Good Deal or Not? “DO NOT LET THE CAT OUT” edition

This house is located at 3565 10th Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Spacious home in DC’s hottest neighborhood, close to schools, shopping, and metro!!! Stainless steel appls, granite counters, breakfast bar, fireplace. Front and rear yards, private parking at your back door. Historically low interest rates mean a fabulous opportunity for you.. Show ONLY per listing instructions. DO NOT LET THE CAT OUT.”

Unfortunately there are only these six photos.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $550,000.

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  • Ugh..what’s wrong with realtors? 6 total pictures, 4 of them from the outside. And 2 shots of the kitchen?

  • orderedchaos

    Seems like a very good deal at first glance. Crappy real estate work, though — shame on you, Key Realty, for half-assing this listing.

  • Don’t let the cat out of the bag! Near the most infamously sketchy street in the area, and less than one block from a playground with lots of suspicious people that loiter about after dark! Only showing to naive DC newcomers desperate for housing! Live on a narrow street with poor lighting and zero through traffic! Perfect for walking home alone after work!

    • I live a couple houses down! There is plenty of through traffic! Very nice neighbors! Not bad lighting! Close to busy 11th St with new businesses opening every month, creating so much foot traffic at night I don’t see suspicious characters in the playground at night! And yes, perfect for walking home after work!

      • or half a block to 11th street with great bars and restaurants, renovated playground, and under 10 minute walk to metro.

      • Let me clarify: I used to live in that area as well. Loved the neighbors, loved the geography of the location. My issue with the area was not the people who live there, new or old (both types I met were nice).

        I have no issue with 10th St itself; my beef is with Spring, which is the cross street and I found frequently hit the DC Alert system. I also saw drug deals go down in Raymond playground as well as broken beer bottles + Black and Mild wrappers everywhere walking to work in the morning.

        • What’s the most infamously sketchy street in the area? Spring? It doesn’t seem especially sketchy to me. I’ve never noticed anybody loitering, there’s fairly decent foot traffic, and it’s well lit. And people are always claim that Raymond is some sort of drug haven. I have a view of it, and there’s rarely anybody there after dark (even before the construction). During the evening there are some scary people playing soccer and tennis though…

        • Maybe Spring was sketchy a few years ago, but it definitely doesn’t seem so any more (nor does the block of Rock Creek Church just south of Spring, which used to be totally sketchy). I live on 10th between Otis and Spring and love the block.

      • I was just at that playground with my son the other day – wasn’t real sketchy. Plus, isn’t the police substation like a half a block away.

    • This isn’t GGW but… what I find fascinating about your comment – not judging good/bad or anything like that – is how you mention that “zero through traffic” is less desirable than having through traffic.

      For 60 or more years we have been told that living on a cul-de-sac is better than living on a street with through-traffic. The end result is a lot of negatives in the way of unwalkable communities, increased costs of services, reduced EMS response times, etc.

      So, it heartens me to see “regular people” (well, posters to PoP might not be “regular people” but you know what I mean!) recognizing that “zero through traffic” might not be the most desirable situation. Jane Jacobs would be proud of you.

      • I live on a street with a lot of through traffic and prefer it to living on a quiet one. You get used to the noise pretty quickly (although it’s not ideal for overnight guests), and I can step outside my front door to catch a bus, and if there’s a fire the trucks will be there in one or two minutes. Because it’s a bus route there’s always a lot of foot traffic, which deters criminals and makes me feel safer in general. Parking’s a bit of a nuisance, though. I get stressed out when there’s a line of traffic waiting for me to parallel park.

    • I’m sorry, “former petworthian” this is an awesome location. Great street. Close to metro. Great gardens and friendly people. I would love to be able to buy a house in the area, and if I could, this would be high on my list because of the location.

    • What? Do you live in Bethesda? This is one block from the 11th Street strip and just over a block to the Petworth metro, call me a naive DC newcomer (living in the city 10+ years) but I would take the location.

      Yes, there are much better areas in Dupont, Georgetown, etc.. but price is certainly a factor. Not sure if this one has the right price point or not

  • We went to the open house for this last weekend. NOT a good deal. Very low basement ceiling, has been a rental for many years and shows it, and the kitchen upgrade is shoddy. There are no pictures for a reason.

    • Just curious, do you think it’s actually 1,856 sq ft? From what I can see of the outside it looks smaller…

      • They’re including the basement in that total. Some listings do, and some don’t include basement square footage, even if it’s fully finished. I always look on redfin, and in the case of this house the public facts say 1,248 finished sqft, 608 unfinished. So each level of this house is roughly 600.

        I’m not a realtor, but it seems like including the basement square footage draws in more people and makes the $/sqft price look much better, but the downside would be that whoever buys the house will likely have a higher assessment from the city and thus higher taxes.

        • I think the city counts only above-grade (non-basement) square footage.

          I don’t think real estate agents are supposed to count basement square footage in their listings, but some of them do it anyway.

  • I would like to meet this cat 🙂

  • I live in the neighborhood and also went to the open house last weekend. It’s definitely a great location, so close to the metro and 11th street. I agree that the house showed signs of long-term renters. The floor plan was pretty badly laid out- it actually felt much smaller than I expected. The basement ceiling was really low. In my opinion, it’s not a good deal for the money.

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