J Crew Opens Today in Penn Quarter

950 F Street, NW

From an email:

J. Crew Opening Wednesday, August 1

On Opening Day

Receive a special gift with a purchase of $250 or more while supplies last

Monday — Thursday, 10:00am — 8:00pm
Friday & Saturday, 10:00am — 9:00pm
Sunday, noon — 6:00pm

J. Crew
950 F Street, NW

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  • Is the address really “950”? I walked by there the other day and it seemed to be opening in the old 930 club building, the Atlantic building, which is of course at 930 F Street. So strange to have a J Crew there…

    • Yup…it’s the Atlantic Building.

      Not that there’s much chance I’d shop in a J Crew…but the idea of buying overpriced jeans in the same location that I once saw Man or Astroman! just makes me want to puke.

    • I was wondering the same thing when I walked by the place. It was definitely the old Atlantic Building on 930F Street. Just curious how they can go about changing the street address.

      • For what it’s worth the Atlantic Building was demolished except for the facade and the lot it occupied was combined with probably two or three other lots so, while I miss the 9:30 Club days I can take some comfort in knowing that the physical space we knew as the club is completely gone and will not be the stomping ground of docksiders and chinos.

  • this is the seventh sign of the apocalypse! 930 Club turned J Crew.

  • Fantastic! What a great store – glad to have it near by.

  • lotta competition in the men’s retail space. J. Crew’s a minor threat compared to some of the other players.

    • Yeah, I saw Minor Threat open for Dismemberment Plan at the old 930 Club as well. Good times.

      • uh, Minor Threat broke up in 1983, dismemberment plan didn’t form until the 90s.

        • Yeah… but after concerts in the old 9:30, who can really remember who they heard or what it sounded like (my ears would often ring for days). :- )

  • while I personally don’t shop at J Crew, I think it’s great that retail like this is moving in to the city solely because there’s not enough clothing retail downtown (H&M and Forever 21 are total shit, sorry). I don’t WANT to have to go to a Mall or Virginia. I’d like to shop in DC and if there’s a good concentration around Metro Center station, I think a lot of weekend foot traffic would start.

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