Good Deal or Not? “New Orleans style double rear balcony” edition

This house is located at 629 Quincy Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Excellent Opportunity! Estate Sale, sold “as-is”, but home is in good condition, with some recent updates and upgrades More to be done, but home is priced accordingly, to allow for buyer’s personal preferences! So much to work with..large spacious light filled rooms, English bsmt suitable for au pair suite, high ceilings, hardwoods, New Orleans style double rear balcony overlooking private garden”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $480,000.

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  • Very good deal. It looks livable from the photos. Assuming it just needs cosmetic updates this should go fast.

  • I’ll bet this place goes for over 500K.

    • You’ll be able to stand on the roof of this place and spit to a brand new Safeway or a metro station. This could be the last town homes in NW DC to ever sell for under $500,000 that’s this close to a grocery and metro.

  • Please, please please, let it go for over 500K. Quickly!

    • The place at the corner of Park Pl & Quebec was an estate sale, listed around 445K and went for something like 535K. Given the basement rental possibility on this one, I can see something similar happening.

  • where is the New Orleans style?

  • The type of person that would pay this type of money for this house will def be upgrading the property so at the end of the day this is going to run someone over $600k total (if it sells for more tha $500k)…def not worth that much money. The renovated property on 7th and Taylor at $569k seems like a better deal.

    • Not saying you’re wrong in your calculations but there are other people out there like me. When I bought my house I didn’t have a lot of money but I had skills and knew that with time I could upgrade it. And upgrade I have… for example, I spent $2,500 on materials for waterproofing my basement. Would have cost me $10,000-$12,000 to pay someone to do that so I saved $7,500+. I replumbed my house for $700 in pipe and fittings. That project easily would have been $5K had I hired a plumber. You pay one way or another though – these projects take a lot of time but I enjoy doing that stuff.

      • I dont doubt that there are do-it-yourselfers out there who have the skills to upgrade certain things on their own. But I do doubt that there is a large contingent of ppl paying $500k for a home that are going to be rolling their sleeves up to the extent that youre speaking of. For $500k, you would expect something thats either renovated or has some charm (this place appears to be lacking in both departments). I just dont see the value of this home appreciating much more than the final price you pay after upgrading (whether it be on your own or thru renovation).

    • The house at 7th & Taylor had been renovated in the last decade but from the photos had some issues that needed fixing. It’s in a great location though (I personally would always pick a house for a lower price that’s basically great but needs some touching up). The new renovations on the 700 block of Taylor and 700 block of Upshur are all going over $600K, and a few have gone for more than $630K.

      • Sorry, I meant new renovations on 700 block of Shepherd and 700 block of Taylor (not Upshur). There are also recent very nice renovations on NH Ave at Taylor, NH near Grant Circle, on the 500 block of Taylor and on the 4000 block of 5th St NW. Those are the best totally new renovations that I’ve seen.

  • Bring it on! This neighborhood is long overdue for an overhaul. Its happening slowly but surely but some of us are anxious to anxious to see the pace quickened. Hopefully, rising home prices will translate into greater community involvement, better restaurants (the DK buildings are still largely empty), and an overall greater quality of life. It’s time!

  • Following this site for some time has got me thinking about moving to Petworth (currently renting over in the Palisades and cannot afford to buy there by a long shot). Given the block by block knowledge of the posters in the comments section, I assume most of you live in the neighborhood. Are there any places I definitely should and should not look at houses? When I rented in Adams Morgan (before husband and child) I could have given someone the same advice since all blocks are not alike there. Just looking for some honest advice.

    • I’ve lived in Petworth for 7 years. In my opinion the best part of the neighborhood is east of Georgia Ave, at Upshur St NW or south (for a quick walk to the metro if that’s important to you). The triangle bounded by Upshur to the north, GA Ave to the west and NH Ave to the east is great and close to everything – Yes, Domku, Farmer’s Market, future new Safeway, other restaurants.

    • I can vouch for the 600-700 blocks of Princeton, Quebec, and Rock Creek Church (north Park View). They are pretty quiet (tho I wouldn’t want to be right on Georgia).

    • If I were looking to buy, I’d look for something south of Webster, closer to but not on Georgia. Norther Park View (Park Rd North) is nice, even considering the recent homicide at Park & GA Ave. There are some nice houses in the southern part of Park View, but that’s a little far from Metrorail and the new Safeway for my tastes.

      • parkview is great. we are at Warder/Princeton. The blocks further south start to get a bit sketchier but even those houses are sellling quickly. Seems like shells that need a full gut are around 300-350k south of us. A house adjacent to the Park Morton Housing Projects just went for over 500k. Our neighbors are all very nice and there seems to be a real kid explosion around our blocks, especially on Princeton and Quebec which is great to see. I think of a lot couples or couples with young families are just priced out of Columbia Heights (we were, we bid on a house in CH thats smaller than where we are now and it cost 100k more. So glad we didn’t get it) and are “discovering” Petworth/parkview. Close to metro, several newly renovated rec centers, quiet tree lined streets, new grocery store coming, new restaurants/bars coming to GA avenue and hopefully one day the streetcar on GA avenue.

    • Really, really helpful…thank you for the replies! I think it says something that there is a lot of passion for the neighborhood.

      • I bought on Taylor for $150k under budget and got parking, a backyard, beautiful home with room for guests and my dog and a huge deck. I have lived in DuPont and CH and Petworth is by far a better community. It’s been a year and I know many of the neighbors, everyone greets you with a smile and acknowledges your presence. I’ve never had an issue with crime and I walk my dog everyday feeling safe. My only problem is that there tends to be some frequent littering, but nothing you can’t handle by rolling up your sleeves and picking up. Oh, the 12% appreciation doesn’t hurt either.

    • If you have the money, I would advise buying south of Crittenden. Not only are you getting further away from the metro (12 minutes minimum already to Crittenden), plus, there are still some problem houses up that way and a bit more crime. Pretty much anywhere south of Crittenden, between Georgia and 5th St., are okay by me. That’s just my opinion, but it is based on LOTS of walking around the neighborhood.

  • Super cute, seems like a good deal. I would need a garage to build stuff to do home improvements, and I’m also a light sleeper so having the bus lines on both 7th and Quincy might be too much for me.

    But for someone else, sounds like a great deal unless there are structural issues, overly-calcified pipes and rotted cloth wire casings.

  • Great deal. Buy this house now and live in it. Don’t let the developers ruin it. Oh, and keep the radiators!

    To anonymous 3:07, I live three houses from 14th St. and am not bothered so much by the buses like I thought I might be. You probably would get used to it.

  • Too bad there are no photos of the bedrooms or bathrooms.

    I thought this might be priced somewhat high… but from what others have said below, maybe it isn’t. And if so, as a resident of northern Park View, I say so much the better!

  • The house seems fine but I have no au pair, so need for a potential au pair suite HOWEVER I would buy the dining room furniture in a heartbeat.

  • A newly-renovated house recently went on the market for $599K a block south of this one and quickly went under contract (don’t know the contract price).

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