Friday Question of the Day – How Long Have You Lived in DC?

I don’t know if it’s because it’s August and some folks originally came to DC because of school but I’m seeing many of my friends announce their anniversary of years lived in DC. I actually fall into this category as well, I came to DC in August 1997 to start grad school at American University. I can hardly believe it but this week marks my 15th anniversary living in DC. My first home was in Woodley Park in a basement apartment on Garfield Street:

So for today’s Friday question I thought it would be fun to ask how long folks have lived in DC? For those who have lived here over 5 years – do you still live in the same neighborhood as you did when you first moved here? Anyone born and raised here? Anyone born here and moved to another city then moved back to DC?

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  • Interned for a design firm for a summer when I was 16. Then did two internships for an architecture firm when I was 23. Then got a job in DC after being layed off in 2008 and haven’t moved away since. Overall lived in DC for a total of 4 years and
    moved here 4 different times. You’d think I was a politicians aid or something.

  • Been here all my life (36 yrs) with the exception of the years I spent in college.

    • Me too. And I had no plans to come back after college, but somehow I did. I am fourth generation, so almost my whole extended family is here, so maybe that was too hard to escape.

      Though now I do love it more than any other city in the U.S.

  • shipsa01

    12 years come 2013 – Georgetown (not for school) to Mount Vernon Square to (very very soon) Stronghold.

  • Moved here in October ’99. Lived in Takoma Park. Moved out to Gaithersburg. Came to my senses and bought in D.C. near Takoma Park, pretty close to where I lived when I first moved here. Lived in Petworth for about 5 years with now ex-husband, moved back to my house near Takoma Park.

  • I first came to DC for graduate school & lived on Capitol Hill for 3 yrs.

    Then after living elsewhere for a few years, I moved back back to DC first living in Adams Morgan then Mt Pleasant. This time it’s been over 20 years – DC is my home.

  • 7 years in DC (+17 years in MD). Grew up mostly in MD, have lived in Mt Pleasant and the Palisades in DC. Moved to Boston for grad school, hated it. The only place with a strong enough pull to lure me away from DC at this point is California!

    • PDleftMtP

      Considering Palisades after 17 years in Mt. Pleasant. Obviously, we’ve been there, but how did that transition feel? We’re a little worried it will be like falling off the edge of the map (but to bring the green space up and the number of zeros on the price down, we realize there will be compromises).

  • Queue debate re: whether suburbs count as “dc”…born, raised, lived elsewhere, and returned…not an option in the poll

    • Does Maryland count as Virginia?

    • For the purposes of the poll, growing up in the close in suburbs certainly does count. Reston in 80s, I believe was a long distance call… and therefore cant be considered local. I think most locals will consider inside the beltway local enough to be considered “from DC”. Of course, transplants dispute this… but everyone else its just generally accepted facts.

      • I know many born and raised DC residents who most assuredly do not consider anything outside of the DC line as DC. There are many people who draw the line at the actual line…. cuz that’s what lines are for.

        Inside the beltway as DC Metro Area, absolutely, but not DC proper.

        It’s not just a “transplant” thing.

        • Yeah and those people are silly lol The area is the area except for those getting pedantical.

          • PDleftMtP

            First, it’s “pedantic.” Second, no suburban swagger-jacking allowed. I’m a native Detroiter. Suburbanites aren’t. Ask a native New Yorker sometime whether Westchester counts. It’s not just a transplant thing, and it’s not just a DC thing. The suburbs are not the city; you grew up in the DC area, not DC.

          • Of course it’s “pedantic”, I’m lightly mocking the stuffy people but I apologize, that tone doesn’t come through quite as well as the tone of those who are being overly stiff-backed. -5 points for “swagger-jacking”.

          • PDleftMtP

            I wasn’t serious either, on either point. You’re right – doesn’t work so well on the internet.

        • Those people you are referring to exist, albeit in the vast minority, and are among the most annoying people on the planet. Typically, the DC diatribe is only one of many annoying-as-shit things in their repertoire.

  • if “inside the beltway” counts, 11 years. otherwise, 4.

  • Lived in Silver Spring first in 93-94 when i worked for Lord & Taylor. Moved back and into the city 01 – lived 16th and V, 16th and U, and Penn Qtr/Chinatown and now in SW near the ballpark – 11 years strong

  • in the DC area for 4 years, but only in DC proper for 2, just off H St NE

  • I thought it was about 22 years but when I added it up–28! I feel old…

  • I also came here in 1997, for a job.
    I’m at 9 years in Bloomingdale.

  • thebear

    I came to DC for a 1-year project in 1991. Moved into this apartment in early 1992 (beaucoup cheaper and more comfortable than living in a hotel the whole time.) My partner of 17 years was born in the District and lived in the immediate vicinity his whole life.

  • It would be interesting to ask the complement: How long do you expect to stay in DC? I suspect the answers would look similar to those from the current poll.

    • You think over half the readers here will be gone in 10 years?

      Interesting. I can’t predict the future, but I’m more incline to dc becoming a place that more and more people want to stay.

