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  • Let’s turn that baby into some high rent loft-style apartments with exposed ductwork! Really nowhere in DC where you can find that style of housing.

    • Actually developers are trending away from exposed ductwork (at least for condos, not sure about rentals) because that trend has fallen out of favor with consumers and those currently out there with exposed ductwork are doing poorly in resale. Although I kind of like the look personally, I do agree that’s it’s gone a bit overboard as of late.

  • That was such a great space to spend an afternoon. I’m sure it’s on the verge of collapse since they ripped out all of the floors and walls and started to dug out the basement and never finished… however many years ago.

  • I used to live next door in Adams Row and it was such an eyesore. It and the empty parking lot next to it attracted an unfortunate element. That, plus the affordable housing on the other side of the building were my reasons for selling.

    How has this not yet been developed?

  • This used to be the Brass Knob’s (on 18 street) plumbing outlet. Do they still own it??

    I have a feeling that it has deteriorated so badly that it will be a teardown, and another Bauhaus monstrosity built there.


  • Can we please stop hating on affordable housing. I am an entry-level government employee with a Masters degree and I live in affordable housing. Please educate yourself before bashing a helpful resource for those of us who don’t make $150,000 and waste it on $4,000 a month rent (which would be the equivalent of a monthly mortgage payment on a $1 million home btw). K thanks.

  • Yes, sorry, people have become a bit too polite – calling it “affordable housing” when what we really mean is – housing that is mostly intractable long-term sequestering of multi-generaltional public assistance families with no interest in education, advancement or improvement, and a general tolerance for, if not outright embrasure of, crime and general mayhem.

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