Dear PoPville – Assault While on 11th Street, NW Bike Lane

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Dear PoPville,

Just wanted to make you aware of an assault/attempted robbery that occurred last night at 11th and Clifton St, NW around 11:45pm. I heard screaming so I went outside and a woman was on the ground hysterical.

Cops were called and arrived on the scene about 5 min later. Her story was that a man was in the bike lane as she was riding her bike and she slowed down to go around him but he pushed her over and then two guys jumped out of a nearby parked car and began hitting her on the head with an object. She started to scream and the men ran away. They were not successful in stealing any of her stuff. I don’t believe they caught the men.

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  • A biker being pushed off a bike and robbed? Ugh, sometimes I really hate this city. I know it’s gotten better the last few years but stories like this are always disheartening to hear.

    I rarely ever see cops on foot patrol in NW DC (specifically U Street, Columbia Heights). Maybe it’s just my observer bias but a police presence is rarely ever felt in this neighborhood unless you’re right in front of the Target.

    • At the MPD Community Meeting after the assault on the resident at 1418 W Street, the police informed the attendees that MPD does not have enough man power for regular beat cops. It was pretty unbelievable to hear.

      • I got a parking ticket 2 blocks from here on a day when there were about 20 empty spaces on the street. Just a few weeks ago. Gotta love a city where they have plenty of resources to ticket people parking on empty streets but don’t even care when people are getting robbed and assaulted around the corner and claim lack of resources. It’s about priorities not resources.

        • If it was a weekday it obviously wasn’t MPD, it was a meter maid. Or are you just making a fuss?

          • Well, yes, I suppose I am making a fuss. When considering a block that has no shortage of parking but an abundance of violent crime, a citizen might reasonably conclude that the city would be better off paying police officers than meter maids to patrol the area.

          • City pays for meter maids … city pays for cops. Way to many meter maids in this city. He/she was not making a fuss… but a point.

          • Great, so are you willing to pay any more in taxes to both make up for the lack of parking enforcement revenue AND to pay for the marginal increase in salary/expenses for more police rather than meter maids? If not, stfu.

          • I can’t speak for WalbridgeGuy or any of the other commenters, but I’ll chime in and respond to Anon X’s question–yes. Yes, I am absolutely willing to pay more in taxes to support both parking enforcement AND additional police resources if that’s what it takes to prevent more of this type of assault (and other types of crimes) from happening. Especially because my individual share of the increased taxes would likely be relatively small, or at least a small price to pay for improvements in public safety.

          • Yes, I’d be willing to pay higher taxes so that police have adequate resources and my fellow citizens aren’t getting assaulted as they ride their bikes home.

            And more to the point, the biggest threat to city revenues is crime that depresses property values and keeps businesses out of huge swaths of the city. Not a shortage of meter maids.

          • count me in as some one else willing to pay higher taxes if it means more police on the streets

    • I see MPD foot patrol in Columbia Heights all the time. Unfortuntely its always them sitting in the Froyo place or shooting the proverbial sheeit with the new annoying “street vendor” who set up shop outside of Giant

    • Of course this can happen. There was a well-publicized case of a biker being shot whilst riding, then robbed. Sadly, the biker died. You should not assume safety simply because you are on a bike.

  • Any description of the make/model of the car, tag #s, physical description of the assailants, etc.?

  • That’s a dangerous spot. I’ve been shot at with some kind of pellet gun there before. It’s also a steep hill so you’re going pretty slow if ascending and are prone to attack.

    • Scary story. I ride up 11th every day, and the whole route from downtown is perfectly fine except for right by Garfield Terrace. That is indeed where someone was shooting at people with a pellet gun a couple years back, and I have friends who’ve had rocks thrown at them near there.

