our neighborhoods, then simply STFU and stay away. Sooner or later, if they don’t meet Jesus from texting while driving before, they’ll outgrow their already age-inappropriate college town ignorance and long to live somewhere quieter and more relaxed that they can get a good night’s sleep. They might even actually do some real work instead of just bitching about how their job sucks on PoP and Facebook all day long.

    • Welcome to the District. The whole place can be lame. I don’t know where you live or what you’re comparing CP to in the city?

  • the white sangria there is great. the food is good, but the price adds up fast like most tapas places. I would love to go back, but the price is what will keep me away. for a part of 2, we got 2 drinks and 7 small plates = $95. the wait staff is attentive, friendly, and know all about the food and drinks

    • Those prices sound even worse than most tapas places.

      • Couldn’t agree more, but damn near every place that opens up on this city is overpriced tapas. Brussel sprouts are in these days, kids. Get used to them.

  • The brunch is $25 all you can drink/eat fro 2 hours. Great menu. I have not had a dish I haven’t liked.

  • It’s overpriced- shocker! Everyone who posts on here says every restaurant in DC is overpriced! If it’s not $2PBRs and tater tots it’s overpriced. Oh but in that case the food sucks. Pulpo is a great addition to the neighborhood- have had a good experience with food and drink there.

    • Not every restaurant in dc is overpriced; don’t be an amateur. The average restaurant is overpriced, not in terms of its actual cost, but what you get for the money. The few actual top end restaurants in this city are priced appropriately. Most of them charge an okay price, but serve incredibly lackluster food. See most places in eastern market, dupont, and on u street.


  • Personally, I think the now-defunct cereal restaurant deserves its own rant.

  • As someone who lives in Cleveland Park, I’m OK with haters because then I don’t have to deal with them and they can go clog up other places. Also, Atomic has free pool for happy hour. Pretty hard to complain about that.

    • Seriously. Self-selection is a gift. If you think Petworth is “ghetto”, I’m not going to try to convince you to think otherwise.

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