      • I’d like to think you are correct, but whenever I hear “new residents” talking about having kids, they also start talking about leaving DC by middle-school age. Despite the recent population growth and publicity about “urban living” among millennials, I suspect most people still don’t view the city as a viable place to raise a family.

        • If the test scores keep getting better and the city keeps improving, I imagine more and more people will stay. it’s already a madhouse to try to get a kid into a good pre-K. I imagine that the trend will only continue upward…

          • Agreed. Also, polls and trends suggest that the current generation of to-be parents value location over a big house in the burbs. Of course, whether these people stay will depend on school improvement, but if they are here for a bit – and the tax base grows – then the schools hopefully should keep improving.

        • My perspective is different, I guess. In my own hood of bloomingdale I see lots of people staying despite having children.

          Most of my friends are staying too. Not everyone thinks children need yards and cul- de-sacs.

          • You know what I think is weird is growing up in the suburbs. I grew up in D.C and we constantly had things to do. In the suburbs you have to drive your kids everywhere or God forbid they ride their bike. The possibility of some fool hitting them or the location they’re going to is too far away to go on two wheels. You’re constantly driving them around until they’re old enough to drive – then the real fear and headache begins. When I was growing up we walked to the movies, swimming pools, our parents took us the Union Station to watch the trains come in (what can I say, back then that was exciting). We explored all over the place and came home dirty and happy. We rode our bikes in the neighborhood (and got told on if we did anything stupid) and were never bored. My nephews grew up in PG and they have no street sense whatsoever. Also, I think the schools will only get better. Because the income and attitude of the people who are moving into D.C. will demand it. Millions of kids grow up in places like Manhattan, NY and they grow up smart, savy, intelligent kids.

    • I agree– I’d love to see the results of this poll.

    • I love DC, and seeing as my s.o.’s career field is likely going to keep him tethered to the DC area, I’m probably here for the long haul. If I were single though, I’d probably plan on moving back to NYC because that’s where the family is.

  • Does it count as a dc experience all those kids who live in high rises in Ballston or Reston who have never put in time in old/shared housing or our precious metro? They could be living in LA or Atlanta! I’m just getting old and feel like if they did not do it likr I did, they are missing out on the true ‘young in dc’ experience. Which I recall unfavorably. There’s another poll in here….

  • 27 years…I like it that I can say I have lived in all 4 quadrants of DC.

  • binpetworth

    Lived in Logan Circle in 1992, lived in Columbia Heights in 1999, have lived in Petworth since 2010 (with gaps between living elsewhere)–I like to think I’m in the vanguard of living in “up and coming” ‘hoods before they up and come.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Came for law school. Lived in Bethesda for a year. 17th and R, NW for the last 6.

  • Moved here in ’86 when I was about 8 years old. Went to college in New Orleans and then in Southwestern VA, but I’ve been back here ever since. Since moving back I’ve lived in Mount Vernon Square, moved to Logan Circle for a bit, and now I’m back in Mount Vernon Square. I love DC and have no plans to leave anytime soon.

  • ::deep breath::

    Came here for school in August 2000 (don’t know if that counts) and lived in Georgetown through June 2005. Then:
    Tenleytown July 2005 to June 2006; Dupont June 2006 to April 2007; Cleveland Park April 2007 to December 2007; Woodley Park January 2008 to June 2009; Mt Pleasant June 2009 to March 2012; Cleveland Park March 2012 – ?

  • Moved here in March 2001. First lived – for about 3 months – in Arlington near the Pentagon (hated it). Then moved to Capitol Hill for 2.5 years. Then moved to Chinatown with my now husband until 2008. We have now live in Bloomingdale for just over 4 years.

  • PeaceCorps -> MtPleasant. 7 years. What have i done with my life?

    • +1. Same story, but I’ve only been here 3 1/2 years. I <3 Mt P!

    • When I first lived in Mt. P in the late 80s, early 90s, it was mostly group houses full of Peace Corps ex-pats. Glad there are still a few of you there! Is the coop still there?

      • PDleftMtP

        I’m only aware of one co-op that’s still around – not sure who lives in it. Not sure there were ever that many, though. The biggest change I’ve seen since I moved here in 95 is the usual economically-driven decrease in diversity (though it’s still more diverse than many neighborhoods). We’d stay indefinitely if it were just the two of us, but the household is about to increase by 50% and we’re thinking longer term about schools (I would very much like a strong public school option) and indoor and outdoor space.

  • Can we say if we’re actually born in Washington DC? Like, if it says so on your birth certificate/passport. Just curious because I haven’t met any people who are actually born here. I was born here and then grew up in Potomac until I went to school in California. I’ve been in DC proper since 2002 for my first real job.

    • I was born in DC proper! At the Columbia Hospital for Women in Foggy Bottom (it’s a condo building now, I think). Family moved away, and I moved back once I graduated college. Been back in DC for 6 years now.

