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  • i love that whole block, the houses and their facades on that one block between 19th and 18th Streets on Kenyon are simply beautiful!

  • I lived across the street from this house for years and behind it before that. It used to be eight apartments, and the owner before this one gutted the whole thing and made it into a lovely home, even removing the floor on one level so that the second floor opens up to the top level. He handmade the ornate plaster crown to patch in places where pieces had broken off and did other creative things. It is a marvel.

  • That’s my neighbor! Beautiful homes in the area, but especially the “odd” side of the 1700-1900 blocks. I like to refer to them as East Egg. Just a nicer side of the block to look at.

  • It is a great block, but that house really stands out. The owner had new stucco applied and the house always looks great. I have never been in the house, but the outside is a real tribute to historic Mount Pleasant.

  • I live up the street and agree, that whole block is beautiful. And rather unique too…. good gardens, rather unique Dutch-like houses, not too pretentious. Only trouble is I never see anyone using them. Kind of quiet and borderline desolate. One garden is full of lavendar and attracts bees, which I enjoy watching when I am on a strolll this time of year.

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