Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street

This rental is located at 1821 15th Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“2-bed/2/bath condo for rent in boutique 4-unit building located in wonderful Logan Circle. Unit has three exposures and is flooded with natural light. Finishes include granite counters, hardwood flooring, stainless steal appliances, and recessed lighting. Building was built in 2010. Off-street parking and security system are included. Available for immediate move-in. Also known as 1467 Swann St.”

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $3,600/Mo.

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  • Not a bad deal. It looks like a nice apartment in a gorgeous building on one of the nicest blocks in DC.

  • Someone needs to change the listing — this building was not built in 2010. It may have been renovated in 2010, but clearly, it is much older in terms of origin and, indeed, looks as if it had been built even before 1910.

  • Seriously PoP, you tag this as Logan Circle? Real Estate people lie.. you shouldn’t. 15th & Swann is not Logan Circle.

    • it’s generally agreed the the nothern border for Logan is S Street. This is awfully darn close. Close enough in my view.

      • Agreed, though…I lived right around the corner from here at 16th and T when nobody was really buying in Logan Circle (and it certainly wasn’t a neighborhood tag any agent would use to attract buyers). Back then my neighborhood was either called U street or Dupont. Either one of those is a stretch, I know, but nobody would have called that area Logan Circle back then, for sure.

        • Anybody remember “Dupont East” for listings that were east of 16th Street?

          To me that has always been the most bogus of the various real estate puffery pseudonyms.

      • Sorry, this makes me laugh. 1 1/2 blocks from U Street is now considered Logan? That’s like all the real estate agents who called 13th and T “North Dupont” back in the late 90’s. Guess I’ll laugh my old ass off, this was always Dupont/Shaw. New DC I guess.

        • Look. The only official neighborhoods are DuPont and Shaw. Shaw is everything east of 16th street, including the east side of 16th.

          • Not completely wrong, even overlooking the incorrect spelling of Dupont. The ANC maps/zones change based on population numbers and recently did just that with the spike in DC residents.

            Historically, Shaw makes up much of lower NW. Realtors hoping to draw people east created these artificial n’hoods within Shaw for marketing–Logan, U St., Mt. Vernon–now they have their own identities. Happend in NYC, Chicago, SanFran. Nothing new here.

            I even remember when Dupont was undesirable in the 90s and was called Georgetown East to get people to come check it out.

          • CA, you are misinformed. Dupont has never been called Georgetown East. East Georgetown is west of Rock Creek. Believe me. I used to live on Decatur Pl. in the 70s. Common usage referred to Dupont as east of Rock Creek long before then.

            Logan Circle ANC 2f begins on the east side of 15th st. to about 11th. Shaw starts around there and goes east to I don’t know where, maybe North Capitol. Logan Circle was never commonly referred to as part of Shaw. At least since I moved to DC in 1969.

            RE agents take many liberties but there is still common usage which reflects how the inhabitants of a particular neighborhood view themselves. Shaw was and is only one of many neighborhoods in lower NW.

  • This was built in 2010. The old building burned to the ground. The only downside is the noise from the church across the street.

  • This was built very quickly. And I think the finishes look cheap up close. Before anyone moves in, I would spend some time there when the neighbors are around. These multi-unit rowhouses can be very noisy, even when people are not making unreasonable noise.

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