      • Born at the Columbia Hospital for Women (where Trader Joe’s in Foggy Bottom is now), grew up in Northern Virginia, went to college in the midwest, moved to DC in 2007. Lived near the Van Ness metro for one year, moved to Arlington for a few months, moved abroad for a year, then moved to Chinatown in 2010. So total years in DC: 3

    • Blithe

      Hi! (insert enthusiastic welcoming wave) I was born in DC — at Providence Hospital, and both of my parents were born in DC.

    • One of my friends was born in Washington DC at George Washington hospital on George Washington’s birthday.

      His name is Steve 🙂

    • Born in DC. Says so on my passport and my birth certificate.

      • Hi, my birth certificate and Passport say that I was born at the old Freedman’s Hospital (now Howard University Hospital) in 1955. I am a 3rd generation Washingtonian!

  • Moved here in 2005 for one year of Americorps and never went back. Spent that first year in Columbia Heights, been in Bethesda ever since. For all intents and purposes, I still consider myself living in DC.

  • novadancer

    2 years in Bloomingdale, 14 years before that in Arlington

  • 13 years to the day! Moved here for law school in 99, and to woo my (then) dream girl, who lived in NYC. She wound up moving to DC in 2000; we dated exclusively but proved too volitile a mix. She joined the Peace Corps and then moved home to Seattle. Since 2001, I’ve only seen her twice. I’m now happily married and, as far as I know, so is she.

  • Been in DC proper for 8 years. Lived in Brookland, Woodley Park, Glover Park and Mt. Pleasant. As much as I love DC, I am moving at the end of the year. I honestly can’t afford it in a city where my living expenses and rent keep going up, I’m trying to aggressively get out of debt and my paycheck doesn’t go up to match it. Sigh. But I hope to come back one day!

  • I grew up in MD and moved here in 2004 to go to American. I’ve lived there (3 years), in North Van Ness (for 3 years), and now in Cleveland Park (2+ years).

    I usually do not consider the time I was a student as really living in DC.

  • I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary in DC – and I am still in the same neighborhood (Van Ness)! Though, I have had 4 different appartments since moving here.

  • Moved here in ’79 after law school. Lived in Cleveland Park for the first 4 years, then AU Park until last year when I moved to U St. Corridor. Both my kids were born in DC — Georgetown Univ. Hospital.

  • If you count the fact that I grew up in Fairfax County (Oakton) – Then 14 years but I have lived in D.C. proper (Tenleytown, Friendship Heights, Mount Vernon Triangle) for about 5 years.

  • 9 years for me (3 yrs in Arlington, and the past 6 in DC). I’m a transplant from Texas. I like it here okay, although I feel a move to NYC is coming in the next 8-14 months. Time for a change.

    • Oh, and for those who are curious I have inhabited Mt. Pleasant, Georgetown and now NoMa/Near Northeast while living in DC proper.

      On a scale of how of satisfaction with the neighborhoods, from best to worst, my rankings are:

      1.NoMa/Near NE: I live on H Street and love the “organic” vibe to the ‘hood. No chains, new/interesting small businesses. Still has a way to go, but will be huge one day (think U Street but perhaps bigger).
      2. Mt. Pleasant: Good people, but boring. Not a lot to do up there – have to leave the hood for entertainment.
      3. Georgetown: Too many stuffy rich people and d-bags. Not at all interesting. Very beautiful however – great parks.

      • As someone still new to DC (1 year) I would love to see more responses like this, where people talk about the pros and cons of all their past neighborhoods!

        • 2007-2008 moved to the area near West Falls Church metro for cheap rent. Quaint family neighborhoods but I spent all my time in dc and realized I never drove my car
          2008-2009 Columbia Heights, rent was more than I should have paid, hood was alright but got robbed at gunpoint. Seems to me to have plateaued at that time.
          2009-present Logan Circle, I try to never leave a 1 mile radius from my place. I’m nervous about the new condo buildings upping the d-bag factor. Love places on 14th during off peak times.

        • Friendship Heights/Tenleytown:
          Pros: safe, quiet, walkable, some cool stores (Container Store, Friendship Heights Mall, world Market, Rodmans)

          Cons: a little boring, not much nightlife

  • I moved to the area in June of 2005, right after graduating college. After spending a month with my cousin in Fairfax I moved next door to my job in Old Town Alexandria.

    After discovering my super-smiley, super-friendly, super-cheerful roommate actually hated my guts and was plotting my demise, I got my own studio in Courthouse, Arlington. Say what you want about Arlington, but it’s a good place to start if you’re new to the area. My rent was reasonable, I had an easy commute to my job (now in DC), and a gorgeous view of the city and National Cathedral from my window.

    But after a year there I was itching to live in the District proper. I moved to Southwest, and loved some aspects of living there but hated all the crime. I lived just north of Meridian Hill Park for a while, then spent three unfortunate years in Annandale (long story) before moving back to DC. My partner and I bought a house in Capitol Hill in 2011 and we absolutely love it. Northern Virginia has become so congested in recent years that I really can’t stand to even visit there anymore.

    So I’m saying I lived in the area 6-10 years, even though I jumped back and forth from DC to the suburbs during that period.

