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  • Unless it’s a total dump, that seems like a really good deal. You’re probably not going to find too many one-bedrooms in good neighborhoods for that price that are only a five-minute walk to the Metro.

  • Good deal. It’s in the burgeoning H Street area, very close to Union Station (and Metro – which is golden in this town). Cap Hill close.

  • Guys, c’mon. It says “Mansion” on the building. Classic undersell with the “nice unit” posting.

  • 30 seconds spent Google searching for the address and you have interior photos. Units are tiny (~500 sq feet) and simple, nothing fancy, but otherwise seems like a fine deal.

    • Wow, you’re a Google search genius!! You should give lessons to those in PoPville on your magical internet search secrets

  • I looked at buying a 1brd unit in this building a couple years ago. The unit I looked at was in basement, so if it’s that one it might be why the price is a bit lower, but even so it’d still be a good deal.

  • It’s a nice enough building but far from lux. W/D are coin-op. No elevator, so if it’s on the 4th floor… it’ll be good exercise.

  • I have lived here for a number of years. It is a good deal until something goes wrong…and it has gone really wrong!

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