Happy 8th Anniversary to the Wonderland Ballroom

Photo by PoPville flickr user scottahb

The Wonderland Ballroom is located at 1101 Kenyon St, NW. Love ’em or hate ’em – there is no debate that they have played a huge roll in the renaissance of 11th Street in Columbia Heights. Personally, I love them and wish them many more years of good times. Happy Birthday Wonderland!

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  • 8 years?! I was there when they opened and to think that it’s been 8 years makes me feel old. I probably could’ve bought a house about a block from there for less than $300k back then.

    • You probably could have.

      Now they are apparently selling for 1.2 million a block from there. Pull up 1114 Lamont St NW on redfin. Crazy

      • exaggerate much? $1.2 million is still pretty rare for that neighborhood.

        • You obviously haven’t pulled up redfin yet then have you. Look at the sales the past 12 months in that area. You will find a host of million plus sales, and a bunch more in the 800K to one million range. There are 3 condos within 3 blocks that have sold units for 720K plus.

          • so i’ve gone and looked and see maybe one place within a few blocks that sold for 1.2 million in the last 12 months. sure, there may be lots selling for 800 to 1 million, but you said 1.2

    • Only 8 years? Actually makes me feel pretty young! I had forgotten I was still successfully debauching so well into middle age! Congratulations to Matt and Rose!

  • My old band was the very first to play there. Back then, the bar was still taking shape. The upstairs was filled with comfy furniture and there was a regular happy hour for parents with young children. I don’t think the owners anticipated what the Wonderland would become, although I think they’re happy about it. They poured a ton of money and their own sweat to create the place and, at the time, it seemed like a big gamble.

  • Thanks Matt and Rose for years of great hosting and revitalization in our neighborhoods! I remember my first nighttime walk to 11th Street and Wonderland with a group of friends ranging far outside our usual Adams Morgan/Mt. Pleasant rut (and noticing the houses on Kenyon that had already had their gardens fantastically upgraded.) So much has changed on 11th since then and I’m quite sure that Wonderland had a lot to do with our eventual move to Petworth. I have also enjoyed attending Columbia Heights Day with my kids. A toast to you two and wishing continued happiness and success.

  • Love them or hate them, their Monday night trivia remains the best in DC after many years

  • I have spent many nights sweating perfusely on the dancefloor there… Even DJ’ed there once long ago… I miss the old days, but hope they managed to upgrade their A/C for the hot DC summers!

  • Still love Wonderland, though I definitely miss live music on the patio on Sundays and Staropramen frequenting the tap list.

  • Remember, folks, there was history there before Wonderland came to exist. Look up “Nob Hill,” and don’t forget its singularly important history in the city.

  • met my fiance there right after it opened… so it’ll be 8 years at the end of this month. love at the wonderland!

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