  • Moved to DC after grad school, back in early ’98. Have lived in the same apartment bldg. in Thomas Circle since then (2 different units)… how different is that neighborhood now, wow… (I *really, really* hate moving!)

    Just bought a place in Mt. Vernon Square (Shaw!) and in the process of moving. Glad to be in DC all this time and have no plans to leave, except maybe to retire to the shore some day.

    (But I *really, really* hate moving!)

  • I am really surprised at how few true natives have voted. [Me: born at GU hospital, lived in Palisades my whole life.]

  • I moved here in Aug of 97 too…happy anniversary PoP!! When I called a realtor about a rental in Shaw he asked me twice to confirm that I had really, definitely seen the neighborhood in person.

  • I’ve lived in Brightwood 20 of my 35 years, I don’t plan on going anywhere…

  • 5 years! Bought a one way ticket from CA and never looked back…

  • claire

    I grew up in Rockville (not technically in the city, but does that count?), went to school at University of Maryland (College Park), and have now been living in the actual city (in lovely Bloomingdale) for 2 1/2 years. Honestly, growing up, I didn’t expect to stay in the area, but things just kept falling that way (free education at UMD, job offer in the area, etc).

    DC has changed a lot – I remember friends in high school who weren’t allowed to go to shows at the 930 Club or Black Cat because the area wasn’t safe, for instance. I think there’s more and more reasons every day to be proud to call this city my home. Planning a move in a month (it’s about time I lived somewhere new), and I know I’m going to miss this place.

  • Emmaleigh504

    September 1st is my 6 year anniversary to the DC metro (Rockville~ thanks Schwesti!). I moved into my Adams Morgan apartment a few months later and haven’t moved since. My next move will either be to my grave or New Orleans, no planned dates for either of those life changing events.

  • I moved to DC in 2000 to attend law school, lived in Adams Morgan from Aug. 2000 to Feb. 2002, when my wife and I bought a house in Columbia Heights, where we still live. We have no plans to leave. We love DC, our house, and our neighborhood (mostly) and have careers here that are not very portable. Our son was born at GW Hospital and though it pains our west coast hearts, he is an east coast boy.

  • 9 months in 2004 (Rosslyn)
    summers in 2007 and 2008 (Shaw and Ballston, respectively)
    full-time since 2009 (Southwest Waterfront).

    I picked 3-5 years. Planning to stay even if we have kids.

  • Moved into a Mt. Pleasant group house in Oct. 1989 and suffered through the riots (roomie and I walked home in the middle of it, and we had to stuff wet towels in the windows to keep out the tear gas). Partner and I bought a block away in 1993 and got a deal because it was in the midst of the shotgun stalker crisis. After we split, I moved to a house in lower 16th St. Heights.

    • I was living at 17th and Kenyon during the riots in Mt Pleasant – I just had to go up to Mt Pleasant St to see what was happening and take pictures.

      So I was up there when the police started tear gassing and ran with a few others to take shelter in a beauty shop to avoid the gas. Didn’t get full-force tear gas but it was still very very unpleasant.

  • 5 years. I did Mt. Vernon>Columbia Heights>Ft. Totten>Logan Circle>Dupont Circle>Columbia Heights>Bloomingdale.

  • Born and raised in the burbs of VA, and lived in DC proper since 2001.

    • oh, and first living over near GW for 1 year, then in Scott Circle for 6 years, now in Shaw near the convention center for the last 4 or so.

  • Moved out here to save the world in 2003 – turns out the world didn’t want saving. Lived in a basement apartment in the Palisades, and just bought a house in Petworth/Brightwood Park earlier this year.

  • Born here. Left here for college and work. Came back about 25 years ago. Unless someone offers me a job in Paris, I’ll be here forever more!

  • Born in DC (no the suburbs, don’t count). DCPS grad. Left for college, came straight back. 42 years, the last 20 on Capitol Hill.

  • Born and raised in DC 40 plus years.

  • It has been a total of almost 10 years for me though broken up. I went to Howard from 95-99 and then moved to Boston and Minneapolis for awhile for work, got a job back here in 2007. I have always had family around the area so there is that too.

    • At Howard I lived in the Annex (Shaw -4th and Bryant NW), The Towers (Sherman Ave, behind GA Ave McD’s) and on 1st and V (66 V St. NW, which was the red zone back then). When I moved back here I lived in Benning Heights (42nd and Benning NE) and I now live together with my wife out 18th and H NE (we always argue the neighborhood name but whatever).

  • Born in Silver Spring in 1970 and lived in PG County (Laurel, Greenbelt and College Park) most of my life. I’ve been working in DC since 2006.

  • Have been here just over a month, after attempting to get here for over 2 years. Like others have said: I hate to move and don’t plan on leaving DC.

  • I was born in the Columbia Hospital for Women in the West End about 30 years ago. Been here the whole time, apart from a few years here and there for school. Third generation Washingtonian. This is home.

  • Came to DC July 10 2005. Best career decision I’ve made in my life. Once I get to where I need career-wise, then I’ll move somewhere more quiet.

