Dear PoPville – Be Aware of a Man Exposing Himself

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Dear PoPville,

I was walking on the south side of Irving St NW between Sherman and Georgia Ave NW on Tuesday morning at about 7:30am. A black man, who I’d guess to be about 25 years old, stepped out in front of me with his penis exposed and asked me if I “like black d***.” We had both been waiting to cross Sherman at the light and he had run up the street in front of me, clearly planning to expose himself. I figured it was a weird freak thing, but Thursday morning I was in the same place walking home at the same time and he stepped out in front of me from behind a tree with his penis exposed again.

Since he seems to be making this a regular morning thing, I wanted to make sure people in the neighborhood know. Both times I saw him he was wearing black pants and a black jacket. On Tuesday morning he had a black and white head scarf on, but not this morning. I’ve contacted the police. I suggest if anyone else sees him, they do the same. He wasn’t aggressive toward me either time, but who knows what he might do next time.

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  • I think he’s misunderstanding the “Touch me and I’ll Expose You” message with “Expose you and I’ll touch me.”

  • I’d mace him.

    • Flashers are usually harmless. Laughter would have more impact on his behavior if not his tumescence.

      • “Find yourself physically threatened by someone exposing themselves? Laugh at them!”

        Oh, great advice… from a man… thanks, Rich! I’m sure your personal experience with street harassment speaks to why you’ve provided this helpful nugget to the community!

        Mace and 9-11 sound great to me.

        Excuse my assumption that you are a man if you are in fact a lady named Rich, or if you do have extensive personal experience with street harassment – but I’m assuming you are and you don’t.

        • Thank you, andyn.

          Rich, are you really that dense?

          • Leave it to andyn and C3PO to maintain the ever-popular trend of producitve PoP commenting by patronzing the previous commenter…

            Actually, most flashers are simply trying to get a reaction out of people, to shock them. Being laughed at (and in a sense, emasulated) is the exact opposite of what they’re looking for. Mace, screaming “you asshole,” etc… is the reaction they want. Having some one point and laugh is not.

            (Still call the police, obviously.)

          • ccc…. laughing and emasculating a man in public (especially over sexual situations) is a good way for a female to get her ass kicked.

          • Also, there is nothing wrong with calling out patriarchy and marginalization whenever and wherever it is be it a message board or friendly conversation. Thank you Andyn. As a man it really frustrates me when other men don’t realize their feelings and emotions given certain situations are not the same as others who do not enjoy the same privilege.

          • “Mace . . . is the reaction they want.”

            I’m guessing that’s not true.

          • Identified and Idaho – you’ve hit the nail on the head. Plenty of times guys don’t realize how vulnerable you can feel in that situation. The person has proven himself willing to step over the line, and the facile assurance that “he’s harmless” is meaningless, especially when you’re alone.

          • figby

            Seriously, Rich. What’s next, “You should be flattered”??

  • I hope that you reported this to the police!

  • The proper response would have been, “You’re proof that what they say about it is a total myth.”

  • same thing happened to me and my friend (2 women) walking east on north side of irving just before crossing sherman (btwn sherman & 11th, not georgia). she caught a glimpse and actually saw that he was masturbating.
    this was sunday morning around 10 am.

  • same exact thing happened to me last week at 8:00 am on New Hampshire and Otis! Thank you for posting this! this man is clearly a problem.

  • gotryit

    “He wasn’t aggressive toward me either time, but who knows what he might do next time.”

    The “next time” part isn’t a laughing matter – it can escalate. It’s important that the police get involved early. Thank you for publicizing it.

  • I really don’t understand the jokes on this one. I am yet another female whose has had this happen (more than once! but not with this particular perpetrator) and the possibility that these situations are going to become violent or lead to rape are real. This is a really disturbing and scary thing to have happen to you.

    • Agreed! Until it happened to me, I had wondered what the big deal was. Point, laugh, move on — right? (No, it turns out.)

  • If I see him, I will spray him with my garden hose. Oh yeah, and call 911.

  • Flash him back

  • This guy does this chronically. He did this to me three times in 2010 on Fairmont street till i yelled at him to put his dick away or I was calling the cops. Then he ran away, but clearly he’s not going to stop until he’s caught.

  • Robo Cop is clearly the only answer to the reign of terror in the co.he area

  • This happened to my friend and I as we were walking on Irving at Sherman on Sunday morning.

  • What’s mopery?

    Mopery is exposing yourself to a blind person.

    Sorry, couldn’t help the revenge of the nerds quote.

  • The same thing happened to me in 2010 when I was walking down Kenyon between 11th and Sherman. The guy was sitting on some steps at one of the houses on north Kenyon. There was a police car sitting in front of Wonderland, and I promptly told the officer what happened. He turned on his car about 5 mins after the incident to look for the guy, but I assume nothing came of it.

  • There are so many damned experts on here. Amazing.

  • My nanny saw him this morning. She told him he was nasty and that she would call 911 and he ran.

  • Next time just point at it and start laughing hysterically! 😉

  • Cut it off, and tack it to a nearby high traffic area. If he doesn’t have one, he can’t expose it. Clear cut case of self-defense, not to mention a deterrent for his fellow pervs.

  • I’m troubled by the lack of police response to what appears to be a repeated problem in the same area. I swim at Wilson pool and the place was recently plastered with flyers on MPD letterhead warning about some incidents that have happened at the pool and in the neighborhood that involve an adult male behaving or trying to behave inappropriately around young boys. The flyers contain assurances that MPD is on the case. There ought to be a similar response from MPD with respect to the incidents reported by the OP and others, since they seem to be occurring in the same area. We shouldn’t be waiting for this person to expose himself to a child.

  • I have seen the exact same thing twice now. I apparently saw the same incident you did on Tuesday around 730, and this also just happened to me yesterday (sat) as well. I also called the cops immediately. I wouldn’t exactly refer to this as “flashing” – he just walks around completely exposed full time. He was also wearing dark clothing when I saw him. Yesterday he was wearing a white T and navy sweatpants. Disgusting. Located on the corner of 11th and Irving.

    • **Sorry, yesterday was SUNDAY, not saturday.

    • is he naked or just bottomless? or perhaps unzipped? a TON of people on this site have seen this dude, why can’t he manage to get arrested? as per the mace strategy, that qualifies as simple assault. pretty sure indecent exposure doesn’t allow you to attack people.

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