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  • I would much rather have seen what Ryse could have been. Would the salads RYSE TO THE OCCASION? Looks like its just more $9 salad options for me…

  • I’m having a Ren & Stimpy moment right now: HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

  • I absolutely HATE this place now. They have turned out to be just another greedy corporation. Among other things, they use very misleading marketing (the try to make us think they use mostly certified organic when in fact they use less than 1% cert organic on any given day) and they sued a local small VA shop with meager resources that was name Sweeteaf after an already existing family business. Good grief you commy losers!

    • I’m not certain you know what communism is.

      It’s amazing to me how people want to support small local businesses and once they get “too big for their britches” and less unique, they begin to lose that base. Good for Sweetgreen and their success. I was up at UPenn this summer and was happy to see a local success expanding north.

  • Nice of them to do a soft opening yesterday and only let NPR employees come by instead of people that actually live in City Vista.

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