  • I always find it funny when I am in Vegas or traveling to other places kinda far and we get to talking and they ask where I am from and I say DC and they say me to and I ask where and their response is Reston, Herdon, Alexandria, Arlington, Woodbridge…umm, sorry but that is not DC. I just usually say, oh, ok…

    • There is a big difference between Arlington/Old Town Alexandria and Reston/Herndon/Woodbridge. People on this blog are so exhausting.

      I grew up in the close suburbs of another major city and I always say I am from that city. Because if I tell you I’m from Suburb USA, I will just have to explain myself further anyway.

      • I’m just saying – how hard is it to say ” I live in [suburban city] outside of [major city], ex., I live in Waldorf which is XX miles outside of DC. Simple.

        • Right. I just think that people think it is cooler to say they are from a “big” city.

          I mean really, to your point, it is going to kill you to say about 30 miles in whatever direction from DC. Seriously? I mean how often do even really have to say that? If that is the case, you might as well not talk to anyone that has any question after your initial interaction.

          • claire

            I think there are a lot of complicating factors in this whole are you from DC if you’re from the suburbs of DC debate. For one, DC is an especially small city (68 square miles, compared to NYC’s 468 square miles, and San Fran’s 231 square miles) so living outside of the city limits of DC, you can still be closer to the downtown than if you live inside the city limits of another city! Which is part of why, I think, people are introducing this inside/outside the beltway distinction – and I think another interesting boundary to consider would be metro accessible vs not (though of course there are lots of areas in the city that aren’t so metro accessible!). Additionally, it’s par for the course when outside of the area you’re from to respond to a question of where you’re from with the nearest major city, since that’s all most people will recognize.

            That said, I definitely feel like I’ve gotten a very different experience living in the city vs. living in the suburbs (but people will also have very different experiences living in, let’s say, the Palisades vs. Chinatown).

          • i dont get it wither. i grew up 20 minutes west of manhatten. no way i would ever say i grew up in nyc. maybe it’s because dc is so small and the suburbs suck so bad that they think it’s all the same sprawly place. it’s definitely weird though.

          • If you grew up outside of Manhattan, I agree it would be weird to say you were from Manhattan. But, as someone else pointed out, NYC includes Brooklyn and especially Queens which are massive and include hundreds of square miles of neighborhoods that look and feel much like the inner DC suburbs, both ritzy ones like Clarendon and polyglot ethnic communities like Langley Park. So, growing up in a close-in suburb I think you could reasonably say you are from DC. Personally I grew up in Gaithersburg and would never say I grew up in DC – I say I am from the Washington area just north of the city.

          • ^^There is nothing wrong with that because it is factual (the part about living in the Washington area…). People can feel however they want but that doesn’t mean it is true. If you are from anywhere in VA, you are not from DC. If you are from MD, you are not from DC. If you are from WV, you are not from DC. You live close to DC but you do not live in DC. What is so hard about this?

            I guess it is the coolness factor of it all, whatever floats your boat. Half of the people claiming DC couldn’t tell you shit about it outside of NW (well that actually goes for a lot of folks living in DC but that is another post). People just be frontin, plain and simple, forget all that I don’t want to explain – such bs. You people have senators for crying out loud. LOL!

    • You know what I find exhausting? People from Missouri who moved here 3 years ago and decide that people from Alexandria, when they’re 3000 miles away, arent allowed to say they’re from DC. The person who was born and raised in Alexandria is definitely more “from DC” than the asshat who moved to Columbia Heights 3 years ago and goes around saying “Oh, so you’re not REALLY from DC, then?”

      • You know what many others find exhausting?

        Those people who can’t tell the difference between DC and VA and MD.
        Many areas make up the DC metro area, but DC is not Alexandria, VA.

        You know what many others find annoying: saying you live in a place you don’t live in.

      • Not sure if that was meant towards me though I doubt it. Anyway, your “The person who was born and raised in Alexandria is definitely more “from DC” than the asshat who moved to Columbia Heights 3 years ago” makes no sense. If you are born in raised in Alexandria, you are from Alexandria. How could you be more DC? Does being born in Alexandria make you a resident of DC? Did I miss something and what is being “more DC”?

        • They are referring to the long -term culture of DC. Yes, being from Alexandria, South Silver Spring, and the other close in Suburbs makes youre “DC culture” than the person who moved here 3 years ago despite the residential borders.

  • To answer the second question, I moved to Fairfax in 2002, to Crystal City in 2003, to Columbia, MD in 2004 (splitting the distance between schools with a now-ex), to College Park in 2005, and then to Mt Pleasant in 2009. My wife & I bought our house in Mt Pleasant when we moved in 2009, and we have no intention of leaving anytime soon. We love how convenient our neighborhood is to metro, bus, Giant/Target/etc, the zoo, etc.

  • Family moved here when I was 2, amid the riots, the week MLK was shot. Grew up here, had first jobs after college here in the late 80s. Lived elsewhere for grad school and jobs for almost 20 years. Finally moved back and bought a house in the city last year – so happy to be back! I’m never moving again.

