Good Deal or Not? “Large end unit” edition

This house is located at 1328 F Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“One of a kind Large end unit! Completly renovated. Ideally located on Capitol Hill! Close to H street, Eastern Market, Union Station, Parks. 4 BD 3,5 Bth; Knockout chef’s kitchen, granite countertops, high-end SS appliances, pantry; living-dining combo complete with fireplace and HDTV ready hook ups.Ample closet space. 1 BD in-law suite with high ceilings in the Bsmt. Secured parking space; Deck.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $779,000.

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  • For that price I’d at least expect a full kitchen in the basement… The railings on the steps are a little bit weird looking to me as well, kind of nautical in nature. Looks like the house is in good condition though.

  • Good deal if you’re willing to do the basement as a gray market rental…

  • I have no comment on the price, but the term “chef’s kitchen” is grossly overused. This place has a really nice kitchen, but nothing about it makes it particularly chef-worthy. I’d expect at least two ovens, a warming drawer, or something to make it more than just a purely conventional kitchen with nice finishes.

  • I looked at this place a year ago before it was flipped. It wasn’t too bad then, but in the meantime I did see it a few months ago when it was down to the studs. They were looking for $400k then. It looks like a decent flip job, they probably put in ~$175K, still a nice profit.

    However those kitchen cabinets are horrid.

  • who cares if it is an end unit, when you don’t get light on 3 sides. Also looks like there is a vacant lot next door. Might not be an “end unit” for long.

  • talula

    Does anyone know what that weird box-like thing is on the wall underneath the TV in the living room? Something to do with “HDTV ready hookups?”

  • It looks to me as if the door from the basement suite enters through the bedroom. Correct? If so, that’s creepy.

    • I don’t think that’s correct. What are you looking at? The door to the basement suite is in the living room, according to the floor plans.

    • The front door opens through the living room/”rec room,” but the back door appears to open directly into the bedroom/”office.”

  • Two of those bedrooms don’t look big enough for a full size bed. Interior looks nice so unclear why they put those awful bathroom tile looking things on the front porch. Must be leftovers from another flip job.

  • Wow – talk about removing any historical/architectural detail! It’s nice, but you may as well buy a new-build if you like that look…

  • eh, the outside is ugly, like a lot of the houses over there. I live on Capitol Hill and this area has a lot of ugly houses like the one above.

    $779K? yeah, right.

  • It seems disingenuous for the real estate agent to market this as an “end unit” when — as Phillygirl notes — it looks like it’s not actually an end unit, just next to a vacant lot.

    Providing the basement with a microwave and wine fridge, rather than a full (even if scaled-down) kitchen, seems like a bad idea. The way it’s set up now, it’d be difficult to rent out the basement, and you’d have to redo the cabinets to make room for a full-size fridge, stove/oven, etc.

    The master bedroom looks from the photos to be larger than necessary, and the remaining bedrooms are small. The one that’s staged as an office looks REALLY small.

    It looks like the small bedrooms are the ones that face south and therefore get the good light, while the master bedroom faces north. I guess the flipper was putting the master bedroom where the back “bump-out” is in order to take advantage of the additional space, but it’s unfortunate it’s not in the front.

    That basement is going to get almost no natural light, as the windows, etc. on both the north and the south ends are covered by porches.

  • That will never sell for that price. Maybe in 5 years.

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