Good Deal or Not? “old world charm” edition (reader request)

This house is located at 2726 P St, NW:

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The listing says:

“This is a true Georgetown Gem. Historically significant home is filled with old world charm and smartly renovated for today’s living. Many original features remain with wide plank pine floors, beamed ceiling, and wood- burning fireplace. There is a sweet, private patio and that hard to fine ONE CAR PARKING!”

You can see a virtual tour here.

The reader writes: “It has a crazy decoration and it is probably the narrowest rowhouse in DC.”

This 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $729,900.

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  • So charming. I love the aristocratic decor, all riding boots and hunting mementos and leather. Is that a fox in the living room?

  • Is this staged or do people really live like that?

  • Lemme guess, this house is owned by a family who went to a talent agent and said,”We have an act”…

  • This is the house I see in my nightmares.

  • Wow. I wonder if this house was decorated this way by the owner, or is this a realtor’s staging gone horribly wrong? It is cluttered almost to the point of hoarding.

    Cute little house though. It has a lot of potential for a single person (once the clutter is cleared and you can walk though it). Pricey, but it is Georgetown. Decent deal.

  • Cute house. It will be even better with appropriately-sized furniture. Yowza!

  • I looked at this house 4 years ago when it was listed for $549K, and I thought it was too expensive then– for a 1 BR. But, if you can get over the claustrophobia, it’s a really cool house.

  • The decor is nutty and definitely staged. See the totally non-WASPy crucifix in the bedroom? (Or maybe they’re just huge Brideshead Revisited fans…)

    That said, the kitchen is pretty fantastic. Somebody sane could make that little place look good. Though I don’t know who would drop that kind of cash on a 1-bedroom. Maybe affluent empty-nesters looking for a pied-a-terre in a prestigious locale? (Hire me to write your copy, brokers!)

  • That is pretty crazy. I don’t think it could be *completely* staged, because surely no stager would be going for such a niche-appeal look… but obviously some stager is buying into the whole concept and adding to it, like with the animal-print towels folded across the toilet and the riding boots next to the sofa.

    • I could see the niche decor being in an occasionally used house. Like maybe the owners are in DC a handful of weekends a month and want to be reminded of their country house.

  • Aglets

    I love they have a picture of the house on the inside of the front door. The decor made me laugh- my first thought was an ‘antique’ importer gone awry

    I think it’s really charming ‘tho

  • This house was on the Georgetown House Tour a few years ago and yes, the decor was the same and the house was quite liveable. The only thing that freaked me out were the stairs. They are beyond steep and narrow.

  • A competent stager would not let this house go on the market looking like this. So it may not be staged at all, or it may simply be incompetently staged.

    The plan is pretty awkward and pretty impossible to use as a space for entertaining, but it sure is unique and architecturally significant.

  • It’s cute, but so narrow! It looks like 12 Grimmauld Place in Harry Potter.

  • I don’t get the feeling it’s staged at all – rather, it’s how a couple people live (obv they like oversized furniture, animal prints & deer heads on walls). Love the chocolate brown living room paint, and that kitchen sink has me drooling!

  • The Miata parked out back was a bit of a let-down.

  • I would be willing to trade all 3 of my children for one of those pier tables.

  • In my head, this is what the inside of all houses in Georgetown look like

  • Dear god – please tell me it’s being sold UNfurnished. I would pay above asking to guarantee it’s unfurnished. Someone needs to buy that innocent little house and free it from all that cr*p.

  • I don’t think it’s staged at all. For those who have ever been to Ladew Gardens north of Baltimore, it totally reminds me of Harvery Ladew.

  • Is this a “spite house”?

  • it is not staged and it is not a good deal. it has been on the market for 4 months already without a buyer. that says it all.

  • Kind of sad. This kind of furniture and animal heads were in the Fugger/Palfy (German and Hungarian aristocrats) fortress/palace, Cerveny Kamen, in Eastern Slovakia. The decor looked correct there, because the rooms were huge and multitudinous.

    However, in a tiny Georgetown house (I think this is in “Fishtown” which was originally the free-black section of Georgetown) simpler, smaller-scale stuff would be more appropriate. The realtor should make them store some of the more ostentations stuff, like the big Asian pots. the animal heads, and the big pot-bellied French furniture.

    Price is still too high for a 1 BR/1 Bath house, even in Georgetown. Most people who want that small a pied’ a terre, and can spend that kind of money, don’t want the maintenance of a 200 year-old house.

    To sell it, dramatically reduct the clutter, and drop the price signifcantly.

  • That’s a great deal I have to say. I love the entrance and the window in the 2nd floor.

  • Well there’s 729,000 reasons not live in Georgetown.

  • weird vibes and parking illegal – no possible turning ratio — the miatta never goes in and out and comes with its permanent parking.

  • Holy shit, and I thought my house was small!! This one wins.

  • People really live like this….the owner is the Director of Merchandising for Ralph Lauren…….I think it’s a brilliant use of space and materials…

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