  • Hundreds of times have I ridden up into CH at various late hours. One is a sitting duck next to Garfield Terrace, and I have been a target. The problem with 11th is that the people whose description we don’t need know you are coming. Fourteenth has its trouble spots, but is well-populated. And you are up the hill by the time you reach Fairmont. I’ve been using 5th Street by the reservoir to access Petworth, but that stretch can seem very desolate.

    • I go out of way to go up Columbia or 14th from downtown when I’m biking home late, even though I live on 11th. Sucks that this happened, definitely a better stretch than it was, but still kind of a mess. Hope the victim is ok, criminals caught.

  • That’s on my daily bike commute, but not at night. There is no foot traffic on that block, and a long history of problems. If I’m coming home late, I go up either Georgia or 14th, depending on the direction I’m coming from.

    So sorry to hear about this. MPD really should step up patrols there.

  • I had a 15 or 16 year old kid try to stop me and take my bike while I was riding past Garfield Terrace on 11th Street. He demanded I give him his bike. He was none too pleased when I brandished my U lock and told him to back the f away. I assume he was trying to impress the two teenage girls that he had been standing with, as my bike is hardly worthy of the attention. When the cops came, they took me in a squad car through Garfield Terrace and the surrounding blocks to see if I could spot him, but to no avail…To the police’s credit, at least four cars showed up within moments and they were as thorough as can be expected in their search for him.

  • From 8/13/11 to 8/13-12 (past year) here are the stats according to DC
    Crime Map: On 11th from Florida to Euclid (literally 2 blocks)

    Robberies without gun- 16
    Robberies with a gun- 2
    Total Crimes= 58 (includes stolen property, arson, robbery, sexual assault, etc)

  • Earlier this Summer my boyfriend was yelled at by Garfield Terrace “security” for sitting on a bench that was apparently on their property. So I’m glad to know that security is taking care of the real problems at this hellhole and that my tax dollars paid for benches that normal hardworking people are NOT allowed to sit on but from which hooligans are allowed to shoot pellet guns at passers by. Awesome.

  • Punks like this when caught would get beaten beyond recognition in my country. I must say it’s very uncivilized way to deal with crooks now that I’ve lived for a decade in this law abiding country but it was such an effective way to remind how bad the payback might be.

  • While I fimrly believe in keeping public assistance housing in DC, Garfield Terrace has got to go. It has been a haven of crime for the entire 2 decades i’ve been here and it is past time this complex was torn down.

    But DC has 6000 cops, for 60 square miles. Lanier is bullshit wrong when she states she doesn’t have enough people for beat patrol – if she puts beat patrol in high risk areas (which this would certainly be).

    • MPD currently has 3840 or so officers, the number fluctuate as folks come and go. Stop making stuff up.

      • That’s still a ton of cops. My (admittedly) crime-ridden hometown of Oakland has under 700 cops now, and is about half the size of DC. If it had 1500 cops, that would be pretty damn awesome.

  • Garfield Terrace is the center of so many problems in the area. I live a block away and hoping this place gets leveled and all the resident moved to scattered site housing. Keep the senior living facility intact, just deal with the 2-3 story buildings.

  • that part of 11th is bad news fer sure.

  • I was between 11th and 13th on Clifton right at the same time, although I didn’t see the crime or hear anyone screaming. I did see a cop chasing a guy west on Clifton towards 13th. Two cop cars were waiting at 13th and Clifton and they arrested the guy. So they at least got one, assuming this wasn’t an unrelated crime.

  • Blaming Garfield Terrace is both unhelpful and unfair. These guys were north past the temporary school, fled in the opposite direction as GF terrace and showed no relation to GF terrace. When I came upon the scene, the residents of GF terrace were the first ones there and helping the cops describe the people they saw flee. Don’t know enough about GF terrace to make a judgement about it’s crime stats….but in this case we should lay off.

    • You’re right. We shouldn’t make any assumptions on an area just because evidence shows that there is a strong correlation. I’m sure everyone there is a sweet angel who was out doing good deeds for the poor.

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