  • I assume you’re asking “How long in DC proper” as opposed to “how long in DC area” ?

  • Moved to Silver Spring to go to grad school at AU in Summer 04. After a year, I moved into the district near AU for a year. I then moved for a year near RFK, then moved to Logan Circle for 4 years, and last year bought a house in Brookland.

  • My husband and I moved here in August 2010 for my job. We started off on the west end of H Street NE and have recently moved to Trinidad.

  • I am coming up on my 6 year DC anniversary! Moved here after college on a one way ticket and haven’t looked back! My husband was born and raised here. We both have very DC-centric jobs and we love it here. I don’t see us leaving even after we have children. Actually, especially when we have children! This city has so much to offer.

  • msmaryedith

    Just celebrated my 7 year anniversary in July.

    Moved to Arlington in 2005, then lived in Old Town Alexandria for about 4 years, and moved into DC (H St NE) a little over 2 years ago. Definitely happy to be in the District.

  • I moved here to go to college at AU and never left. 2 years in AU Dorms, 1 year in “Van Ness,” 2 years in Mount Pleasant, 2 years and counting in Brookland.

  • Moved to Old Town Alexandria in 1996 for law school at American. Hated Virginia. Moved to Glover Park in 97, Woodley Park in 98, Friendship Hts 99-2010, Dupont/Kalorama 2010-12 and moving to Capitol Hill/Lincoln Park next month. Love DC. Don’t plan to go anywhere anytime soon. Hoping my boyfriend who is moving here from New Orleans next month loves it as much as me – he’s the only reason I would go somewhere else.

  • Whats interesting is that I have lived in DC for the same number of years as I lived in my home town (18). 4 years of college in Alabama and 2 in northern VA means I have lived outside of my hometown longer than I have lived in it.

  • 6 years, 2 in Arlington, 4 in upper NW DC. Will probably move to Maryland next year if the s.o. and I are still together.

  • Interesting numbers. It doesn’t surprise me that most readers of this blog have moved here relatively recently. The low numbers of longer term residents may show how bad things were ~25 years ago, in that not many new residents wanted to move here, and alot of those that did moved away. Or maybe there just aren’t many older readers here.

    Anyway, I’m a native! (GWU Hospital) I’ve also lived in the MD and VA burbs (not my choice), but I’ve always lived in the DC Metro area. 37 years now (Yikes).

  • Grew up in DC suburbs. Went away to college. Moved to DC in 2007. Lived in Chevy Chase for 4 years. Got married, bought a house in Mt Pleasant just over a year ago when we had our first son. Love the neighborhood and the city. No plans to leave anytime soon.

  • orderedchaos

    Bethesda 1997-2011. Columbia Heights/Petworth 2011-now.

  • Moved here in 2002, lived just off of Lincoln Park for a little bit then moved to Mt. Pleasant. Left for a couple years to do grad school but came back, lived in MtP again for a couple years and then bought my place on the northern edge of Columbia Heights a little over 2 years ago. I guess I’ve been here for about 7 years total if you add it up.

  • Born and raised in Fairfax City, and moved to the Hill when I started grad school in 2002. With the exception of living in Alaska for a year, that’s 10 years this summer for me in DC! Love that it truly feels like home.

  • I think this would’ve been more insightful if you clarified in the actual District of Columbia, not Maryland or Virginia. If those people want to be counted, they should be counted by a more specific poll.

    I always say I have lived in DC for 11 years because I grew up in Alexandria and that is not DC.

  • ~12 years – Moved here for school, lived in Arlington for 10 years before buying a house in Brookland 2 yrs ago!

  • Lived her for 6 years. Lived in bethesda from the summer of 06-summer of 07, lived in bloomingdale from summer of 07 to spring of 08, lived in columbia heights from 08-10, lived in Adams morgan from 2010-2012, and now in Mount pleasant, and probably staying put for a while.

  • Born and raised in Bethesda, then 4 years in Fredericksburg for college, and now going on a year and a half in Columbia Heights. DC metro area all my 24 years!

  • Came here in 1974 in the military. Went to San Francisco in 1977 and begged to come back here. Arrived back in 1978 and have been here every since. My last 19 years straight (pun intended) on active duty were here. Now I can’t imagine living anywhere else (well, maybe NYC if I could afford it, or Paris or Rome).

  • yesterday was my six year dc anniversary! moved here the summer after graduating college – spent a year and change at 12th and m nw, two years in dupont, two years in columbia heights, and am nearing one year in mt pleasant. mtp has been my favorite neighborhood so far – so pretty, feels like a proper neighborhood, easily accessible to much of the city… don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

  • Blithe

    I was born in DC — and actually attended a birthday party on the mall once for people who were born in Providence hospital. I grew up in Petworth, and went to Park View, Rabaut, and Wilson. I then went away to college (Connecticut), and graduate school (New York City), and since then have teetered between Baltimore (where I’ve worked) and DC. In addition, BOTH of my parents were born in DC — which is probably something of a rarity in PoPville.

