Dear PoPville – Check Out the New Painting at 13th and Park Rd, NW

Dear PoPville,

I passed by the market at 13th & Park tonight and noticed the new paint job. I couldn’t help but remember the post from last winter and thinking that this is…more creative? 😉

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  • I walked by this last night, there is now a small mural painted on it; 2 guys and a joke written on the wall i like it!

    • I walk past that corner every day. Saw the joke this morning and chuckled. Corny, but cute. I’m not a huge fan of the mural of the two guys, though. Just looks a little sloppy.

  • I took some pictures- can’t email them from work but they are on my twitter here: It’s a really clever pun!

  • This looks pretty uninteresting as-is, and that’s an awfully bright shade of blue.

    It would be nice if the teachers/students who did the Chuck Brown mural could do something similar with this wall.

  • You really need to show the finished product. One of the characters looks like Bevis (or Butthead – not sure who’s who). It is funny the first time, but so sorry for the immediate neighbors.

  • I live next door. I love murals and am going to hold back final judgment until it’s done, but the kindergarten joke is already grating on my nerves, so it’s not looking good.

  • Want some trivia? The guy who bought the house we live in new — in 1924 — ran that store until he died in the early 60s. German immigrant. The house is in the 3800 block of 13th.

  • Is this a 3M advertisement for painter’s tape?

  • More info about the mural organization, and picture of the mural design (which is identical to the final mural), here:

    Personally, I like it, it’s fun and a bit quirky, I think it adds to the neighborhood and certainly improved that corner. That corner, by the way, is due for another big improvement as the long-vacant (at least ten years) tan house across the street will be torn down and replaced with a substantially larger condo/apartment building in the fall.

    Now, if only the folks at Park Road and 13th would sell some items that are, errr, more reflective of the changes in the neighborhood. If they stocked a few higher food and beverage items that you can’t find in the Giant, they could make a lot more money.

  • Nope – not my style. But it’s not my neighborhood, so …

  • I’ve seen the final product and wow, it does not look good.

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