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  • thebear

    The way cars fly through there, it’s a miracle they didn’t take out a bunch of peds as well. If any place needs cameras, it’s the full perimeter of the Circle. Way, way too many speeders, red light violators, and f*wads who ignore the lane markings for allowed travel path.

    • I hear you on this bear, but I am one of many who will dart through the rings of the circle on foot. To be fair, I think pedestrians are just as big of a problem in Dupont, though we don’t take out traffic lights with our behavior. 🙂

    • figby

      I have seen people get hit around the circle and have actually screamed at cars that blow through lights while I am trying to cross. It’s a huge problem, I wish someone would police it or fix it or make it harder to just ignore the lights and lane markings.

      • I don’t think most of the cars are intentionally blowing through the lights. The lights are really confusing and it’s hard to tell which one is meant for you.

  • What they need to do is get rid of all the red lights around that circle (and others in dc). Having a traffic circle is pointless if you have 5 red lights around it. In fact, it is more than pointless. It functions worse than a would a regular traffic intersection.

    • +1,000,000

    • So without stoplights and crossing signals, how would the pedestrians get to/from and through the circle?

      Great idea for something like Sheridan circle where the pedestrian traffic is low. Makes no sense for Dupont.

      • Easy, underground

        There is an existing entrance to the Dupont Underground on the outside of the circle, at P and 20th. There is already caverns of existing walkways under the circle that people are now trying to turn into gallerys, shops etc. All you have to do is put in a stair with ramp in the circle and voila, no crossing the street to get there.

        Listen, I am not saying that we could get rid of all 6 lights (I just pulled up google earth and counted) around the circle, but with a dedicated tunnel under the street which already exists, getting rid of 4 or even 5 of the lights seems like a no brainer. God knows it would improve traffic flow in the circle and back onto the circles feeder streets enormously, decrease traffic congestion, noise etc.

        Only in America do we take the great idea of a traffic circle and completely “F” it up and make it more than useless.

        • Never going to happen. People have a natural aversion to taking a longer route. I think speed bumps would do more to control bad driving in the circle. There are too many tourists / first timers to ever solve the inevatable confusion that occurs at that circle.

  • DCDOT- Take this opportunity! The lights need to be changed to regular traffic lights on Dupont Circle. The existing ones are the type that you can’t see the color until you are practically underneath them. I understand the need for lower energy traffic lights, but to have them in a place like Dupont Circle where drivers need to be on high alert for pedestrians is a menace.

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with power consumption. They seem dim from a distance because they are designed to only be maximally visible from head on. This is needed in the circle because the inner and outer rings are on different lights. You don’t want one lane confusing their light with the other one. Of course this just points out the inanity of the traffic system as a whole in Dupont.

  • Everytime I drive or walk around the circle, I’m amazed that there aren’t more accidents. And this isn’t a cars versus pedestrians versus bike thing. Everyone sucks.

    – Cars on the inner Mass Ave circle going towards Sheridan Circle often turn left onto the circle. Not good for the pedestrians crossing there.
    – Cars on the outer circle turning right on red onto Mass Ave (going SE) often don’t realize that the inner circle has the right of way.
    – Pedestrians love to walk in front of cars on the inner circle, even when the inner circle has the green light.

  • Maybe they can take this opportunity to sync the pedestrian walk signals. The way it works now, you get a walk signal only to the median and have to wait a minute or two for the other walk signal. If there’s a reasoning to this, I’m all ears.

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