    • I know. I run into the whole I’ve been here a long time, but to meet more of us multi-generational families is a rarity. I was born at Sibley, both parents in DC, 3 grandparents in DC, and multiple great grandparents in DC. We should start a club.

  • 10 years in D.C. proper, and about 2.5 years inside the Beltway before that.

  • Moved here in 85 to go to American U (yes, I was only 8 hee hee) and never left.

  • I moved here in August 2007 to attend grad school at American when I was 22. Got a job I like and have been here since. I’m a proud District resident of five years.

  • 11.5 years and counting. All of it in the same house right here in Petworth. Getting better all the time. And now have a son who is starting in DC (charter) schools on Monday.

  • I love hearing about the other DC natives (GW Hospital!). And the first thing we do is always ask is which hospital. Really makes me happy.

  • 14 years! Moved to DC in August 1998 to go to school. Lived in Southwest Waterfront my first year, then various neighborhoods in NW, then moved back to Southwest Waterfront last year. No plans of moving out of DC (not even out of the city limits).

  • I’m a 56 year old third-generation Washingtonian. My grandmother and mother were both born here. During their youth they both moved back to Gainesville, VA. After WWII my mother re-settled in D.C. with her new husband. I was born in 1955 and my family has lived all over northwest D.C. I don’t think I’ve ever left the 20009 zip code. When I was born we lived on Ontario Road near the zoo (Mount Pleasant). As a young girl, I attended the old Morgan Elementary (which was torn down and replaced by Marie Reed Learning Center). As well as Morgan Annex School (which is now a high-priced luxury condo). I’m also a graduate of the old Gordon Jr. High, Western High School (which is now Duke Ellington) and the University of the District of Columbia.

    In the early 1960’s, we moved to 1508 13th Street one block from Logan Circle. When the Viet Nam war was raging, and my oldest brother was in the service over there, we moved into a row house owned by my father’s cousin on 17th & Kalarama Road (Adams-Morgan). I can’t remember the exact address but I still go by the house. It was around the corner from the old skating ring/Harris Teeter. My mother hated the neighborhood and after three years there she persuaded my father to move. From there we moved to 1717 T Street, which is now considered DuPont Circle but was just a blue-collar black neighborhood when I was growing up. When the building was renovated in the mid-1970’s, my family was gentrified out and we moved to 1419 Clifton Street in Columbia Heights. That building was also recently renovated and is now a high-priced condo.

    As I recall, in the late 1970’s, a fire in that building sent my parents to an apartment in S.E. As a young adult I moved from my parent’s apartment into the Dorchester House at 2480 16th and lived there for 13 years in a huge studio while I worked and put myself through UDC. In 1996, I purchased a row house in Columbia Heights (three blocks from my old apartment) and have lived here ever since. I have family members who moved to the suburbs in the 1980’s. They kick themselves every time they come into D.C. and see the changes. I always thought I’d kill myself if I had to get in my car and drive just to buy a carton of milk!! That’s just one reason why I stayed in D.C. I love the city, however, I do miss the small hometown feeling it had when I was young. But I won’t move to the suburbs. I always say they’re going to have to take me kicking and screaming. I love D.C. and the only way I’m moving is if I can retire to a tropical island.

    • I just wanted to saw thank you for sharing your multi-generational history in the city. It’s always awesome to hear things like that and far too many longtime residents and families are no longer in the area.

      • sjcxc03 – if you were responding to me then you’re welcome. I love talking about the D.C. I grew up in. No disrespect to the newbies. I just have fond memories of the City I grew up in. I welcome the newbies and the changes they bring.

        • Indeed I was. I mentioned further upthread about how I’m 4th generation DC resident. I don’t get the whole hype over the DC/MD/VA “who’s more real”borders, but having had family in the city proper for 100 years and the area longer than that, the changes and growth of this region astound me, but part of me wonders how different it would be if some of the city had stayed how my Great-grandparents and grandparents talked about the region (at least some of the things).

          • Thanks again. And yes, I totally agree with you and understand your and your family’s feelings about the changes in the City.

            My feelings about the whole DC/MD/VA thing is that VA and MD are not DC. Someone else mentioned that growing up in NY but living in Brooklyn or Queens still meant that you were from NY. That’s true – just like growing up in NW, SW, NW or NE means that you grew up in DC. But growing up in Silver Spring is not the same. Maryland is a state, D.C. is not part of Maryland. We used to always say that if you didn’t grow up in the City proper and attend DC public schools (they were public when I was growing up) then you’re not from D.C. If you had to catch the bus into DC to visit your friends or play basketball on a DC school or playground court, then you’re not from DC. However, I can understand if you are visiting another city and someone asks where you’re from that you would say “DC” or “the Washington, D.C. area.” Either response could lead to a longer conversation and a deeper explanation.

