DDOT Seeking Public Input on Parking in the District

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From DDOT:

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is hosting a series of community conversations, called Parking Think Tanks, to gauge the state of parking and to solicit public input on the future of parking in the District. DDOT envisions that these conversations will contribute to the development of a comprehensive curbside parking management plan.

In the ten years since DDOT’s establishment both the District and the role of transportation have changed dramatically. The population has grown; vehicle ownership has declined; transportation options and choices have greatly expanded; and more people are taking advantage of these new options. DDOT is asking for citizen input to develop strategies and recommendations to better balance the parking needs of everyone -employees, residents, and visitors – who competes for a share of the limited curbspace.

The goal of parking management in the District is to improve mobility and convenience by:

× Preserving access to parking in residential areas for residents;

× Promoting and facilitating commerce by prioritizing customer and commercial vehicle access in commercial areas; and

× Ensuring the safety of all transportation users including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and motorists.

DDOT is seeking comments and recommendations on a number of its current parking programs such as the Residential and Visitor Permit Parking (RPP) programs, Performance Based Parking, parking meters, the management of reserved / restricted spaces (such as commercial loading, car sharing, ADA parking, etc.) and bicycle and scooter parking accommodations. Details about DDOT’s current parking programs are available online. In addition, DDOT is seeking suggestions for future parking enhancement opportunities

Anyone who visits, lives or works in the District is invited to attend a Parking Think Tank and/or to share their input via an online survey. The input received will help shape future parking policies and programs to create a more efficient use of parking resources.

The following Parking Think Tanks are scheduled to take place as follows:

× Tuesday, August 28, 2012
2 p.m. – 4 p.m.
One Judiciary Square (Old Council Chambers)
441 4th Street, NW

× Tuesday, September 18, 2012
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Ora Glover Community Room
1800 Good Hope Road, SE

The schedule for the additional Parking Think Tanks, the online survey and the information that will be presented at these meetings will be made available online at ddot.dc.gov/ParkingThinkTanks. The same DDOT presentation will be made at each Parking Think Tank.

Following the Parking Think Tanks, DDOT will host a public summit to report on the input received from the public; how the input may potentially shape the outcome of comprehensive curbside parking management plan; and the agency’s next steps.

We recently spoke about the Visitor Permit Parking program here.

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  • Let me guess what one of their proposals will be- Increase the cost to park at a meter?

    And no, I don’t have a car. But I have a friend who does and I know they revoked the “courtesy tow” this year which sucks because it’s hard enough coming home anytime after 5pm and getting a spot on the non-street sweeping side for the next day. What was a $30 ticket for street sweeping is now $130 ticket because they’ll tow your car. Regardless of whether or not they’ll actually clean that section of the street.

    So really this meeting should be titled “How can the DDOT bleed DC residents/visitors even more?”

    • I love the towing policy, because inconsiderate dolts who block the street sweepers are moved aside. And by the way they most certainly do actually sweep the streets.

      • Actually its a big problem on one way streets where the street sweepers will not actually sweep. After a month of not having a sweeper go down we finally contacted the city, though it still only happens every other week or so. Oh and yes, they still ticket even when they don’t clean the streets.

      • I think what Zenalex was referring to as far as the “courtesy tow” was when your car is towed to a nearby street. So has that now stopped and now you get towed a tow lot instead?

  • Tell them to give more spots away magically to Zip Car! That will help us all!

    Seriously, I remember a time when if the meter was broken, parking was free there. Now, when meters are broken, a parking space becomes a ticket trap. Too many problems and fundamental unfairness have convinced me these meetings do no good for us as driving residents…

    • If the meter is broken, call 311, and report it. It is a very quick call. They give you a number that if you do happen to get a ticket, to appeal and it will be removed. If you are unwilling to do even that small step, then of course you can metro/CaBi/Cab etc.

      Also, I do agree with you, whether you were being sarcastic or not, more spots for Zipcar and Car2Go etc is a terrific idea. They are revenue generating, and turnover much more often than the average spot that brings in $0, and houses the same car for the entire day.

      • I was being sarcastic… Zip car spaces take away valid parking spaces for drivers, they arbitrarily go to a private company and the DC government now uses our tax dollars to regulate and prevent non-corporate cars from parking in those spaces. The spaces lost are in key areas all around town all of a sudden and the deal was never transparent, highlighting the corruption of this administration in granting business permits in DC.

        It is not my job to report broken meters, otherwise, I wouldn’t be paying taxes… With all the technology put into these meters to track and report me when my time is expired, as well as scanners on the back of parking enforcement vehicles, it’s not my job to ensure the DC government keeps its meters operational so that they can tax me more efficiently.

        I thought that was clear from my prior post.

        • Well, it’s also not your right to have the city government have a parking space for you. Parking space is limited in the city and you have to pay for it either in a private parking garage or at a city meter. I have no problem with Zipcars taking up some spaces that could otherwise be metered because their existence helps keep more cars off the road.

  • Illegal and improper ticketing.

    Charged multiple times for tickets paid online.

    DDOT is corrupt beyond repair

  • Reinstating the Red Top meters. I was a little proud of the District when they decided to roll out that program, only to h ave them cancel it a week later because Council members were getting deluged by emails from MD and VA drivers with fake handicapp stickers that were upset their free downtown onstreet parking was gone.

    A week later, Cheh backed down and let them all have their free onstreet parking again. What a joke.

  • Interesting that in the last 10 years, population has grown yet vehicle ownership has declined. Seems interesting because most of the growth in DC has come all of these “yuppies” and “hipsters” that disrespect the DC’s native people, and drive the cost of living up. Yet they are the ones using more public transportation, riding bikes and walking, not adding to car traffic, and supporting the local infrasture. According to a lot of people these are the people that should have the money for vehicles.

    sorry off topic but interesting.

    • Not interesting at all, and not even relevant.

      I suppose there is some hidden meaning in there… but whatever.

    • maybe some hidden meaning, maybe reading into it too much.

      Although I have to agree its interesting and I would say very revelent. This is the Department of Transporatation, so if population is growing but doesn’t have vehicles, then maybe more spaces for zip cars and what have you makes sense, removing parking for bike lanes, I don’t know.

    • Having a car is inefficient when there are so many good public transportation options. I pay through the nose for rent partially because I can ignore parking/traffic headaches as well as perpetually rising gas prices. I haven’t thought about car related issues for years and it’s fantastic.

      • Having a car I can still drive past 12am on weekdays and past 2:30am on weekends, all the way to MD and VA if I want… I can play my music loud with the windows down. The freedom, along with not having to be packed among strangers like a sardine during rush hour is worth the extra expense… Don’t knock it until you try it!

    • the correct term is Yippster

  • proposal- quit letting marylanders get away with murder every sunday just because they happen to be going to church

  • Stop giving MD and Virginia drivers free parking all day at a parking meter just because they have grandma’s handicap permit. All may park, all must pay!

  • Wow, DOT is really making an effort to host two public meetings. One during the working hours, and the other one in east of the river. Look for a big turnout at both meetings.

  • Park in the District and you’ll get a ticket no matter what you do. And they know no one wants to go to their crummy DMV to resolve it.

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