Columbia Heights Day Date Announced – Sat., Oct. 6th

Photo of ‘Columbia Heights Day Dancing’ by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From a press release:

Community celebration features live music and arts performances, family activities, local artisans, food trucks and more

WHAT: 6th Annual Columbia Heights Day

WHEN: Saturday, October 6 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

WHERE: Harriet Tubman Elementary Field
(Entrance on Kenyon St. NW between 11th and 13th streets)
Just 3 blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro (Green and Yellow lines)


WHO: Schedule of events include:

Live music and dance performances, including Elikeh, The Chariots and Dyverse City
Petting Zoo & Kids Zone, featuring a moon bounce, face painting, fun games and family entertainment
Morning yoga workshop
Neighborhood dog show
Your favorite DC food trucks
Cupcake eating contest
More than 40 local businesses and community groups
“Saturday Social” post-festival at neighborhood bars
NEW! Meridian Pint “Oktoberfest” block party at 11th St. & Park Rd. — beer garden, outdoor BBQ, games, a Polka band and more

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  • No offense but it seems like the GA ave Carnival has just been replaced by a slice of “Apple Pie Americana”.

    • Race/culture bait much? But if you want to talk about a thin slice, the Caribbean festival represented less than 10 percent of the Georgia Ave population… But seriously, these were 2 separate events. The Caribbean Parade was not replaced and would still continue to this day if not for the fact that it was colossal financial and public safety disaster.

      • I’m not baiting at all dude… Discussing this type of stuff is real life. The Carnival days didn’t have anything to do with the violence that occurred last time. It just seems like the permits got denied, while other events of the same kind got approved.

        • Yeah, it had more to do with the mess it created, and the irresponsibility of its organizers. So don’t blame the city or the KKK or the gentrifiers.

          • The discussion should be about coexistence, not about “we win”. This is where the problem starts. Carnival day didn’t create any messes, certain people that were in the area did. You’re acting like organizers intentionally planned to create an unsafe and messy environment when it was individuals that created the mess and violence, which wasn’t even associated with the event… Gentrification doesn’t happen as an organized rebellion in the same way, but things should be done to prevent it from social exclusion. People have a curious way of re-writing history to serve their underlying convictions…

            Based on the lineup and theme of “Columbia Heights Day” and even citing the fact that there is a band named Dyverse City playing there, there should be more of an effort taken to include everyone that is representative of DC, rather than a response that I’m “race baiting”.

        • Anonymous:

          Teh Carib festival did not pay their bills. They STILL owe DC money for past festivals. This is one reason they were denied permits for this year.
          If they cannot pay the cost of the festival, they cannot have the festival.

          No one to blame but themselves.

        • With this statement right here “The Carnival days didn’t have anything to do with the violence that occurred last time.” It is very clear that you are trolling.

          Lets have a huge festival, then when there are all kinds of negatives from that festival, and people shot and fights everywhere, assume they aren’t related! Sure, maybe it wasn’t people who were directly involved with the festival, but the festival brought these people in, and then created an environment where violence ensued. To believe otherwise is simply burying your head in the sand, or in this case. Trolling. Moving on. I am quite excited about this festival. Should be fun.

        • Um, they were denied for a very good reason. It was not an arbitrary decision as you seem to suggest.

          From WP:

          “The annual D.C. Caribbean Carnival is in serious financial trouble and may not occur this year, organizers say.

          City officials say they will not sign off on the Caribbean Carnival until the event’s organizers pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to the District for police and other services provided for the 2010 and 2011 carnivals.

          But the people behind the carnival say they do not have the $210,000 owed to the city….

          D.C. officials have sought payment of the $210,437.38, mostly for security and public works expenses. The most recent letter, from Deputy Mayor Paul Quander said “approval of the 2012 Carnival would be contingent upon payment of any outstanding balances from the 2010 and 2011 Carnivals.”

      • For real. Totally separate issue. The organizers and attendees of the Caribbean Day parade have no one to blame but themselves. And now Maryland can pick up the tab when the organizers don’t pay their bills.

    • They’re two different events that take place in two different (though adjoining) neighborhoods. They each have (or had) their own histories. How is the one is a replacement for the other?

  • Cupcakes? Check.
    Yoga? Check.
    Dog show? Check.
    Food trucks? Check.

    This definitely hits all of the boxes. Just add some some “competitive” games from elementary school, a fountain to dance (or sing in), and mandate that everyone wear costumes & this might be hipster nirvana. The jokes write themselves.

  • Same day as freefest every. single. year.

  • Hopefully we dont have a hurricane to disrupt this year’s event. Much anticipated in my house! Cant wait!

  • Same day as Virgin Mobile Free Fest, that’s a bummer.

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