            I also think that when you’re speaking about long-time DC residents – we’ve lived through all the craziness!! We lived through the segregation, the riots, the many years of urban blight, the loss of places to shop, eat, and play, the crime, the drug wars, the genetrifing neighborhoods. And now that the City is coming back everyone I grew up with is gone. I’m not saying that’s anyone’s fault – it is what it is. But as a person who’s been here 57 years it kinda hurts to see so many places that I cherished be turned into something that no longer has any meaning or value to me. My neighborhood and schools are all gone. When I walk through Logan Circle or my way to work, or stroll through down 18th Street in Adams Morgan, I don’t see any of the stores I grew up shopping at. Nor do I see anyone I went to school with. In a way it’s like I never really existed! But, as a history graduate, I know that history (and progress) marches on. Like the young folks say, “I ain’t mad.” I just wish there was a old-time DC club were we could go and commenserate and talk trash about the good old days in D.C.

  • And I was born in Freedman’s Hospital which is now Howard University Hospital.

  • So all of this begs the question, who is “More DC”, people from Arlington/Alexandria or people from Silver Spring/Bethesda? I am quite curious.

  • 18 months and I plan on staying a long time! DC has become my home!

  • i’ve worked in DC for 5 years, have lived in DC for the past 3 years. first two years were spent living in silver spring.

    don’t see myself staying here much longer. the rent is too damn high. i telecommute full time to my job that has nothing to do with politics, government, etc, so i figure i’ll take advantage of the flexibility work provides and either move back home to PA or… somewhere else.

  • I was born and raised here and have lived in DC for 35 years! Now moved away…

  • I moved here 5 years ago and moved away this week for work. Sad to say goodbye to DC. I hope I can find such a fun place to live again and make as many wonderful friends as I have in DC.

    Gonna miss you DC!!

  • I’ve been in DC since 1999. I moved to South Manor Park after I graduated from law school and have been here ever since. While I did not grow up in the DC area, my Dad grew up in Kingman Park. I have had family living in DC dating back to the late 1800’s.

  • 8 years in DC: moved to DC (U street) in 2003. In 2006, I moved to Dupont (2 different apts). In 2009, I moved to Mt Pleasant. In 2010 I moved abroad for 15 months. Then I came running back to DC and back to Mt Pleasant. I have no plans to move away from DC any time soon!

  • I moved here in a Greyhound bus on August 8, 2006.

    Came in a whim cos I had to get out of Delaware and, though I love Philadelphia, even that city was to close. I had just as much bus fare to buy a ticket to DC.

    There was NOTHING around the bus terminal 6 years ago, and now look at it!

    I must say, moving here with no job prospects or anything has been hard. But I’ve managed to build up an awesome circle of friends, start college, find an awesome room in Bloomingdale, and keep my head above water. DC is a hard town. It’s expensive. But I think it’s worth it. If you can make it here, you can *certainly* make it in New York : )

  • Born, Raised, Educated, Living, & Loving DC!! 33 years!!!

  • My first apartment was a basement in Park View, then I moved to another basement in Park View, then we rented a house in Petworth, and then we bought a house in Petworth. It’s been 11 years and I love it here.

  • 18 in rockville (i always say i’m from rockville, not DC, because rockville is definitely not DC [for better and worse]). 4 years in new jersey for college. 2 years in vietnam for work. and living in columbia heights for 4 years now since i’ve been back.

    i will point out a difference i see between transplants who live in DC and folks who are from MD/VA and associate with DC culture/identity/whatever. if you moved here from wherever and embraced the nats as your team, that’s one thing. if you’re from here and are a skins fan but never spent a night of your life in DC, that’s another. which is more legit DC (and the kind of “DC” person you are by extension), i’m not going to say i have a real answer. but my gut associates more with the skins fan from bowie (or the legit cowboys fan who’s never been to dallas) than with the person with a DC drivers license who doesn’t know who john riggins or who lonny baxter is. kind of the same if you live in DC and love NPR but don’t know ed walker. just my take.

  • Born and raised here. Family’s been here since the late 1700’s. Guess I’m a lifer.

  • I moved here in the Spring (peak cherry blossom week) of 1988. Grew up in Atlanta but moved here from Cleveland, OH. I remember a TV show called “City Under Siege” that aired every weeknight after the 11 o’clock news highlighting that day’s crimes! Scary streets back then.
    In my 23 years here (I did go to LA for one year in 2000) I’ve only lived in four places – 17th and T NW, 13th and V NW, 15th and Florida NW, and currently at 3rd and Elm NW. Opened my record store on 14th and T NW in 2006.
    I love DC and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but I still hope the Braves beat the Nationals in the playoffs!

  • 15 years in January. I moved to Eastern Market area and everyone I talked to could believe that I lived east of 7th and East Capitol. I bought a condo in NE Capitol Hill in 2000, then in 2003 moved 3 blocks north to live with my boyfriend. Then we bought our home in 2005 just two blocks north of H Street. For almost 10 years we have lived within two blocks of H Street NE. I love it and I am never going to move. Unless I win the lottery then I might move to a Caribbean island.

  • I moved here in 2005 to AU Park, then Tenleytown, then Kalorama and now Bloomingdale

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