Good Deal or Not? “FAUCETS CHANGE COLOR” edition (reader request)

This house is located at 916 Euclid St, NW:

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The listing says:


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $739,000.

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  • Like the use of fantabulous. Hate the faucets no matter how becutiful the listing says they are.

    No clue if it is a good deal or not as I don’t know the neighborhood. I’m going to guess no though…

  • ‘Becutiful’ is an awesome typo.

  • So green means… cold?

  • After watching the renovations with some interest, we popped in yesterday to take a look.

    The Good:
    The upstairs layout was pretty spacious, with three bedrooms – the middle one of which would make for a good office or nursery. There was lots of light and I’m a sucker for rain showers, which there was in master bathroom. The basement could also serve as a rental unit, as it has it’s own entrance, and a stove already installed. A small fridge would be necessary, but could be some nice additional income.

    The bad:
    I didn’t love the finishing on the floors (intermittently blonde and dark wood that the Realtor informed us was “real bamboo”), and the vanities in the basement and master bathrooms weren’t to my taste – particularly the light-up faucet. The only washer and dryer unit is in the basement, so if you were going to try to rent it out, you’d have to have one installed upstairs.

    I was initially surprised at the price, but by the sqft, it’s actually a bit under where other properties in the neighborhood are.

  • Most fixtures seem to be cheap one from local big box hardware store, the light-up faucets look like the ones from Light In The Box (online Chinese retailer w/ cheap stuff), and the attention to detail isn’t but so great, as they didn’t bother to route the duct work so that it wouldn’t be boxed out in a room.

  • This realtor has to be the biggest idiot in the world. FANTABULOUS, KIFANTABULOUS are not real words. I bought a house recently and I would run from a listing full of misspellings and 3rd grade make believe words. If the agent can’t spell, how the hell are you supposed to get through closing with this dumbass?

  • For selfish reasons I hope they can get 739. Seems like a bit much to me though. I am not wild about the block with an apartment building almost right across the street.

  • LEDs in bathroom faucets? $170,000+ addition to the value of your home…

    It’s a shame that there are no windows along the left side of the house, the laminate floors are a bit wild as well… The kitchen also looks a bit narrow for an island…

  • i think the floors are U-G-L-Y. looks like the people who did the reno had no taste. light up faucets? what are we, in kindergarten?

  • I run by this house (to Banneker track) nearly every day and I’ve walked the house. Those faucets are hideous and cost 32 dollars at Home Depot. They are the epitome of cheap.

    This house (walked it) is done cheaply, no attention to detail or finish and is significantly overpriced. The windows aren’t shimmed properly and some barely open or close. The house (like everything else on that street has been attacked by graffitti artists atleast twice which required repainting. The flipper bought this place 6 months ago for 260K, which is closer to the true value of this house. The fact that he thinks it is worth nearly 500K more after having what is less than ~75K in “work”.

    This on top of the fact that it is adjacent to an incredibly busy fire station and the houses just out of the photo look like beat down crack houses.

    No way it appraises for that value. None. Looking through all the comps for the past year in a 3 block radius, the most spendy comp I found sold for $310, with the vast majority being in the mid to high 200’s.

    • I agree with the majority of what you said…but 300k? Come on. You can’t even get a renovated house in Trinidad for that price!

      • I agree with Anon about the value. You can definitely find comps that support a range of $500K – $700K. 300K is WAY under priced. I definitely believe you could make an argument for below 700K but you have to keep in mind its a fully renovated house. You also have the appraisal process to consider. If its not worth $700K it won’t appraise. I haven’t seen the inside of the home yet which is why I gave such a large range. Don’t forget that the realtor did his / her homework before listing it. They had to find some sort of comp to justify the price, right or wrong.

        -Tom Lewis

        • While I think $740K is too much, I agree with Tom. Most places in the area are going for about $430 per sq/ft, and this clocks in at under $350. . . plus the potential for income from the basement, there’s no way this would be properly priced in the $300s.

          • The square footage used to make that calculation seems to have included the basement, which is (usually) the wrong metric when trying to compare that to other listings.

        • the realtor “did his homework”? Did you read that listing? This doesn’t strike me as a realtor who’s paying a lot of attention to detail.

  • Ah yes, light-up faucets — for people with that rare sensory disorder in which you can’t feel how hot or cold something is, so you need faucets that light up to tell you.

  • Why didn’t they install windows on the wall that faces the alley. That seems like a no brainer in a gut job like this.
    I don’t mind the bamboo floors, but the Home Depot bathroom fixtures and tile ribbon have no place in a $700+ home.

  • I think it’s kind of ugly, but it’s not far from the metro or the 79 bus and it’s in the Cleveland elementary school zone so I still kind of want it.

  • $700k for euclid/sherman? Someone needs to put down the crack pipe.

  • I guess it is nice but is it just me or does this look like every other flip job? Same cabinets, same counters, same, fixtures, blah, blah blah.

  • After checking out the block on Google street view, I wouldn’t even slow down to look at this house. Good deal? No way.

  • The faucets are kinda hideous.

  • They certainly got some mileage out of that can of baby-puke-brown paint.

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