Former Cajun Experience Space For Lease

1825 18th St, NW

Cajun Experience closed in mid-July at 1825 18th St, NW. The Craigslist ad says:

Located mid block between Swann and T Streets, NW., 2 doors south of Lauriol Plaza on 18th Street—substantial day and night foot traffic and good customer base with surrounding residential and business buildings—-an active retail strip with other restaurants and small shops—-4 blocks east from Dupont Circle and 3 blocks south of Adams Morgan——previously the Cajun Experience Restaurant— had an established customer base, eat in and carry out/delivery.

Interior space of 1550 +/- sf— has full commercial grade kitchen, fully vented to roof, with 2 freezers,refrigerator, ovens, fryers, woks and grille, Vulcan stove,—- all gas fired, dishwasher and disposal——- new custom hand crafted wood bar and serving area with sinks, kegs, refrigeration,chiller and ice machine and small office area———, 2 front entrances, one main and one for carry out —-2 large bay windows on 18th Street sidewalk——- interior total seating of 45 with wood floors and original 120 year old exposed brick walls, pre-wired sound system and multiple TV stations———–rear double french doors lead to the back patio 600 sf. +/- with staging area and 25 seats.
Recent interior build out and HVAC system——– all kitchen and restaurant equipment is functional and ready to go— finishings, furniture and equipment are available at best offered price. An ABC License is available for this property.

MUST have successful existing restaurant management OR ownership experience and a viable product to be considered for tenancy. We require GOOD CREDIT SCORES and personal guarantees from all owners and documentation of financial strength SUFFICIENT to start and maintain the business—- NO EXCEPTIONS.

Base rent is reduced for the first six months to $6950, after which base rent for the balance of the first lease year becomes $8300 or best above—– this INCLUDES base year real estate taxes—–tenant maintains premises and pays utilities and some small annual CAM charges.

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  • That’s over $60 psf, a bit hefty for a location that has failed time and time again. I think the first thing they need to do is get rid of the security grates, which obscure what’s inside and make it look uninviting. None of the other restaurants along this strip have the bars on the windows (Lauriol, Rosemary, Dupont Market, Mandu, and Zabb).

    • +1 on the removal of the bars. This area does not need bars on the restaurant windows. The fact that it is basically a basement level AND has bars is two strikes against it right off the bat.

      The layout itself isn’t bad in terms of what can be worked with and the back patio is decent though no one would ever know they had one judging from the front.

      Just please, no tapas.

    • I don’t know about that “…failed time and time again.”

      The much-missed (by me, at least) Caravan was there for years.

  • They should consider opening an authentic Louisiana restaurant there.

  • What about the fact that the space smells like dog food? I assume that it was because of Doggie Style being upstairs, but whatever the cause it was impossible not to notice as the restaurant went downhill.

  • The one time I went to Cajun Experience I found the food to be OK, but I was kind of turned off by the basement-y location. I mean, it’s hard to see it from the street level. I guess certain types of restaurants, like a taqueria, could work in this sort of space but I don’t think it’s quite right for an upscale joint.

  • The building manager is an asshat and they want entirely too much per sq foot.Not to mention you’re next to lauriol plaza..Good option but only if they have deep pockets decent BBQ which DC does not have or even real NY style pizza no not that New Haven crap everyone sells now or that adams morgan chef boyardee.

  • Let me clarify that Cajun Experience’s “established customer base” hovered around zero- just look at their yelp reviews. I would leave all references to CE out of further attempts to sell this location. Future pictures should have their signs ripped down and just show the plain outside of the building.

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