Good Deal or Not? “Private Brazilian Ipe Rooftop terrace” edition

This condo is located at 1341 Irving St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Manhattan meets NW –BRAND NEW 2bed/2bath in boutique 4 unit building 200 ft from metro. Finishes unlike any other in DC. Over-sized Master Bathrooms featuring Italian porcelain tile. Imported 8 inch plank floors. Custom Milled Italian Cabinets w/ Silestone tops. 300 sqft Private Brazilian Ipe Rooftop terrace. Bosch SS appliances. Parking Included on sight. Walk to grocery/shops”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $589,000 ($259 monthly condo fee.)

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  • It’s very pretty. I think it’s a decent deal if it includes the parking.

  • “Finishes unlike anything that might have even a remote chance of being popular 5 years from now.”

    …oh and it likes you’ll need Windex by the gallon.

  • The interior finishes aren’t my taste personally, too pricey for a condo (we’d just never spend that on a condo), and “200 ft from metro” would be a big deterrent, but a private roof deck (photos?), Bosch appliances, parking, and low monthly fee make it an attractive option.

  • Love the sleek, clean finishes. The back of the place looks like something you’d see in San Francisco.

    I can imagine mixing up many martinis there. I don’t think I’d get any work done though… there’d always be cocktails and cute boys around a place like that.

    I live in the Allegro now (for better or worse) and this is the first place I’ve seen that I really like.

  • Interesting contemporary reno, but judging from the window A/C unit in the building next door, it’s a little bit ahead of it’s time and price for the area… Appliances and finishes altogether would only contribute $70k max to the renovation project, they lose value through wear and tear. If the apartment was finished in a much more simple manner it would probably only be worth $250k – Only worth around $400k in my opinion, final offer.

  • Wow. That’s really beautiful, and it’s big, assuming the listed square footage is accurate. I think it’s a good deal. Needs more pictures, though. I’d like to see the terrace and the bedrooms, at the very least.

  • I wish there were more pictures of this one.

  • I wish there were more pictures of the kitchen.

  • Looks pretty spiffy, and seems like a good price if it includes a *dedicated* parking space.

    That said, would like to see the bedroom pics.

    • Also, too bad they didn’t manage to combine the blue townhouse to the left as they did the one on the right side of what appears to be this two-unit building. A three-across floor-thru could be pretty cool.

      • I don’t think it’s combined with the rowhous next door – the exterior finishes are just similar. These are 4 1 level 2 BR 2 Bath condos in one building.

  • These may be stock photos, as the building isn’t finished yet (though maybe they finished one unit).

    And Jack5 – please let me, and everyone else, know where you can find a new 2 BR, 2 bath condo in Columbia Heights. I’m looking for investment opportunities.

  • You can see pictures of bedrooms by clicking the “listing” link.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    I have a feeling that the pictures are from one of the upper floor units since there are stairs going down. I am pretty sure unit A is the basement level unit (it is the cheapest on redfin). All the units are listed with the same photos (although some of the other units have more pictures, including the bedrooms and the roof deck). 590k is pretty pricey to live in a basement…

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Also, each unit lists the 300 sq. ft. roof as a perk, but the penthouse lists the 300 sq. ft roof as private, so unless there are two separate 300 sq. ft. something isn’t right.

  • I live across from this place. This was a total gut job and the developer, two young guys from what I can tell, has done a nice job. The rooftop deck is shared so everyone who wants to use is has to go up those stairs.

    This was a controversial project in the neighborhood because the addition takes up the entire footprint of the property. All other houses in the neighborhood have spaces between them.

    The developer successfully got permission to do this from two different DC Gov. departments despite overwhelming opposition from the neighbors. His lawyers argued that he had to have this exemption because of financial hardship: without it, the project would not be profitable because the house was in such bad shape. Nobody but the DC government bought that garbage.

    The property owner is partly responsible for the lousy shape of the building prior to redevelopment since he/she left the house totally unsecured. It became a magnet for teen parties, drug users, etc. Numerous fires were lit in the house. It was a nightmare for the neighbors. At least it looks good now, though a bit to swank for my taste.

    • “All other houses in the neighborhood have spaces between them.”

      Whatever are you talking about? That entire street is rowhouses – there are no spaces between them, unless you count the alley near 13th, and the apartment building near the metro.

      Are you sure you are talking about the right renovation? Or just posting random nonsense?

      • I live on the same block – all of the houses attach in front, but about 1/2 way back they become narrower and have about 4-6 ft between the houses for the rest of the building. And all have a small back yard. This doesn’t have either of those.

      • I was thinking that too – (I live across the street.) They did probably mean the back addition – which is pretty awful. Maybe 12 feet wide, with no windows on the sides. This listing looks like the basement unit – the upper floors have been listed close to $800,000. It is 4 units, and unless everyone drives a Mini Cooper, I don’t see 4 parking spaces in the back.

        Good things are that the blue house – while a bit worn – is occupied by nice people. All the surrounding rowhouses are non-troublesome – in fact no bad houses on the block.

        The shiny bright Danish Airport style is not to my taste, and it seems way way overpriced, but I’ll be a nice neighbor to whoever buys it.

    • i think he meant behind the house, not on the sides.

      • yes, whatever that indentation in the back of the houses is called to allow light and air in – and often a fire escape. In any event, no other property occupies the entire property from one side to the next after the back wall. This is the first property to do that and it sets a bummer of a precedent.

        • Actually, a house fronting Kenyon street, almost directly across the alley from this one, was the first to build a horrid skinny window-less extension in the rear like this several years ago. A ghastly but probably inevitable trend.

  • Not too shabby.

    Buy old house in Feb for 550K, spend $250K carving it up into 4 condos and then collectively list said condos for 3 million dollars.

    Money in 800K, money out ~3 million (won’t get full price on a couple of those units but close).

    Profit 2.2 million for 7 months worth of work.

  • I saw this place last weekend. The unit in this listing ($589,000) is for the basement. The pictures shown are of staged penthouse, that is priced at $799,000. The penthouse has private access to the roofdeck and includes parking. None of the other three units include outdoor space and the unit directly below the penthouse has the one other parking space worked into the price. I did think that this was very well done, but not worth $799,000.

    • That is such a let down. And that’s way too expensive.

      • When sequestration hits on January 1 there’s going to be a ton of contractors losing their jobs and real estate is going to take a big hit in DC. This city never had the big drop that was experienced in the rest of the country from 2007 to now. A lot of DC homeowners are going to be underwater this time next year.

        The GOP was crazy enough to let the credit score get dinged and I think they’ll be willing to let the cuts take effect.

  • Not sure I’d be so keen on the spiral staircase winding up the outside of the building and stopping on every level with it’s door and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Burglars’ dream, maybe?

    • I think the base of the staircase will be closed off behind a gate. The weird thing will be walking from the ground up a couple stories and going past your neighbors.

  • Is nobody confused by the “manhattan meets nw” headline? how on earth is this anything like manhattan? has the poster ever been to new york? people are idiots.

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